How to invite a girl home?

Today we will consider a very interesting and burning topic for men, which, in fact, is one of the stages of building relationships - "How to invite a girl home." At first glance, everything seems simple - but, really, what's so complicated and unusual about inviting a girl home? But not everything is as easy as it seems at first glance.

It's one thing if you invite home an old friend with whom you actually have friendly relations and nothing more, it's another thing if you like the girl very much, you have very romantic feelings for her and wild sexual desire (what to hide, physiology takes its toll). How to be here? How not to ruin everything on the first date, which is so important, because it is the first time she has been invited to your house?

Remember that inviting a girl "for a cup of sex" and the girl you love, from the look of which you lose the power of speech, are very different things.

Consider two diametrically opposed categories of girls you can invite to your home:

Sex girl

No, she's not a representative the oldest profession, do not think.

And she won't take money from you for sex. She only belongs to the category of girls who easily jump into bed with the first person they meet in order to satisfy their sexual temperament.

If the girl you are planning to invite to your home belongs to this category (those who are ready to retire in your apartment for joint pleasure without obligations) - everything is very simple and you should not bother. You both know what you will be doing now. You have already carefully probed her (and not only her character and intentions, but also her body... and she allowed it to you), now it’s not difficult to hint to her or say directly and openly that you would like to know her further and deeper in every sense of the word. It will be clear from her behavior whether she agrees or not. Then navigate according to the situation.

If you agree, you go to your house and arrange such sex, after which even the neighbors will come out for a smoke! With girls "for sexual pleasures" everything is simple and clear, and it makes no sense to talk about it for a long time. The situation is completely different with the girl with whom you are in love...

Let's move on to the second category...

Beloved girl

How to invite home the one you love?

Much depends on external circumstances - on age, social status, the nature of the relationship built between you (maybe she does not know anything about your feelings at all).

If you are both young students who have known each other for a long time, hanging out in common companies, then an invitation home will look like a natural continuation of a healthy adult relationship.

Most likely, she herself has been waiting for a long time for you to invite her home and demonstrate all your skills!

Even if you are relatively recently together, but position yourself as a couple in society, it is logical if you invite her home.

Of course, for the first time it will be very exciting and romantic, and somewhere, perhaps, a little awkward, due to the fact that both you and she are both worried, trying to make the best impression on each other.

It is better to prepare for such an evening, if only because this is your first evening for two at home, and this evening should be remembered as one of the best in your life (if, of course, you decide to spend your whole future life together).

There is no point in even mentioning the need to tidy up the apartment - this is logical and understandable.

But you can think of something else beautiful, unusual and romantic. For example, cook a delicious dinner (or order dishes in a restaurant), buy a delicate bouquet, prepare music, candles and a bed of love...

You can read about all these moments on the Internet - there is a lot of information, you can choose according to your taste and budget.

Another thing is if you have been in love with a girl for a long time - for example, a work colleague. And you have been communicating well with her for a long time, but... on a friendly note.

Perhaps she herself suspects that you have completely unfriendly feelings for her.

You can find some good excuse to invite her home. Definitely, you won't have to wait for sex here. At most, you can tell her about your tender feelings.

There is a possibility that she has not been indifferent to you for a long time, and after your declaration of love, she, exhaling, will inform you about it! Here the probability of enchanting sex is very high, because both of you have been at the limit for a long time!

If you communicate with her as friends, you want to confess your feelings to her, but are embarrassed to directly invite her home, use the trick. There are several options. Go!

1. Offer her a ride home (to her home)

Your car breaks down on the way. You go out, heroically repair the damage, of course, you are all dirty from head to toe, and there is nothing to your house, and you inform the lady that you need to take a shower and change clothes, and she can drink a cup of coffee. I'm sure she won't refuse.


By the way, while the lady is drinking coffee, after a shower, go into the kitchen (or the hall where you place her there) and look for something with her, for example, a comb. It is advisable to be already dressed in trousers, but with a naked torso, especially if there is something to show (and advice - do not wipe the droplets on your back and shoulders to the end - this is very erotic). Do you think she's iron? Careful so that she does not choke on coffee...

2. Ask the lady the day before, how is her sense of beauty?

If the question surprises her, tell her that your sense of beauty is somehow “not very good”, and you want to change the wallpaper / chandelier / buy new curtains, and you really need good advice.

If a girl begins to give advice, pretend that you are attentive or even take a pen and start writing down everything that she recommended to you.

After a couple of days, tell her that he took into account all her recommendations, went shopping, but could not choose anything! Ask her to evaluate the apartment with your experienced look, let her know that you can’t choose without her! And under this pretext invite her home. And there already focus on the situation.

Knowing a person well, you can always play on his weaknesses and ask for help, which he cannot refuse, even if it is not very convenient.

wine/coffee/tea! Of course you need to change. She will not refuse you and will go with you. Here's a simple way for you to be suddenly at home with her. There you will take off your shirt and start washing it under the sink (like in a movie), she, like a normal girl, will start helping you, take your shirt from your hands, and you will take her hands in yours, you look into each other’s eyes carefully and for a long time... And then, most likely, a gentle kiss.

As you can see, there are many ways to lure a beauty home, the main thing is to choose your own.

For this, it is necessary to navigate the situation (as was repeatedly said earlier), depending on your and her character, the type and status of your relationship, on your and her intentions.

Look, observe, study. Listen to your beloved girl between the lines and look for clues in her phrases and expressions, let these clues become your guiding star on the difficult path of winning her heart!