How to make a good impression on girls

What do women look for and expect from a man on a date? The shortest way to the heart and body of a seductive beauty. How to make a good impression on girls?

The researchers interviewed the girls and asked them to say how they see the ideal meeting and the ideal man. The girls gave five key tips on how to best impress them.

1. Keep your distance. In the first meeting with a girl, it is better not to pester her. Instead of demonstrating your concern and the fact that you have not had sex for a long time, it is better to show other qualities. Be courteous, charismatic and charming.

2. Try to be funny and entertain the girl. Girls love guys who know how to entertain them and make them smile. A light sense of humor, self-irony and spontaneity will bribe the girl. Let the date be interesting, not boring and boring. Girls love fun.

3. Laugh at the girl's jokes. Girls are used to laughing at men's stupid jokes, but suffer from the fact that men rarely find them funny and humorous. The shortest way to rapprochement is to laugh at the girl's jokes, even if they are not always successful.

4. Be yourself. Playing the role of another person is stupid. She had already seen quite a few jerks pretending to be macho and extremely successful people. And open, direct and holistic people are much more difficult to meet.

5. Be original. Beard jokes, flat jokes, and the use of standard clichés do not impress a girl well. Try to be original and creative in your conversation. Avoid talking hackneyed truths, make the conversation exciting and interesting.