How to hook a girl?

We are always looking for tricky ways and secret tricks that will allow you to hook a pretty girl in order to attract her female attention. But it doesn't always work out. How to hook the girl you like when communicating or intrigue in correspondence in social networks? Working methods that will increase your chances of a successful acquaintance by 10 times.

Arousing a girl's interest is not easy, but it is quite possible. All girls are different and require a unique approach, but there are general rules for seduction. Here are win-win ways to hook a girl and interest yourself. Will you seduce on the Internet or reality, these tips will come in handy 100%.

How to catch a girl while texting?

What to write to a girl so that she does not put you on ignore, but starts talking? The most important thing is not to make common mistakes would-be pick-up artists. If you behave correctly and the girl is free, then everything is possible.

1. Avoid banalities

Most men simply write “hello”, “how are you”, “let's get acquainted”. After that, they are waiting for the initiative from the girl, who will willingly begin to respond to such platitudes. Men constantly send messages to girls, and yours will simply be lost among them with its “originality”. Write more letters and something more interesting. The girl needs to be intrigued. Here are a couple of working examples to catch the attention of a girl.

  • Hello, pretty girl! Briefly about myself: athlete, lawyer, single. After we've gotten to know each other enough, maybe we should go on a date?
  • Hello! My name is Ivan, I am fond of surfing and traveling, but I dream of going around the world. What are you dreaming about?
  • Hello! It seems we have mutual friends and I couldn't resist writing to you. My name is Ivan. How is the mood of such a lovely girl?
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questions, do not make grammatical mistakes, show a sense of humor and interest yourself. Demonstrate yourself from the best side and your strongest qualities. You have a busy life and you are an interesting person. The girl will be so interested that she wants to go on a date with you.

3. Communicate actively

Try to find that fine line between intense communication and intrusiveness. Save the overly abstruse reasoning for the date and keep it simple. Don't drag out the promise and don't make it boring. Chat with a girl for a month and fool her head? During this time, the girl goes on a dozen dates, and then changes her status, on the social network, to the words "in a relationship." Drag the girl to the real world as quickly as possible. Invite her on a date and go chat live.

How to hook a girl with your appearance?

Girls, like men, pay attention to prominent men. A person’s opinion is formed right at first sight, so you need to look at 100% right away. Take care of how you look beforehand.

1. Clothes and attractive appearance

Girls always pay attention to men in stylish and beautiful clothes. It is by clothes that people meet, and this is a different opportunity to catch women's attention.

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2. Hair and stubble

How tidy is your hair and what does cheek hair look like? Look carefully in the mirror. Don't you look like the one your mom still cuts? Does your facial hair look appropriate?

3. Skin condition and hygiene

Take care of your skin condition and hygiene. Until recently, this was superfluous, but in the modern world it is already a necessity. Do not forget about the cream so that the skin does not look unhealthy or irritated. Take care of your hygiene so that you look great and smell great too.

4. Athletic figure

Girls choose strong men of athletic appearance. They do not respond well to fat, thin and stooped. Go in for sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Do you like slim, athletic and hot beauties?

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How to hook a girl with your behavior?

As a man puts himself when communicating with a girl, so the fair sex treats him. Most of the information girls get from body language, words and behavior. To like girls, you should behave accordingly.

1. Uniqueness and value

How are you different from the thousands of other men she meets every day? How do you stand out, what is better and what are you worth? Show the girl your advantages and pluses. Show your worth and don't devalue yourself with behavior that betrays needy or dragging men. Conduct yourself with dignity and respect. You are no worse than a girl and should not fuss in front of her. She is lucky that you drew her attention.

2. Confidence and determination

It is difficult to find something more attractive and desirable for girls than the confidence of a man. It is important for a man to have healthy self-confidence and high self-esteem. Be calm, do not slouch and do not fuss. Girls adore such strong men who can take the first step and the next ones themselves. Decisiveness is always quoted.

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3. The ability to communicate

Girls are attracted to those men who have learned to communicate with the fairer sex. It is important to be able to actively listen, show your interest, flirt, flirt, tease, joke in time, speak and listen. The ability to communicate makes a man much more attractive and desirable. If a man has a good sense of humor, then he can hook almost any chick.

4. Intelligence and purposefulness

Often men think that women do not pay attention to intelligence, development and horizons, but this is not so. With a stupid person it is boring and hopeless. Girls love smart and purposeful men.

5. Success and self-realization

In any life situation, choose to work, achieve what you want, earn money, follow your goals and dreams. Girls always pay attention to men who are passionate about their dreams and have money. You may not be a millionaire, but having an adequate income is desirable. We are all adults and we understand the value of money very well.

6. Interesting pastime

Girls love interesting men who lead a rich and vibrant life. Don't let the girl get bored in your presence. Come up with interesting pastimes, amuse the girl, entertain, arrange interesting dates. It is easy to hook a girl with an interesting life, that she will not want to change you for anyone.

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Do you want girls to like you and plan to hook her up? Enjoy communication and the process of rapprochement. Then success will be guaranteed. Don't be afraid of defeat. On average, a person enters into 3-5 serious relationships before marriage. But how many dates, intrigues and fleeting hobbies will be during this time? More. Feel free to get acquainted and enjoy communication with lovely girls.