How to increase productivity? How to be 2-3 times more efficient?

Have you ever thought about why some people do everything and reach the top, while others do not? The difference between winners and losers lies in the speed of movement. You can walk to your dream, or you can race in a sports car. How to increase productivity and achieve what you want?

A lot of people, especially young people, let procrastination and laziness be the thief. These criminals steal your chances for a bright future, free time and big money. Why are you letting them do it?

Do you dream of doing everything, but nothing comes out? Can't get what you want? It's all about productivity. More precisely, in the low daily productivity of an ordinary person. This is what separates a successful person from an ordinary person.

High performance allows you to move much faster than the average person. Over a long period of time, the difference in success and well-being in life will be enormous.

Those who try more achieve more than slower comrades. Productive people get more done every hour and every day for a long time. As a result, the average person in his life does not manage to do everything that the productive person does in just a couple of years.

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How to improve productivity?

Write everything down and clear your mind

Every task, every deed and every worthwhile thought should be written down. This frees your brain from unnecessary information, freeing it for work. Any business in the brain that we think about takes away our productivity. It's like with programs on a computer when it starts to slow down. Write everything down and clear your mind.

Plan your work day for the future

The best way to get things done faster and be productive is to plan ahead. Take some time in the evening or morning to plan your day. This will allow you to prioritize and see the situation as a whole. List the tasks in the order in which they are done. Always write down in writing, in the to-do list, all your tasks for the day.

Remove distractions

How to increase productivity? You should get rid of what reduces it. These are endless breaks for various distractions: messages, calls, mail, social networks, the Internet, TV, people.

Technology has made our lives easier, but it has taken away our peace of mind. We are endlessly distracted by the phone and various things that only get in the way. What to do? Put distractions aside.

Work in time frames

The “pomodoro” or “pomodoro” method has helped me very well to increase productivity. The secret is to work in active bursts of 25 minutes. At this time, you can not be distracted, do something else or relax. Just keep working.

There are special applications that count the time you need to work. You can set the quiet sound of the clock ticking, which constantly reminds you of the need for concentration. You need to work for 25 minutes, and then a 5-minute break. After a new segment of work begins, and then a longer break.

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Refuse and say no

We like to do everything, forgetting about priorities. What should be done first, what should be done second, and what should not be done at all? Say "no" and give up everything that is not very important to you. The ability to cut off the unnecessary is the most valuable quality. By moving away from the unimportant or useless, we pay more attention to the really important things.

Do you want to deal with other people's affairs or do you want to defend your own interests? Refuse and say "no" to everything superfluous. No explanation. If someone else's work is hung on you, then just answer "no." This is a complete sentence and needs no further addition.

Set a time or deadline for each task

Man is designed to do one task all the time he has. To avoid wasting time, it is important to set start and end times for each task. If there is a deadline and a deadline, you will clearly fulfill it. This will save you a lot of time.

How to be more efficient and productive?


A few time management tips to take your productivity to the next level. How to be as efficient as possible?

1. Start your working day as early as possible, while you think better.

2. Take on the task immediately, and do not pull the cat by the tail, postponing the inevitable.

3. Avoid multitasking and work on only one goal.

4. Work even when you don't feel like it. Force yourself, don't let the lazy man win.

5. Group similar tasks, look for ways to automate and simplify.

6. Do not schedule more time for business or meetings than necessary.

7. Maintain a working environment in the workplace for greater productivity.

8. Break big tasks into smaller ones.

9. Set aside and save what you need to read or watch later.

10. Delegate things to other people or refuse.

11. Take breaks, get enough sleep and rest so that you have strength.

12. Use organizer, calendar, timer and apps for effective time management.

13. Speed ​​up. Learn the touch typing method on the keyboard, learn to read faster or do something else.

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14. Remember the Pareto principle, when 80% of the result comes from 20% of the work, and 20% of the result comes from the other 80%.

15. Motivate yourself. Reward yourself for completing tasks and achieving goals.

16. Develop the habit of working hard, then a second wind will open.

17. Find meaning and love what you do.

18. Don't overestimate the number of things you can do in a day. It's disorganizing.

19. Exercise to keep fit and productive.

20. Monitor and analyze how you spent time during the day.

Everything in life depends on speed, which means that productivity is the key to success. Some people accomplish more in a year than others in a lifetime. Are you moving on foot or in a sports car to your dream?