How to improve your sex life

How to become sexually active again? Nutritionists and sexologists assure that it is very easy to improve your sex life. There are some foods that reduce sex drive and testosterone levels.

Improving your sex life is very simple. To do this, you need to include or exclude certain foods from the diet.

How to improve your sex life

Many men and women blame stress, fatigue, and other causes for poor sex, and not their diet. Foods that need to be consumed in limited quantities will help to return to normal and become sexually active again or refuse them.

Canned food from the store

Doctors do not recommend leaning on all kinds of preservatives (green peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, sardines, mackerel, stew). All this and more should be eaten in limited quantities. Such products impair erection due to the harmful substances contained in glass and iron cans.

Preservatives, stabilizer salts increase blood pressure and affect the quality of erection. Blood with increased pressure drains from the groin and affects the erection.

Canned food can be eaten no more than once a week. In limited quantities, food does not negatively affect men's health.

Excessively salty food should not be consumed. Since it acts on the body in the same way as canned food.

Male libido taboo

Soy should not be consumed by men. Because it contains substances of plant origin that cause the activity of hormones. They are called phytoextragens. Hormones are similar in properties to estrogen.

Their peculiarity is that they have a bad effect on male libido. And on the female libido, soy substances have a positive effect on the contrary. It can be used by women who behave cold in bed.

Men should not drink a lot of beer before sex. It contains phytoextragens.

Mint reduces desire

Mint in any form is contraindicated for men because it reduces sexual desire. The plant reduces testosterone and the mood for a pleasant pastime tete-a-tete.

Mint-flavoured sweets or mint tea should be eaten and drunk in moderation.

Coffee and energy drinks suppress desire

These drinks should not be consumed by men. Because they block sexual desires. But many people believe otherwise. To some extent, it is. Coffee is really exciting. But you can't drink too much. Three cups a day is enough. Otherwise, you can forget about a long erection and a hot night.

Baking and white bread affect the amount of sex

Baking, jam, jam and marmalade are not the best food for men and women. Regular consumption of sweets can lead to a decrease in sexual contacts.

Doctors do not recommend eating white bread. It gets rid of sexual desire. Therefore, instead of it, you can eat black or yeast-free bread.

Cold smoked products are the enemies of potency

Such foodstuffs contain smoking liquid. It blocks the production of testosterone. This hormone leads to a deterioration in erection and a decrease in the frequency of sexual intimacy.

Alcohol does not turn on

It is better not to drink alcoholic drinks before sex. Otherwise, there may not be sex. Alcohol loosens your hands, relieves shyness and reduces testosterone production by half a day or almost a whole day. A man will not be able to show his abilities in bed.

If partners are not satisfied with the quality of sex, then nutrition should be reviewed. The diet should not contain the products indicated in this article. Quality sex is very important for partners. Therefore, you need to prepare for it.

A few hours before the expected time of spending, it is worth giving up food products that can cause unpleasant or painful sensations in the body.