How to look stylish for a man? How to look your best?

How to look better than 99% of other men? Every man wants to look stylish at any age in order to please himself, others and lovely women. Basic men's style tips to make you look like a million bucks.

“Men often perceive clothes as something that deprives them of their masculinity. But rest assured: if you have a sense of style, you will look manly anyway. Ralph Lauren

There is an old joke about two geologists who met a bear. One tells the other that he cannot run away from the bear. But the other reasonably remarks that he needs to run faster than not a bear, but another geologist.

Why this anecdote? You don't have to look like the perfect male model to be popular with women and succeed in life. It is enough to look better than the bulk of men.

You never get another chance to make a first impression. In today's world, it is important to present yourself correctly. Show in your own way who you are. It brings success in career, friendship, business and relationships with girls.

How to look better right now?

How to look stylish and fashionable for a man?

1. Spend more money on fewer clothes. Quality is always better than quantity, and especially in the men's wardrobe.

2. Always dress like you're going to a party. Don't look like a jerk who's going to the garage or the cottage. Dress like you're going to a date or a party. You never know how many dividends the will of chance will bring in the form of a stranger or new friends.

3. Clear the wardrobe of unnecessary things. Throw away or give away anything you haven't worn in the past year. Most of the things gather dust in vain, and you will never wear them. Carefully hang the remaining things on the hangers and put them on the shelves. Dirty things in the wash.

4. Do not shop alone. Take your friends or a girl with you to help in choosing clothes. Salespeople get paid to sell, no matter how you look in those clothes.

5. Good and expensive watches are important. Beautiful, expensive, high-quality, accurate and reliable. So they will think not only about your watch, but also about you.

6. Eau de toilette is part of the image. Use an antiperspirant to get rid of the smell of sweat, and eau de toilette for a delicious scent. Girls always notice this. Is always.

7. Take care of yourself. Trim your legs, brush your teeth, shave regularly, take a shower, keep your hair and body hair in a well-groomed shape. Use creams before bed to look younger and better.

8. You need more shoes. Men often have one or more pairs of shoes. This is unacceptable for style and wears it out much faster. The value of shoes is often underestimated.

9. Match the color of the socks to the color of the pants. But sometimes you can be original. The length of the socks should be such that the hairy male leg is not visible.

10. Increase the collection of belts. Belts last a long time and always emphasize the style of a man. Get different belts, different colors and different buckles.

11. Roll up the sleeves on your shirt. Girls love men's hands, especially if they are inflated. Roll up your sleeves to different lengths to experiment with style.

12. Wear a jacket and tie for fun. You don't have to look good just for a specific reason. Wear beautiful things for fun.

13. Get a good wallet and bag. High-quality and expensive accessories immediately distinguish its wearer. Your wallet and bag are important pieces of your style.

14. Clean your clothes and shoes more often. Throw things in the wash as soon as they get dirty or smell. Clean your shoes every time you leave the house.

15. Belt or suspenders? You can wear anything, but never together.

16. Wear your jacket properly. Keep your jacket buttoned except for the bottom button. When you sit, then unfasten.

17. Wear jewelry. Chain, signet or other decoration. But not every day is the same.

18. Sunglasses are needed. Glasses save from the sun and help not to squint, which prevents early wrinkles from appearing. Sunglasses are part of your look.

19. The position of the pants must be reasonable. Jeans may sit low on the hips, but all other pants are at the waist. Don't let your pants slide down a lot and expose your ass.

20. Wear plain T-shirts and other clothing. Clothes with flashy inscriptions or pictures are not always relevant in everyday life. Save them for concerts or sports.

21. Watch a couple fashion shows. 90% of everything will be complete nonsense, but use the remaining 10% for inspiration when creating your images.

22. Go in for sports. Exercise regularly, run, swim, exercise. Keep your body in good shape and shape. Your athletic body will delight you with its efficiency and attractiveness. Sport is a way of life.

"Style is a way of saying who you are without saying a word." Rachel Zoe

How to look stylish for a man? Read articles on our website. This will help you better understand how to look great anytime, anywhere.

Try to look better than other men. This will give you a head start in all areas, wherever you try yourself. Style is an adornment of a man's personality and character.