How to joke with people

The world would be dull and gray if not for humor. How to joke and confuse others without making much effort? A selection of folk recipes on how to joke without malice and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Here are the confessions of people who like from time to time to put others in a dead end, without doing, in general, "nothing wrong."

"I sometimes amuse myself by holding the door open for a person who is at a considerable distance."

“I peek over the shoulder of a person dialing a four-digit code on their phone, then allegedly call someone and call this code to my non-existent interlocutor. For example: “Record! Your address is Central street, house 8319.

"Every time I'm at my friend's house, I turn his TV a little to the left."

“Sometimes I do this thing with a nearby computer: I make a space in the login field, and then I click the left mouse button so that it looks like there is nothing there. When someone tries to log in, nothing comes out because there is an invisible gap there.

“When I meet a person for the first time, I say: “It’s good to see you again!””

“If I want my interlocutor to feel uncomfortable, then I look at him not in the face, but on an ear".

"When I say something completely normal, I add 'excuse my inadvertent pun.' Most people, not wanting to look stupid, begin to giggle awkwardly, feverishly looking for a pun in my words.

"I play pranks on strangers by synchronizing my steps with theirs."

“If someone is following me, and there is a turn ahead, I turn slowly, and then run at full speed for a couple of tens of meters and again switch to a calm step. When the person following me, in turn, rounds the corner, it seems to him that I have teleported.

“I surreptitiously increased the sensitivity of both my college roommates' computer mice a little each day. After two weeks, I returned them to their original state and pretended that mine also began to work much more slowly.

“I interrupt the interlocutor in mid-sentence and ask worriedly:“ Are you crying? What she didn't know was that her dad used to put paste in that tube all the time, just to play a trick on her. They are both in their seventies.