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How to improve your karma? All deeds must be paid for.

Some people have completely forgotten what karma is, and then they are perplexed when fate punishes them with troubles, illnesses and problems with loved ones. All negative actions, transactions with conscience, harming other people and dubious acts trigger a feedback mechanism. Sooner or later, karma catches up with everyone, no matter how brave they are and cynically violate the laws of humanity. Karma will soon overtake you too, so think about it now.

Are you saying you don't believe in the soul and karma? Then let's make a deal. Anyone who sells his soul, I will give 10 dollars. Are you ready to sell it to me and sign it in blood? After all, you do not believe in it and consider it nonsense. But why then are you hesitant and afraid to sign in order to receive a financial reward? Deep down in your soul, you admit the possibility that the soul, fate, karma, fate and god have a place to be.

Each will be rewarded according to his deeds. You don't believe in it, but deep down you believe in god, destiny and karma. After all, when luck turns away from you, then you crawl to faith in higher powers on your knees.

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Looking at some people who live without regard for morality, legality and truth, you want to grin. All the people who naively spit on karma later got hit back by it. For all negative deeds, you have to pay 10 times the amount. But the worst thing is that karma often strikes through loved ones, relatives, children, grandchildren and more deeply throughout the family. Do you need a family curse, from which more than one generation of your family will suffer?

I knew many people who paid for all the bad things that they caused other people in full. Yes, and history itself knows many examples that led to one sad result. Karma caught up with everyone, including dictators, oligarchs, murderers, scoundrels, criminals, corrupt officials, scoundrels, traitors and scoundrels. Even obedient servants, quiet accomplices, helpful hypocrites and mercenary opportunists who receive thirty pieces of silver for their vile zeal.

All received retribution from karma, which struck down their fates with a sword. You are no exception in this world. Sooner or later, everyone thinks about how to correct or purify their karma. True, in most cases, people remember karma when fate is already inexorably rolling downhill. Strength has always been in truth, but if you go against it, then be prepared to pay in all accounts. No matter how much the rope twists, the end will come.

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How to improve your karma? 12 ways to improve your karma

1. Do not do evil

Even if you do not always good things, it's time to stop. Stop worsening your karma and making it even darker. You will have to pay for everything bad, but are you ready to admit to yourself that you are creating lawlessness, bad and evil? Stop hiding behind morality, some rules, or even some ridiculous earthly laws. After all, fate will judge according to human and divine. Do not do evil, so as not to receive a retaliatory blow of fate.

2. Tell the truth

Lying to everyone is a bad idea. You can deceive everyone and everything, but is it worth driving yourself into this corner? You can worsen your karma with lies and deceit for the time being, and then what? Tell the truth, because honesty brightens karma, and deceit denigrates.

3. Fight against evil

A lot of bad things are happening in the world, but we indifferently run past. Often we are silent or indifferent allies of evil who choose to remain silent for various reasons. It can be cowardice, indifference, mercantile interest, adaptation, self-interest. But to agree to be a witness or ally of evil, but not to intervene in it, would be base cowardice.

Fight against evil to improve your karma. But if you stand on the side of evil or allow it to happen, then be prepared to pay all the bills. It's a shame that bills are issued at the most inopportune moment, and not only for you, but also for the dearest people. Karma always hits the most painful points.

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about the consequences. Inner bile makes us subconsciously do bad or not very good deeds. Sometimes we do nothing, but we think badly, which spoils our karma. Purify your inner world by filling your soul with bright and pure thoughts.

5. Help other people

Do good deeds as much as possible, but within reason. Think about the one who needs your help and your strong shoulder. Show kindness, responsiveness, warmth and generosity. Your karma will only benefit when you bring good to the weaker and defenseless.

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6. Strive for self-improvement

A person always has room to grow and move. Focus on your self-development, the beauty of the soul and the purity of thoughts. Gradually you will become wiser, better and purer. Strive for self-improvement and ideal. This will allow you to get to a new stage of development, and not get stuck at the bottom.

7. Do good deeds constantly

Do something good every day. It can be a kind deed, a good word, a warm attitude, or the support you need. Do not spare a fraction of your strength to do good deeds and improve your karma every day. This will cleanse your past sins and bad deeds.

8. Show empathy for people

Develop empathy to better understand people and take their side. Pumped empathy helps to be known as an excellent interlocutor and a person with a capital letter. They will only speak positively about you than improve your karma.

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9. Don't judge or condemn

We like to judge other people or jump to conclusions. Do not think badly about people, because by doing this you only harm yourself, and not other people. Even if there are enemies, then do not rush to get angry or hate them. Who owns your hatred controls you. Do not judge or condemn, but look from the height of wisdom.

10. Be good

Making trouble for other people? No. It is not right. Behave well, keep mercy, choose godliness by keeping the commandments.

11. Love people and the whole world

Give love to the world, not negative energy. Fill yourself with love for people, loving them in general and in particular. Love for people changes us, making karma purer and brighter.

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12. Radiate happiness

optimism, fun. Wherever you are, no matter how you feel and wherever fate throws you, stay on the side of happiness. Your positive will charge everyone and give good. Make someone smile, feel happy or feel joy. All this will improve your karma. Smile at life and it will smile back at you.

Everyone will be rewarded according to his deeds. You will have to pay for all your actions, and therefore think about your karma now, and not when it is too late. How to improve your karma? Yours and bring good, and the world will give you in return several times more. Each will be rewarded according to his deeds. You yourself choose whether this is evil or good...