Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to live in a high?

Living interestingly and with pleasure is something not everyone can do. You have matured, grown wiser and sadder. Do not feel happy, tired of the hustle and bustle and want something new? How to live well, have fun and live in a high?

“Joy comes into our lives when we have things to do; there is someone to love; and there is something to hope for” Viktor Frankl

Became an adult and immediately became sad? It's time to learn to be happy again. How to enjoy life?

How to live in a rush?

1. Stop

We are in a hurry all our lives. For school, work, home or business. We are constantly late, and there is bustle and bustle around. The easiest way to become happier is to stop. There are a lot of wonderful things around, and you don’t even notice it. Stop, let go of negative thoughts and enjoy the moment. Live here and now. Live in the buzz.

2. Laugh

Smile and laugh more often. Don't keep your emotions to yourself. Allow yourself to laugh carelessly at something funny. Smile at people and at yourself in the mirror. More positive action. Stop being a sad pessimist. Time to enjoy life and be a cheerful optimist. Live in the buzz.

3. Add relationships to life

Do not communicate with women who pull back, act up, take out the brain and strain. Find yourself a good girl. Relationship with a positive, fun and wonderful girl will make you happy. Live in the buzz.

4. Enjoy your food

Eat better, tastier and healthier. Enjoy food and drink, but take your time. Try different dishes, spices and cuisines from all over the world. Enjoy the flavors of your meal. Live in the buzz.

5. Think alone

Be alone and think about what you want most, what are your plans, goals and dreams. Disassemble your thoughts, talk to yourself. Set yourself free from the influence of other people. Enjoy the silence and immerse yourself in the world of thoughts. Live in the buzz.

6. Spend time with loved ones

Spend more time with those who are close to you. It could be family, friends, or a significant other. Keep in touch with loved ones. This will make you happier.

7. Remove negative people

Thin out the ranks of people with whom you communicate. Maybe some do not give you life and peace? Chop up fading relationships, get rid of envious friends, and don't associate with negative people. Live in the buzz.

8. Do what you love

Do what you like. Start devoting more time to hobbies and things you love. Ride a bike, travel, play football, educate yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Life is too short to be miserable. Live in the buzz! Ask yourself how happy are you? What makes you happy?