How to live your life to the fullest?

Many people want to be successful, famous and rich. But at the same time they are afraid to stand out, to be different from everyone else, to do something differently, to act against the rest and be a person.

“Man is a part of the whole, which we call the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He feels himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest of the world, which is a kind of optical illusion. This illusion has become a prison for us, limiting us to the world of our own desires and attachment to a narrow circle of people close to us. Our task is to free ourselves from this prison, expanding the scope of our participation to every living being, to the whole world, in all its splendor. No one can complete such a task to the end, but the very attempts to achieve this goal are part of the liberation and the basis for inner confidence” Albert Einstein.

Everything that is now in the Universe has already been, and has always been and will always be. Every living person has always been, nothing disappears anywhere and nothing appears out of nowhere. No one and nothing dies or is born, it only changes form.

When a child begins to perceive himself as a separate person from his parents, he considers himself the center of the universe. Everything that happens, happens for him, for him and because of him. And hence the feeling of guilt, insecurity, “correctness” of oneself. When a person becomes a mature personality, he comes to the understanding that he is a part of the Universe, the entire universe, a space that we know and do not even know about.

Man himself is the cause and effect of this universe, the world, the space in which we live.

A happy, successful person who lives a full, bright, life is not the one to whom something was added, but the one from whom nothing was “taken away”. Each of us comes into this world, or rather, incarnates in the current existing form already with everything necessary to receive and have everything. It's enough just to be.

Why do many people live a far from happy life - because they deny the laws of the universe and condemn the “baggage” with which they were sent into life at this stage of transformation, in this incarnation.

All that needs to be done is not to argue, not to question the correctness, timeliness and necessity of all those features that you, like every living person, have.

Many want to be successful, famous and famous. But at the same time, they are afraid to stand out, they are afraid to be different from everyone else, they are afraid to be different from others, to be an individual, a unique person. But how many times have you met two similar famous, successful, self-actualized, to be precise, people? In order to live your life, leave your unique mark on history and memory in the hearts of people, you need to be different from everyone else - which means taking advantage of everything that is given to us by nature. Refuse artificial rules and believe in the laws of the universe - after all, they exist longer and, therefore, they have reason to exist.

The reasons for many unseemly acts (crimes, cruelty, addictions) of people are their doubts about their “correctness”, the right to be as they are, ideality and necessity of who they are. Such actions act as compensation for the fact that they have the right to leave their unique mark in history and memory in the hearts of people, well, not for good, but for bad.

People doubt the "correctness" of others when they are not sure of the "correctness" of themselves. They want to remake others when they feel they are not “right” enough. If a person is in agreement with himself, he is in agreement with others, he knows his rights and gives the same to others.

When a person trusts himself, he stops looking for support outside in specific people, he has access to the wisdom and power of the entire universe. Which is open to everyone, but every person can close it, doubting himself.

Why is it difficult for people to find out their meaning of life, to trust their intuition, to hear their intuition? But because very often we force ourselves to do what we do not want, we criticize our thoughts and feelings, words and deeds. And then our inner self, which always remembers where and where we are heading from, keeps in touch with the higher mind, with the entire Universe, simply knows that we are an integral, obligatory part of the world that has always been, is and will always be silent. And why should she insist - she knows that she is right, but she will not "communicate with someone who does not want to listen to her."

People represent success as something external, they try to fit it into some external framework and concepts, although success is already in them, every person was born with success. It can become a failure if you believe the popularized definition of the majority and stop listening to yourself.

You are always right when you allow yourself to be yourself, trust your thoughts, words and feelings. And you deviate from your path, the only true one for which you incarnated in your body at this stage of development, transformation - when you question the correctness of your thoughts, feelings and actions.