How to learn to love and respect yourself? 12 tips for happiness

At one point, you can find that life is not going the way you want. Why is she not the way you want and dreamed? It's just that you don't love yourself enough to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals. The first step is to learn to love yourself.

Most of the time we don't love ourselves. We try to force ourselves to love, but we have too much claim on ourselves. We are not good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, tenacious enough, successful enough, and all that. We look at ourselves and then compare ourselves to "my mother's friend's son." Many people are better than us, and therefore we treat ourselves with disdain and do not love ourselves.

Pay attention to people who love themselves. They can be seen from afar, everything works out for them and everyone around them loves them. They are like the lucky ones of fate who were able to catch luck by the tail. But their whole secret lies in genuine self-love. Through this love, they find in themselves the strength, potential, opportunities to achieve more. The road to self-realization, success and happiness begins with self-love.

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How to learn to love and respect yourself?

1. Love yourself as you love other people

Love for yourself should be similar to love for other people. When you love, you are ready to give the world to this person and give him everything. You try to bring happiness, good mood, comfort, joyful moments. Try to fall in love with yourself. Please yourself, love, indulge, give gifts, arrange holidays for yourself. Cultivate self love. This is not selfishness, but prudence. Love yourself the way you love the other person in a relationship.

2. Love your body and take care of it

When we do not love our body, we begin to hate ourselves. Are you too ugly, fat, thin, weak, unathletic? You can't love yourself if your body makes you sad. Get yourself in order. Do sports 3 times a week. Within a month you will feel more confident and better.

  • Eat healthier and more balanced meals.
  • Take care of your appearance, use creams and other means.
  • Buy beautiful clothes and dress in a way that pleases yourself.
  • Maintain a sporty lifestyle by exercising regularly and playing sports.

Love your body, and very soon you will feel more confident and beautiful.

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3. Love yourself and your dreams

Be comfortable with your desires, dreams, plans and goals. You do not have to make excuses for following certain goals and dreams. You do not have to live up to other people's expectations and act as others want. Other people's opinions, gossip, criticism, envy, claims - all this is not yours. This is their judgment of you, which is usually biased or erroneous. You shouldn't be worried or stopped by what other people say.

4. Love yourself by surrounding yourself with your favorite people and things

To love yourself is to surround yourself with your favorite people and things. Do not isolate yourself from a society that does not always live up to your expectations. Look among people for those with whom you feel good, comfortable, fun. Find like-minded people, friends and good comrades. Find a soul mate so that you can be happy together. Surround yourself with the things you love and love. Create your favorite little world in this world where you will be happier.

5. Love yourself and respect

How to learn to respect yourself and achieve this from people? Appreciate and respect yourself. Realize your strengths, good traits and pluses. Remember all that you have achieved and received. All this is a reason to respect yourself and love. Celebrate your victories and then be proud of it. Respect yourself and don't let them offend you. How you treat yourself is how others treat you.

6. Love yourself and take care of yourself

Love is manifested in taking care of yourself. How to learn to respect and love yourself? Go to bed on time and give yourself the opportunity to rest when you need it. Postpone deadlines and important things in order to focus on the things you need. Have fun, get involved in adventures and travel. Engage in hobbies and follow hobbies. If you do what is necessary and required all the time, then you can quickly lose yourself. Get what you want and sometimes do what you want.

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7. Love and believe in your happiness

How to learn to love yourself beloved? Often a person does not consider that he is catching a cold of simple and elementary happiness. But why is that? You deserve happiness and all the good things in life. It's easy to get caught up in negativity and not believe that you can be happy. But you deserve happiness no less and even more than others.

8. Don't be ashamed of your emotions

If you feel sad and without mood, then it's okay. You have the right to feel the way you are. You should not be ashamed of your emotions, sensations, feelings, desires. You have the right to be angry, lose your temper, show irritation, annoyance, fall in love, enjoy life, laugh. Don't be ashamed of your emotions and what they give you. Do not hold back feelings and emotions, but love them. To be a person without emotions is to be unhappy. And who will like such a person in a friendship or relationship?

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9. Make yourself a priority in life

How do you learn to love and respect yourself to the fullest? You are the only person who knows what he wants from life. So make yourself the priority in your life. External factors also affect life, but when you can’t control them, just let go. Do not neglect your own well-being and happiness. Accept the lack of control over everything, but focus on what is up to you. Do not focus on the actions of others, but make yourself a priority in this world. Do your best and love yourself.

10. Don't compare yourself with other people

Comparison with other people has become our daily habit when we scold ourselves every time for not being good enough. It kills self-love and all potential. The lower the self-esteem and confidence, the less chance of happiness and good luck. Comparison kills self-love. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.

  • How were you yesterday, and how are you now?
  • What did you learn new and what did you learn?
  • What lessons did you learn from what was happening?
  • What needs to be corrected and what needs to be worked on?
  • What did you become better and more experienced in?

Answer these questions, develop and compare yourself only with yourself. This will help to develop, grow before our eyes and be happy.

11. Replace negativity with optimism and love yourself.

Often we have an irritated grandmother or an old man sitting inside us, who constantly grumbles. Stop constantly moping, whining, annoyed, sad and negative. Try to switch to the side of optimism, friendliness, good mood, positive and joy. Smile, laugh, be happy and enjoy life more often. This will help you become more confident and love yourself. Smile!

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12. Finally love yourself

You can assure others for a long time that you are happy and love yourself. But even a million repetitions for others may not convince you internally. You cannot deceive others, but not yourself. Understand inside your soul and love yourself. When you yourself believe in this, then you will not need to assure others of this through social networks, show off and other actions. You can always see a person who loves himself.

A happy life is quite within reach, but for this you need to start with self-respect and self-love. How to learn to love and respect yourself? It is important to decide for yourself your future path. Always whining and complaining, but being unhappy? Or maybe it’s better to love yourself and move towards dreams and happiness?