How to Increase Productivity and Productivity

The higher the productivity, the more you achieve. Catastrophically there is not enough time, always busy, constantly in a hurry, sleep little and do not have time for anything? It's about your wrong approach to planning time and organizing life. How to do everything and succeed at the same time?

“Productivity is not an accident. It is the result of striving for excellence, intelligent planning and purposeful effort.” Paul J. Meyer

How to increase your productivity

1. Decrease your workload

It's time to reduce your workload and get rid of the useless flow of information that takes your attention and time. Social networks, group chats, various instant messengers, email. Modern smartphones and computers deliver information instantly, but overload you with things that are not so important. Sort and disable unnecessary notifications to the maximum. Reducing this load will positively affect your productivity and additionally make you happier.

2. Complete lack of selfishness

Doing someone else's work or requests can make you a loser. Think 10 times before agreeing to help or do something for someone. The complete absence of selfishness and ignoring your interests ruins all your potential. Stop letting other people use, exploit, and manipulate you. Become more selfish. You will like it and your productivity will increase.

3. Entertainment funnel

YouTube, social networks, websites, games and TV provide you with a sea of ​​entertainment. When you come to your senses, you find it is already late at night on the clock, and things have not been started. Where did you spend all your time? To watch all sorts of nonsense that amused and distracted you a little, but no more. This entertainment black hole is killing your productivity day in and day out. Watching entertainment is the drug of modern society

4. Choose the right path

There is no point in trying to fix a leaky boat. With a lot of effort, we are exhausted and gradually drown. But the way out is obvious! Direct your energy to finding a new vessel, not patching up an old one. It will be more efficient and productive. Choose the right path and get out of there, where there is nothing to catch. This applies to many areas of life from career to personal relationships.

5. Laziness

Our body is constantly looking for easy ways and does not want to work. We are distracted by 1000 little things, but we do not do what we need to. We put off work by doing useless things. So we gradually sink into laziness and unproductiveness.

How to improve productivity? Stop doing nonsense and start doing. The higher the productivity, the more you achieve. It is obvious.