How to live over 100 years?

Ambrosia, living water, philosopher's stone, life elixir, mandrake root, sorcerer's herbs - this is what the greatest healers of the past tried to prolong longevity. But the secret of longevity lies not in these mystical means, but in simpler things. Do you want to live more than 100 years and outlive your enemies? Longevity secrets that will help you live a long, healthy and happy life.

Over the past century, human life expectancy has increased by 30 years, which is the largest increase in the last thousand years of civilization. The club of centenarians, who received a three-digit age, is quite wide. Increasingly, modern people live to be 100 years old or more. Longevity is promoted by advances in medicine, disease prevention, healthier eating and lifestyle changes.

How to join the longevity club? It is important to follow daily positive habits that greatly increase the chances. Do you want to live 20-30 years more than your peers? Follow these rules that will make your life long, healthy and happy. The path to longevity is simple.

How to live life up to 100 years and more?

1. Lead an active lifestyle

For longevity, you should start with an active lifestyle. Do exercises in the morning, move more often on foot, go jogging, train 2-3 times a week. Activity allows the body to maintain physical and psychological health. Regular active life improves its quality and duration.

2. Eat a balanced diet

Choose healthy, varied and wholesome food rather than junk food. Do not use diets, but regularly monitor your food schedule. Eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, grains, and dairy products. A healthy diet will help you avoid excess weight, which will increase your years of life. Remember to consume enough water, but less sugary and carbonated drinks.

3. Be wiser

Maintain a wise and philosophical approach to life. Worrying over trifles and even significant troubles will not always be reasonable. Be wiser, calmer and simpler. Look at life from above, so that troubles seem only a short hitch on the way to happiness. Maintain mental stability, which is the basis of longevity and good health.

4. Be disciplined

It seems strange, but planning, organization and discipline lengthen life. Planners remember to visit the doctor, take their pills, and eat regularly. Planners are less likely to take risks, and also less likely to get into dangerous situations.

5. Spend time outside

Fresh air and the sun have a beneficial effect on the human body. Walk more often, walk and get out into nature. This lifestyle will help you live more than 100 years.


6. Work longer at your favorite job

The later you leave your job, the longer you will live. But it is important to work at a job that you love, that gives you satisfaction, brings a sense of self-fulfillment and helps you feel happy. Change your unloved place of work and be a long-liver.

7. Get enough sleep

How to live more than 100 years? We are accustomed to sacrificing our sleep for any purpose. But sleep time is not a reserve that can be spent on 1000 different things. For a healthy and long life, a full sleep of 7-9 hours is important. Maintain a sleep schedule by going to bed and falling asleep at the same time.

8. Communicate with loved ones

Interpersonal communication with loved ones cheers up, improves the emotional background and makes us happy. Spend time with friends, relatives, relatives and just good people. Life without communication can hardly be called full and happy.

9. Visit doctors and dentists

We love to run from doctors while we are more or less healthy. But the prevention and prevention of disease is more effective. Visit the dentist and undergo medical examinations. Avoid bad habits, alcohol, cigarettes and other vulnerabilities.

10. Use the Internet

As we age, we communicate less with people and interact less with the outside world. TV just spits out news, series and movies, but not the World Wide Web. The Internet allows you to establish two-way full-fledged communication. Surfing on the Internet, communication in social networks and correspondence in instant messengers. All this supports the functionality of the brain, improves mood, banishes negative thoughts and builds connections with the world.

11. Go shopping

Shopping is good for people, which increases the chances of celebrating the 100th anniversary. Physical activity, interaction with people and mental stress help the body stay in good shape.

12. Dream

Follow your dreams and goals to stimulate the will to live. Move forward, educate yourself, grow intellectually, exercise and lead an active lifestyle. When a person has plans for life, he always tries to fulfill them.

How to live 100 years without disease and healthy? Start monitoring your habits and health right now, not when it's too late. And how many years will you live if you follow today's habits? Maybe something should be changed?