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How to live as an adult?

All our lives we wanted articles as adults and were in a hurry to get older. But when this happened, we lost all desire to be adults and bear the entire burden of responsibility. No one prepared us for how to live this adult life and deal with all the difficulties. Being an adult is hard, but these tips will make your life easier, better, and happier.

At school and university, we were taught various sciences, but we were not given the most important and important. How to be an adult? How to live as an adult? How to feel at ease when everything is complicated and confusing? How to deal with difficulties that no one warned us about?

How to live an adult life? Advice they forgot to give you

1. Be independent

An important part of growing up is the ability to be independent and independent. Cultivate independence from the environment, other people's advice, extraneous gossip and slander of spiteful critics. Listen to constructive advice, criticism, tips, but do as you decide.

2. Look into the depths of people

Judge people not by age, gender, appearance, social group, work, words and promises. This superficial and basic assessment is usually misleading. Judge people by their actions and where they are going.

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3. Concentrate on the path

A samurai has no goal, only a path. Often we get stuck on one goal, and then become unhappy when it does not come true. Concentrate on the path itself and the movement. Even if the plan doesn't work, the goal isn't achieved, and the dream remains a dream, move on. It is important to follow the general direction of development. Then unfulfilled goals will only remain passed forks in the path when you have already gone further. Throw unrealistic goals and unrealistic dreams. Choose the roads that are available to you. A samurai has no goal, only a path.

4. Learn to communicate with people

Learn to communicate and interact with different people. Learn the psychology of communication and hone the ability to achieve what you want. Train empathy to match their personality, mood, and thoughts. Listen carefully to your interlocutors, ask leading questions and be attentive. Be genuinely interested in people if you want to please them.

5. Seize opportunities and take risks

How to live a full adult life? Life is short to scatter great odds and not try them. Grab the chances that come up and prepare the opportunities yourself, which you can then realize. Don't flap your ears and look into both eyes. Choosing only reliable options is the worst choice and the most boring. You can never foresee everything, but risk opens up a sea of ​​possibilities that you can only dream of.

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6. Choose only your desires

goals. We easily succumb to pressure and advice from the outside. As a result, we choose a place of study, work and goals that we would not like. We try to be cool or live up to other people's expectations. It is pointless. Choose only your desires.

7. Take care of yourself and your health

As an adult, you should take responsibility for yourself. Eat healthy food, get enough sleep, avoid bad habits, visit doctors. Exercise regularly to stay alert, productive, beautiful, athletic, young and energetic.

8. Look for a place under the sun and fight for it

In adulthood, you will fight a lot and try to take the desired place under the sun. Compete with competitors, fight opponents and prove superiority. Adult life is a wild habitat where everyone proves their worth, for further gene transfer. Nothing in life comes easy. The higher the reward, the more it will cost you.

9. Never give up and never give up

Being an adult means not giving up. Often in life it is difficult, difficult and unbearable. Depression, anguish and inevitability rush in on us. But not everything is as bad as it seems. Never give up, don't whine, and don't give up. Don't listen to those who don't believe in you. Life doesn't end until you give up. Let go of defeat, and go on yourself. The main thing is to move forward, and not to surrender to the will of fate.

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10. Always plan for the future

Life is unpredictable, but without a plan it is difficult to achieve even the smallest goals. Always plan for the future and calculate the steps ahead. This will save you from troubles and problems that are easily miscalculated. Always plan for the future by making short, medium and long term plans. What should I do today, this week, this half-year, this year and in 3-5-10 years? Answer this question right now.

11. Keep learning and developing

Do you want to become smarter, more professional, more successful and better? Keep learning and developing. In adult life, too, there is room for development and growth. Reading books is not only for bookworms, but also for billionaires. Warren Buffett, Pavel Durov, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg. This list can be continued endlessly. Keep learning and improving every day if you want to succeed.

12. Enjoy life

How to live an adult life fully? It's not just about working hard, working hard, sleeping little, and rarely resting. Enjoy your life. Don't take her seriously. Do not rush to bind yourself with obligations, duties and the burden of affairs, but allow yourself to play tricks a little. Enjoy life every day, while there is strength, time and desire. Enjoy and have fun. You will never be younger than today.

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How to live an adult life right? There is no one right way for everyone. But there is an answer to this question. It is important to live fully, happily and brightly, so as not to be ashamed of a wasted life. Use your full potential and take everything from life.