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How to increase your significance for a girl and bind to yourself?

Winning a girl is easier than keeping her. Having received a man, the girls think about whether they gave their heart and body. Reflections begin, advice from insidious girlfriends and stupid doubts. How to increase your significance for a girl and fall in love with her more?

It often happens that relationships end in separation, and in 90% of cases the initiator is a girl. What is the reason and why do girls leave those who they liked so much yesterday?

Having entered into a relationship, girls think about whether they gave. How good is a partner for her? Is it worth it? Maybe you should search better, since you managed to get this one?

The girl begins to cool down to the man and consider other options. She often walks with her girlfriends, stares at men and thinks that parting with the current man is not such a bad idea.

How to deal with the fact that a girl no longer loves you so much? How to make a girl fall in love again? How to get her to pay attention? You need to increase your significance for the girl.

How to increase your significance for a girl and bind to yourself?

1. Become more attractive

Men are often less beautiful than their girlfriends. They are overweight, have loose skin, have little muscle or are thin. You can even out this imbalance and interest a girl by starting to put yourself in order. Sign up for a gym, start jogging, or get into CrossFit. Muscles, a stretched, athletic and athletic figure will make a man very attractive to a girl. And if you pumped up the press with cubes, then the girl will be crazy about you. By raising your attractiveness, you raise your significance for a girl.

2. Become more interesting

Sometimes people stop developing, lose interests, hobbies and become isolated in their little world. Such a person becomes uninteresting, boring and too ordinary. Girls begin to frankly get bored with a man who does not keep up with her intellectually. A man should again return to the path of an interesting life. Learn languages, get involved in hobbies, bring variety to life. Become more interesting and this will increase your significance for the girl.

3. Give the girl positive energy

How to increase your significance for the girl and bind to yourself? Become a "drug" for her. Do not be a source of problems for a girl, tormenting her with jealousy, reproaches, complaints or quarrels, sucking out all her juices. Be a gift, not a problem for her and a headache. Give the girl positive energy, please her, inspire and give more warmth. A girl should perceive you as happiness and entertainment, and not as a problem. Do not put pressure on the girl, but charge her with your positive and happiness.

4. Keep your distance

Don't bother the girl and keep your distance. Let you grab each other a little, than there will be satiety. Do business, study science, do not forget your hobbies, conquer new heights. See points 1 and 2. Keep your distance. Let every meeting be a holiday. See point 3.

5. Raise your worth

Respect yourself, love and be a bit selfish. Girls love those who deserve it. Reptile men, weaker and more miserable, are not suitable for love. Raise your self-respect and don't let yourself be treated badly. A girl cannot treat you without respect, manipulate or put pressure on you. Raise your worth by respecting yourself.

By completing these points, you will definitely increase the significance for the girl, bind to yourself and fall in love more strongly.