How to know if your relationship is doomed?

There is nothing worse than being doomed to sail on the Titanic, which will soon sink. How to recognize that you and a girl will soon stretch? How to understand that the relationship has already exhausted itself and is guaranteed to end in a painful breakup?

Why breed suffering, doubt, pain and hopelessness? Why be in a doomed relationship when it is better to cut this Gordian knot right away? The hopelessness of a relationship can be determined by some signs. How to understand that it's time to get off this Titanic, in search of another ship? Save yourself before it's too late!

How do you know if your relationship is doomed?

1. Increasing disrespect

Quarrels and conflicts have led you to cross the critical line of disrespect. You call each other last words, beat on sore points and cynically gloat. You easily quarrel not only in private, but also swear in public. Mutual disrespect destroys everything that was between you. If you quarrel in such a way that you stop following the words, then the relationship is doomed.

2. Showing contempt

You started treating each other with contempt. Women often criticize a man's low salary and express contempt for his professional achievements. Sometimes they compare a man with someone else who is more successful and rich. And men often scoff at the appearance of a woman and criticize changes for the worse. You treat each other with contempt and are cold. Such a manifestation of contempt indicates an imminent separation.

3. A lot of lies

Your relationships are filled with lies. You lie to each other and to yourself. You are deceiving yourself that you will still get better and everything will be fine. You lie to each other to somehow stay together. It's more like self-deception. The growth of lies signals the doom of love and relationships.

4. Complete distrust

Lying leads to the fact that you do not trust each other at all. You cannot rely on each other, understanding the unreliability of a partner. Solid distrust testifies to the inevitable separation.

5. Increasing misunderstanding

Gradually, the relationship is getting worse? Past grievances, misunderstandings and problems do not disappear, but accumulate. The causes that cause conflicts in relationships do not disappear, but become chronic. Soon the lump of misunderstanding will become so huge that you will part.

6. Distance from each other

You have lost your spiritual intimacy, and next to you is a complete stranger. Instinctively, you begin to move away from each other, reducing the amount of communication, intimacy and sex. A sea of ​​indifference forms between you. You move away seeing how everything is going to hell.

7. Physical or emotional infidelity

Both of you have been looking the other way for a long time, and maybe even cheating. Infidelity can be emotional when one of the partners gets close to someone at work or finds a new friend. Physical or emotional infidelity is almost guaranteed to lead to a breakup.

Do you have matches in two or more points? Most likely, your relationship is doomed. Sometimes it's better to break up with it quickly in order to go in search of a new companion. Which will be prettier, more fun, more wonderful and better than your current one. Leave the bad relationship with your ex in the past. Move towards new relationships, new love and hot sex with a new beauty.