How to live easily and simply? How to catch the wave of your life?

Life is very much like surfing. You don't have to fight the whole world, you just have to ride your wave. How to live easily and simply? How to freely ride the waves of life and enjoy it? Surfers secret to an easy life.

“Surfing is just like life. You can spend a quiet, serene life on the shore, leveling your tan, or you can take a board and plunge into the struggle with the ocean. The more difficult the target, the higher the waves will have to be overcome. Nikita Zamekhovsky

You can learn a lot of interesting things in surfing. This is a whole philosophy of life. All surfing is considered to be a very active and hard sport when it is more about putting the right effort in the right place. Surfing is about flexibility and the ability to catch the wave, not fight the elements.

How to live easily and simply? Catch a wave and enjoy

Find your own board

A surfboard determines a lot before you hit the water. But the surfer's board is a unique thing. Everyone chooses for himself the one that is more convenient and closer in spirit to him. In life, you should also choose your own basis.

What do you want to do in life, what is your talent and passion for? Choose a business that you are ready to do even for free, if money did not matter. Find your niche and your passion. Or love what you do and find something special about it. When work is a pleasure, not an annoyance, life becomes much clearer and better.

Mindfulness, preparation and practice

Before entering the ocean, surfers look at the waves. How they are formed and where are already riding the waves. The surfer determines his point of entry into the ocean in order to get the maximum result.

Preparation is also important in life. You shouldn't go into the ocean if you don't know what to do. Therefore, novice surfers are trained on the shore by more experienced ones. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to catch the wave. But no theory can replace real practice.


Hit by a wave, collided with another surfer, hit the board or the bottom? The easiest way to say the wave, another surfer or board is to blame. But in such troubles you should blame yourself. It was you who chose a wave that you can't handle. It was you who was not attentive enough, dexterous, careful and professional. Take responsibility for your life. Then everything will become simpler, easier and clearer.

Finding balance in life

Surfing is a constant search for balance. This is not only a search for external, but also internal balance. When you take your time, but do what you have to do. Surfing is the ability to relax on the waves, but be ready to move into action at any moment. There is also a balance to be found in life. Find time for work, study and leisure.

Getting back up after a fall

A surfer falling off the board is a common occurrence. You will constantly fall from it, but this does not mean that things are not moving. You will surface, get up and ride the next wave. You can always get up and then try again and again. No need to get ashore and worry about your fall there. Just get up, stand on the board and ride the next wave.

The ability to look ahead

If you look only at the surfboard, you will fall very quickly. The board jumps, splashes fly in the face and the surfer gets scared. In surfing, it is important to look ahead and to the sides. Then you will control the waves and the situation around.

In life, one should also look forward, and not just under one's feet. Make plans for the future, think a few steps ahead and be careful. Look at life on a grand scale, and not just under your breath. This is the only way to achieve your goals.

Always move in company

Surfing alone is dangerous and not that fun. Do you want to achieve something? Find like-minded people. Who will go to the beach with you, ride, support morally, give advice. Surround yourself with enthusiasts and professionals. Choose a social environment that shares your dreams. Who are even better than you and can teach you something.

“Wait for your wave. No, you definitely won't catch her the first time. You will be thrown ashore more than once and you will have to start all over again. But the more often you start this duel, the more you will be respected by the ocean. He welcomes the brave, but destroys the presumptuous. Conquering the ocean is not easy. This takes years. But most importantly, never give up for a second. Forget about fatigue and pain. And then you will certainly catch the wave of your life. Alexandra Gratz

How to live easily and simply? Do not go against the whole world ahead. Catch the waves like a surfer Use the opportunities to turn them around. Catch the wave and enjoy life.