How to live interesting? 25 tips for an exciting life

Your life is getting shorter every minute. Why do you need immortality, if even now you do not live? Life is too short to waste it on boring things and be unhappy. Useful tips for an exciting, rich, interesting and wonderful life.

“Life should be a journey to the grave, not with the intention of arriving safely and in a beautiful, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in, in a puff of smoke, completely exhausted and worn out, loudly declaring - “This is trip!” Hunter Stockton Thompson

Life is about creating yourself. Prove to the world that you are still alive.

How to live interesting? Useful tips for an exciting life

1. Live every day. Every new day brings opportunities and new chances. You have the opportunity to try something new. Don't miss your chance for an exciting life.

2. Be selfish. Often, people around you know better than you what you want, but this is not at all the case. Do not do what others want and indicate, but follow your desires. 3. Look for opportunities, not excuses. Often we do not do what we want, justifying it with various reasons. Who wants, he is looking for methods of solution and opportunities. Who does not want - looking for reasons, excuses and excuses. 4. Create opportunities. Do not wait for fate to present you with a gift, but act yourself.

5. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to try new things and do things that interest you. All the most interesting happens when you get out of the routine and comfort zone. Accept new offers and do not sit at home. 6. Don't live tomorrow. We all hope to start living tomorrow or later. Stop putting life on hold. Life is not a draft that can be rewritten later. 7. Seek balance. Try to find a balance between money and personal life. You can’t earn all the money, and life is too short to spend all your time on it.

8. Expand your horizons. Educate yourself and study what interests you. This will give many new opportunities that will enrich life. 9. Travel makes you happier. Any trip to other countries, cities and places makes a person happier. They broaden their horizons and create unforgettable impressions.

10. Ignore other people's opinions. People love to judge others and make fun of their dreams. But you have the right to decide what interests you.

11. Less internet. Social media, constant messaging, and web surfing have made few people happier. Stop participating in the bragging race on Instagram and other social networks. 12. Take trouble as a joke. You choose how you react to trouble. You can worry for a long time and drive. And you can smile and move on. 13. Stop complaining. Stop whining over problems. Solve them and move on. 14. Enjoy life. Have fun, smile and be positive. Then people and life will smile back at you. 15. Throw out the excess. When you have too many things to do, life becomes more difficult. Do you want to be happier? Cut off the superfluous and concentrate on the main thing. 16. Collect sensations. Life is the number of moments you remember. But not the days in which you worked and did household chores.

17. Be alive and real. Don't be afraid to laugh and be good-natured. Leave cynicism, unsociableness and arrogance to bores. 18. Ignore the weather. Often we are hot, cold, wet, windy. We postpone a lot of interesting things, referring to the weather. Stop complaining. There is no bad weather. 19. Go in for sports. Often there is no strength, desire and time. But buy a gym membership. In a month you will be a different person. Don't let yourself get rusty. 20. Try new things. Don't stop discovering new things. There are many things in the world to try and discover.

21. Make the world a better place. Help the weak, the poor, nature and animals. 22. Be open to change. Some people in their 20s manage to turn into grumpy old men. Be open to change. Try new things and don't die prematurely.

23. Don't be afraid to take risks. Often we are paralyzed by fear that we stop moving. The one who does nothing makes no mistakes. Without risk, there are no new victories. 24. Enjoy the moment. Sometimes we are in too much of a hurry to miss the beauty of the sunset, the warmth of a moment with loved ones, and the joy of being with loved ones.

25. Find your own way. What do you want? Set goals and make a plan. Now move towards your dreams.


Your life is getting shorter every minute. Prove to the world that you are still alive…