How to live here and now - simple and effective practices

The answer to the question "How to live here and now?" remains open to many. I will tell you about simple and effective practices, techniques and exercises that will allow you to get out of a series of failures, to enjoy every moment. Ready to discover what it means to be in the moment?

What does "here and now" mean?

Often we get stuck in the past and look into the future. We are haunted by reflecting on yesterday's failure and thinking about planning for the future. We get stuck in these states, not noticing how life passes by.

It is a mistake to think that "here and now" is to live one day. You should not forget about the analysis of yesterday's experience and planning for the future. Your first step should be to develop awareness. You will not confuse the feeling of inner freedom, harmony and happiness with anything.

If you want to learn how to live here and now, then first try with the most elementary. In any situation where you are uncomfortable, become an observer. What grabs your attention? What nature surrounds you? What do people around you look like?

When you go to the store, stop for a minute, slow down. Imagine that a wave of your eyelashes is a picture. Capture the frame, click the shutter. Every moment of life is here and now.

To be in the moment is:

  • to surrender to every second entirely;
  • choose what you want right now;
  • be aware of what is happening;
  • enjoy the present time;
  • let go of the past;
  • get rid of stress and routine.

What will you do if you find out about the fall of a meteorite on our Earth in 3 days. A huge cosmic body will tear the planet to pieces, leaving nothing alive on it. Are you going to worry about your drunken antics at the disco in 10th grade?

Will you think about why your ex-girlfriend cheated on you? No. You would begin to appreciate your every breath and exhale, would not waste a split second on what was or will be.

Small joys are much more important than large ones. Try to appreciate every moment when, for example, you get a smile in return, fill the bath with foam, count the stars and see the dawn, drink hot chocolate, prepare your favorite salad.

Thank life for the fact that you can love, wear your favorite sweater, arrange figurines on the shelf, listen to beautiful songs and jump on the bed. These simple actions are the little joys that make up our lives.

Simple and effective practices: try it now!

What does the phrase “live here and now” really mean? How to learn to enjoy every day, forgetting about worries and problems? I will tell you about simple and effective practices.

Mindfulness is everything!

All our lives we practice mindfulness. Effective exercises will allow you to fully develop the skill.

Be aware of the sensations

As you walk down the street to work or study, pay attention to the sensations in your body. Try to understand which muscles are involved in walking, how they work. Do you feel how your feet touch the asphalt, how your arms move, how your back muscles work?


At first, outside noises will distract you. Try to focus on the sensations in your body as often as possible. Remember the moments in which your body gives out a reaction to a particular stimulus. When you learn to be aware of sensations, you will be able to see the connection between muscle tension and events. Your body will no longer act out of habit, and you will be able to control it.

Learn to hear

After the first stage, you will have to learn not only to feel, but also to hear. Start listening. It doesn't matter where you are. Just listen. These can be: birds singing, snatches of speech, music on the phone, people's steps, the ticking of a clock, and even the sound of a refrigerator running.

You are so used to the background noise that you no longer pay attention to it. As soon as you notice each sound separately, you will learn to hear.

Be able to observe

The next step is to learn to observe. You must be able to look at things, not judge them. Notice people, signs, shops, birds, animals. While you will feel the body, observe the world around you and hear, you will not be able to devote yourself to disturbing thoughts and understand how to live here and now.

Be aware of the breath. Focus on it. Feel how the air enters the lungs, how clean and cool it is. The process of inhalation will begin to bring pleasure.

Separately, it is worth considering the awareness of thoughts and emotions. You are mistaken if you think that our emotions are the result of events occurring in life. Everything is exactly the opposite. Anxious thoughts come to mind automatically and cause negativity. Therefore, it is so important to realize the cause and effect of your condition, to learn to control yourself.

Stop judging others, criticizing. Look at everything from the side. Only in this way will you stop being mistaken, learn to work with

The shortest option

Especially for the lazy I will tell you about the practice “how to live here and now”, which is distinguished by a simplified form. You need to do the following:

  1. Stay alone and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Look at 5 to 10 objects or details around you.
  3. Hear 5 to 10 sounds.
  4. Try to catch 3-5 scents.
  5. Feel 10 body touches.
  6. And again consider about 10 things around.

For example, take a cup of tea. Consider it and the surface of the liquid. Feel how the mug is in your hand. Feel the smell of aromatic tea and its taste in your mouth. Take a sip and feel the water flow through your body. And so it is necessary to do with several objects that we meet daily.

It will take you a maximum of 2-3 minutes. By repeating a simple and effective practice at least 10 times a day, you can restore the ability to live consciously in the moment.

The BON method

The unique Tibetan teaching of Bon cannot be ignored. His wisdom says that our thoughts affect the physical and psychological state. Emotions give the experience of being, and we should be grateful to them for that. You can't deny them. We need to understand and transform.

You program yourself, you choose what to experience at any given moment. This choice creates a sense of being in the moment, attracting events and people.

My friend, who is a fierce fan of the Tibetan practice, with her head up, refers to any negative events in life. I have a lot to learn from her. It turns out that the events that occur in reality have already happened to us in a past life. Therefore, it is important to work out situations related to personal, work, family and other areas. To work out means to take into account personal experience and knowledge, to be able to choose the right direction.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to let go of a situation, an insult, a person. When a relationship with a loved one ends, or there is a discord in a friendship, we cannot do anything with ourselves. We suffer, we suffer, we worry, we scroll through the details in our head, remembering the words, getting angry at ourselves and our partner.

According to the wisdom of Bon, any ending of a relationship is the undoing of a karmic knot. When people leave, it means that they have already shared the necessary experience with you and can give nothing more, just like you can give them. So why stay together and keep growing negativity? We need to move on!

Continuing communication, karmic knots are tied only stronger, and everything will again go in a circle only with more serious consequences. The ability to cope with emotions and control them will help change not only the course of fate, but life in general.

In the Tibetan teachings, there are 8 main pollutions of thoughts. It is they who negatively affect us:

  • greed;
  • anger;
  • jealousy;
  • envy;
  • imprudence of actions;
  • arrogance;
  • selfishness;
  • lust.

These emotions, like poisonous traces, affect us, slowly sinking to the bottom. Thus, you need to understand which of the defilements affects you the most and act depending on this:

1. Greed. Visit a place with beautiful scenery. Get comfortable and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds. Do you hear the chirping of birds, the wind, the sound of water? Focus on something specific. Try to direct this sound against your greed. He will be able to blur the negative thought and bring the understanding that natural nature gives us all the fruits.

2. Anger. To calm anger, you just need to focus on mental energy and find a place in your soul for love. There should be more spiritual principles in your life.

3. Jealousy. Do you know what jealousy is? This is blindness. In a moment of jealousy, you see only the object of adoration. The surrounding world at this moment is plunged into darkness. Sit down and shout out to yourself a request to show jealousy in all its manifestations. This feeling cannot be touched or visually assessed. You can only feel it. When jealousy manifests itself at your cry, order her to leave and thank her for leaving.

4. Envy. Sit as comfortably as possible. Imagine that you wash your face with clean water. With each splash of water, the heart becomes lighter. Water absorbs all the dirt and becomes dark. Look into a dirty reflection and remember the situations that give rise to envy in you. Thus, you can understand the causes of polluted thoughts. Take responsibility for every negative emotion associated with that feeling. Free your head from envy.

5. Negligence of actions. Here we are talking about sudden actions that cause negative consequences of a lasting nature. You must understand that you are doing this because of the strong influence of other people filled with emotional pollution. You need to learn to find inner peace, to use the resources of emotions wisely. Start each day by doing meditation. Sit on a chair with your hands on your knees. Focus on what makes you happy today. Imagine how you will treat him with harmony and balance.

6. Arrogance. Think about it, are you confident? Can you rely on someone other than yourself? Stop thinking that there are only unreliable people around. Sit in silence, look into yourself. You must consider your attitude towards friends, relatives and acquaintances in order to find opportunities for favorable changes.

7. Selfishness. This feeling is like a drug. It steals life force and directs energy in a wrong direction. Lie on your back, stretch your arms and legs. Imagine how you slowly disintegrate into small particles, and in the end only your mind and heart remain. You are completely renewed. Start recreating the thoughts and emotions that will make the new physical body.

8. Lust. It is related to arrogance (in case you don't know what lust is). To transform an emotion, try sitting still and silently surrounded by other people. Let them speak and you will feel their wisdom, beauty and individuality. Don't push others. Try to listen and reckon with the opinion.

Practical exercises on the transformation of emotions can change the worldview and make it clear how to live here and now. Make your dreams come true, get rid of negativity and attract good people!

Miracle Yoga

Yoga is a great way to connect with life in the moment. The practice pays special attention to breathing, during which you are focused and see no other choice than to be in the present.

Yoga can help you get rid of stress and return to reality during times of depression. Try the simplest exercise:

  1. Sit comfortably and relax.
  2. Say to yourself inside: "I breathe in."
  3. Exhale slowly and say "I exhale."
  4. Breathing in a second time, say to yourself: "I am here and now."

The flow of positive energy will help you stay in the present, smoothly move from work to rest, from anxiety to calmness.

From my own experience, I can say that yoga teaches you to stop the mind, to be aware of yourself where your body is now. It happens that you look at yourself here and now, and it becomes uncomfortable. Memories in my head make themselves felt. Once I was happier, younger, more beautiful. And now I’m sitting uncombed, I’m sick with a cold and I’m not satisfied with the size of the monthly bonus.

The state in the moment was the disagreement between the ideal me and the non-ideal world and vice versa. Escaping from reality, you try every second to stay in the past, in unrealizable dreams. And only the practice of mindfulness helped me look deep into myself. What a harmonious and beautiful world inside and out!

How wonderful it is to feel the beating of your heart, the pulsation of life and the blood in your veins. An indescribable feeling of love for children, parents, spouse is unique and unrepeatable. Yoga helped me to realize that it is possible to live fully here and now. Cry, laugh, empathize, feel now, not in the past or in the future. Still, there is that moment when you are standing in the middle of a noisy crowd, everyone is moving from point A to point B, and you feel the moment and live.

Light exercises

A few light exercises will help for awareness and transition to the "here and now":

1. Scanning the body. Every morning try to feel your body. After waking up, examine yourself. Focus on each part in turn. Trust your inner sensations and try to understand what the organs feel. By practicing this exercise, you will be able to understand what is wrong with the body, you will learn about illnesses or injuries that you did not notice before.

2. Keeping a diary. Every day, try to write down your feelings in your personal diary and analyze them. The last time I recorded was about 15 years ago. Unfortunately, I disposed of the diary of a teenage girl a long time ago. Now he would help me understand many situations. Keeping a personal diary relieves emotional stress, helps to see the situation from the side, rethink it.

3. Set goals. Before starting the day, always visualize your goals. Imagine how you get down to business and achieve excellent results. In visualization, details are very important, then the goal will become a reality. You will be surprised, but it works!

4. Reunion with nature. You will be able to develop awareness and feel the moment by taking advantage of natural beauty. Make your trip unforgettable. Just look - how much beauty is around!

5. Review of the day. Take time to review your day before bed. Remember its beginning, how you felt, what practices you used, what emotions you experienced. Mark important moments in your personal diary.

6. Classes and massage. Qigong exercises, articular gymnastics, Nordic walking are suitable for any age. You can restore the nervous system with the help of aroma massage, vibration-acoustic massage. All these activities and procedures give peace, inner balance. If you combine them with other practices, spiritual and intellectual activity, you will not only strengthen yourself physically, but also become strong in spirit, and also prevent premature aging.

If you are having difficulty using simple and effective practices, and you are feeling depressed, then perhaps you should consider psychotherapy. This system of therapeutic effects is able to influence the human mind and regulate the nervous system. No wonder there is an opinion that the ability to be in the moment is the main component of mental health.

The opinion of psychologists

Experts believe that the lack of opportunity to enjoy life lies in the person himself, in his habits, attitudes, emotions, thoughts. I agree, the outside world is not responsible for the inability to enjoy every day.

A psychologically healthy person sees the meaning in self-sufficiency, inner harmony and fullness. He does not depend on external factors and his random thoughts. A conscious individual does not feel sorry for himself, does not talk about his problems. A person prone to neuroticism, on the contrary, comes up with additional problems, immerses the brain in meaningless experiences. He chooses suffering instead of happiness.

If you consider yourself a psychologically healthy person, then you follow the following rules:

  • daily free time for enjoyment;
  • enjoy every minute of your life;
  • do what you like and don't do what you don't like;
  • know how to get rid of feelings of guilt;
  • don't allow yourself to be manipulated;
  • do not accumulate resentment;
  • letting go of the past;
  • do not skimp on praise;
  • you do not immerse yourself in experiences.

In any case, it is important not to get confused in the practices. You must adapt to reality. Sometimes it's good to remember past experiences. You can’t hang in the topic “how to live here and now”. Sometimes you have to periodically “emerge” from this state.

Let yourself relax sometimes. Do not pursue the mythical life without worries and difficulties. In the modern world, it is impossible to hide even behind Tibetan practices. Enjoy the present, strategically plan the future, soberly assess what is happening. This is the formula of awareness.

To summarize

Knowing how to live here and now, you can achieve stunning results. When you learn to be in the moment, new opportunities will open before you:

1. You will begin to enjoy life again. Notice how beautiful the universe is around you. The world seems to become voluminous and open. When you see a planet without thoughts, you look at it as if for the first time, like a small child. It turns out that it is insanely interesting to consider the details of the petals and the wings of a butterfly.

2. Perception will become clear and fresh. You will begin to see things differently.

3. There will come a realization that there is no point in stirring up the past, dreaming of an ideal world. You will leave fate alone and will not interfere with it. When you drink tea, enjoying the moment, you no longer want to remember your disturbing fantasies.

4. Knowing how to live here and now, in difficult moments of life you will be able to return to reality and concentrate on the right things.

5. The mental stirrer will finally calm down, and the mind, constantly working even in a dream, will stop exhausting in reality.

In this way, you can get rid of negative emotions, become happier and consciously be in the moment. Reread the steps of simple and effective practices, or better remember them and practice more often. Only in this way will the true beauty of life be revealed!

“When you are here and now, without jumping forward, a miracle happens. Being in the moment is a miracle.” B. Cathy.