How to impress girls

In dating girls like in war, all methods are good. Using our rules, you will find that the number of chicks who want to meet you will increase.

Many men think that it would be nice to be able to make a good impression on girls or even a lasting one! So that the girls themselves want to meet you or be more supportive. Everything ingenious is simple!

Girls are like android robots, they are constantly improving, downloading some additions, embellishments. Girls do not hesitate to use breast-enlarging bras, cosmetics, slimming clothes, false curls, eyelashes, nails and other nonsense that misleads a man about the true natural data of his girlfriend. All this is done with one reason, to make the first positive impression on a man. And it doesn’t matter that then the cosmetics will be washed off, it is important that the man has already met her.

From a male point of view, you can also use a little life hacks that will simplify your approach to beautiful chicks. But we will not advise putting a codpiece in front of the trousers or, as in a joke, potatoes in swimming trunks. There are other, equally effective ways to attract attention and impress women.

Those girls on whom you will experiment are no longer in school and are over 18 years old. They got to know each other and went on dates. It is difficult to surprise modern girls with something, and it is not necessary! Your task is not to surprise her with tricks, but only to make a good positive impression.

How to impress girls

1. Buy a quality suit and accessories

Girls are impressed by looks. The second time to make a first impression will not work, and life is only one and that is short.

To hell with a vacation in warmer lands, if there is no one to go there with. Arrange a grand shopping and buy a couple of good and high-quality suits, shirts, ties and do not forget about accessories.

Buy yourself a good watch from a respectable brand, such as a Rolex Submariner Oyster, in which you can safely dive in the bath. They can withstand depths up to 300 meters! If you smoke, then get rid of cheap disposable lighters and choose the time-tested Zippo. Any little thing in your pockets plays a role in the image, from a wallet to a key chain.

2. Rent a car

Good engines attract girls. Surely, you have seen the clip "See you soon" by the Zveri group? Even a simple auto mechanic on someone else's Bentley is cooler than an auto mechanic on his rusty trough. Now there are many companies that rent cars. After driving a beautiful car for a month, you will find that you have complete order with your appearance and girls now look at you in a completely different way.

3. Drink good drinks

Those who drink cheap beer often do not even bother to look at the chicks sitting at the bar. Girls are not stupid and are able to distinguish an ordered cheap burda from a good drink. Good drinks are not only a normal financial condition of a man, but also his good taste. And refined manners and taste impress women.

4. A holiday that is always with you

People who celebrate something attract increased attention from others. It can be a completely harmless reason, for example, your cat became a mother yesterday or the team you bet on won. Any justified fun that comes from your company is contagious. Many girls are ready to share the holiday with you, you just have to beckon them with your finger.

5. Smile and enjoy life

A smile is a sign of success. People who smile at all thirty-two will attract the attention of those around them. They are like a magnet and you feel the joy and strength of life in them. Girls respond well to smiles and their owners. A smile produces only a positive impression.

6. Behave like a man

Real men are distinguished by the carelessness with which they devote themselves to any business, from work to leisure. Immediacy of behavior, calm manners, confidence - act magically on the weaker sex. Animal male magnetism has attracted women for centuries, so it will work for you.

7. Originality never got in the way

Cliché is needed only when counterfeiting money, in life it's worth being a little weird and naughty. Be freer than the rest, but not more unbridled. Of the 10 similar items, the woman will choose the brightest. In this, women behave like ordinary magpies. Originality of thinking and not hackneyed approaches for the purpose of acquaintance are the best key to her mind and body. Give yourself up to improvisation.

For example, she will probably ask what you do. You should not tell her that you are an advertising manager, but modestly say that yesterday you brought thousands of people closer to their dream. When meeting, you can generally lie, saying that you are agent 007 or an alien. Girls love it when they are not bored in the company of men. And the mixture of male intelligence and polished humor tells the woman that her interlocutor, an adult, is not stupid and not a boring specimen. Perhaps just the one she wanted to pick up tonight.

Having made a good impression on others, you will surely have the phone number of some pretty and sexy babe gathering dust in your pocket.