How to live long

You will catch a cold at the funeral of your enemies. Some amazing ways that will add many more years to your life, as well as make it much better and happier. The dream to live long, look and feel young is real!

“A rare person will see forty thousand sunsets”

Modern society, in addition to the pursuit of material things and beauty, strives for longevity. Scientists, psychologists, doctors and even healers help her in this. But few of us will step over the 100-year milestone. What if rejuvenating apples and the elixir of youth are nothing more than a myth? Some may be a little strange, but effective ways to live longer.

How to live long

1. Eat better

How to live long? Eat well and eat right! Many save on food by eating exclusively pasta, potatoes, fast foods and other not very healthy foods. Buy juices, fruits, vegetables. Diversify your diet. You are what's in your fridge. Do not save on the quality of your life and its length.

2. Do good things

How to live long? Be kind to the world! Research shows that people who care for others, help in their communities, donate money to charity, live longer. People understand that they live honestly and conscientiously, which has a good effect on their moral mood. Psychological well-being and peace of mind prolong life.

3. Sleep less

How to live long? Don't lie around on the couch! The ideal time for sleep is considered by scientists to be about 8 hours. But recent studies claim that a person can sleep less, without much harm to the body. The main thing is regular sleep at a certain time.

4. Have kids

How to live long? Get the kids! Statistics suggest that people with children have a lower risk of death. Parents usually try to quit smoking, drink less, lead a more careful lifestyle, eat regularly. Having children can help you live longer.

5. Learn a second language

How to live long? Learn the language! What could be more beautiful than to comprehend the culture and traditions of a nation through the study of its language? Language learning slows the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Now senile dementia is the eighth cause of death. But according to the latest research, it will come in third place by 2030 with 6.4%. Learning a language will pay off handsomely.

6. Be rich

How to live long? Earn money for old age! Earning money brings stress and increases the risk of imminent death. But despite this, a good financial condition will add years to you. Quality medical care, good food and expensive vitamins.

7. Find faith

How to live long? Believe in the powers that be! People who are a little religious and believe in higher powers live longer. It is likely that these people cope better with stress and anxiety. They don't worry about the little things.

8. Work longer

How to live long? Work! Working in retirement is a big social circle, a load on the brain and a more active lifestyle. Stay fit and enjoy life more. French writer and member of the Académie française André Maurois argued: “Getting old is just a bad habit for which busy people don’t have enough time.”

9. Laugh more

How to live long? Laugh at the good and the bad! Laughter is the best medicine. Less stress, better immune system, stable blood pressure. Laugh, gentlemen. It really works. Anyone who is forced to laugh at the boss's stupid jokes may not worry. Even insincere laughter can be good for health.

10. Lead a healthy lifestyle

How to live long? Be an athlete! Do not start chronic diseases, lead a healthy lifestyle. Stop smoking, drinking and other bad habits. Go in for sports! Be sure to get busy! Run, exercise, go to the gym!

The dream to live long, look and feel young is real! How to live long? A very long time? Follow these points, not just read and forget. Save these rules for yourself, print or learn. Over the years, you will know the world much better. Enjoy your life!

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