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How to have fun in summer

Summer is a small life, but it is not always possible to think of something to do and how not to get bored. How to dispel boredom in the summer, have fun with friends and new acquaintances?

The first week of summer is always delightful. In the second week, you almost want to return as soon as possible. Get that thought out of your head! There are so many exciting activities around - a whole summer may not be enough to try them all, so seize the moment and choose a business for today!

1. New skills and interests

1.1 Find a new hobby. Have you wanted to learn something for a long time, but did not think that you would succeed? Summer with a lot of free time is the best time to take it and try it. Here are some ideas:

Learn to play a musical instrument.

Take up singing or dancing.

Find a new kind of art or craft, such as photography.

1.2 Go in for sports. In most places, summer is a great time of year for outdoor sports, as long as the heat doesn't scare you. If you don't have a favorite sport yet, have one this summer!

Gather your friends or join a club to play football, basketball or volleyball.

Find something to do for two - badminton, tennis, minigolf or surfing.

1.3 Make a film. Get your friends together and brainstorm ideas for a movie. It could be anything: a fantasy story, a cooking competition, a music video. If you're serious about a project, what follows is an exciting week of script writing, casting, costume design, filming and editing.

You can make a series of short videos and start your YouTube channel.

1.4 Come up with a radio show. Find a computer recording program or even a cassette recorder and record your own show. Make a list of everything you would like to include: music, jokes, interviews, announcements, real or fictional news, etc.

1.5 Do something with your hands. Art projects require patience and time, which you don't have during the school year, but they can be completed in the summer.

1.6 Master a difficult game. In life, you will have time to learn a variety of games, but summer gives you a great opportunity to choose one and become an unsurpassed strategist in it. There are games that even host international tournaments with large prizes for the winners - both traditional bridge or chess, and modern computer toys.

1.7 Learn how to cook. If you don't know how to cook, and don't know much about food at all, you can learn how to cook a few dishes. There are thousands of recipes in cookbooks and websites. Find the simplest, preferably with a step-by-step description.

2. Personal development

2.1 Find a summer job. You will be busy with business, meet new people and be able to earn money. Shopping, tourist attractions and attractions, festivals - all these places often require temporary workers for the summer.

2.2 Become a volunteer. Helping the community can bring satisfaction and joy, and besides, your work will really serve the good. Look for organizations in your city that clean up trash, care for injured or abandoned animals, and help the elderly.

In the future, the line "volunteer work" will grace your resume, but don't think about it now; do it if you sincerely want to be useful.

2.3 Collect a stack of books in the library. Books are able to take you to another world or allow you to see your usual life with different eyes. Try to learn as much as you can about a topic that interests you, such as Norse mythology, Japanese history, or space travel.

If you want to learn more, sign up for an online course. Some of the world's leading universities even post lectures online, which are often much more interesting than middle or high school classes.

2.4 Start keeping a diary. Many people keep diaries to describe the day's events, to get through difficult times more easily, or simply to make plans for tomorrow. Perhaps in a few years you will re-read these entries and smile at your summer memories.

2.5 Write a novel. This is a huge project that, if you have the inspiration, will take a whole summer and even more. If you don't know where to start, try making up a story to imitate your favorite author, or invite a friend to co-author to share ideas.

2.6 Learn a foreign language. Knowledge of a foreign language will be useful to you for further education in the future, but not only - a person who speaks it has many different opportunities open to him. Find beginner courses nearby, or ask a friend or family member to teach you a language they know. Search the Internet for free lessons, sites to help learners, or foreign speaking partners.

3. Attending and organizing events

3.1 Attend local events. Many places host fairs, festivals, carnivals and other events in the summer. Find their calendar on the Internet or ask your friends what interesting things are planned in the city in the near future. Follow the posters of local theaters, concert halls, stadiums.

3.2 Be a tourist in your city. Check out a travel website or brochure for your city and find out what attracts travelers. It can be anything from museums to parks, in the city itself or in the surrounding area.

3.3 Stay in a tent. Spend a few days with family or friends at a campground, or camp in the garden if you live in a detached house. Gather around the fire, barbecue or bake potatoes, sing songs or tell scary stories.

3.4 Participate in geocaching. Geocaching is a game that consists in finding hidden caches by their geographic coordinates. Find a site dedicated to it and find out if it is held in your city. With the help of a GPS receiver, you can search for caches or, on the contrary, arrange them yourself and transfer the coordinates to other participants.

3.5 Arrange a vacation at home. If the weather, transport or lack of cultural events prevent you from being a tourist in the city, arrange a mini-vacation without leaving your home. Invite your friends to spend the night with you and decorate the room to turn it into a palace, jungle, hotel or other interesting place. Buy unusual food and small "souvenirs" for guests. On a rainy day, you can put on your bathing suits and sunglasses and relax in your room, playing as if you were on a sunny beach.

3.6 Meet old friends. If your current buddies are busy or away on vacation, look for old phone books or scroll through your email contacts and connect with those you've been in touch with before. Any activity will be more fun in a friendly company, although you can just spend a day together, sharing new events in life and indulging in common memories.

4. Entertainment in hot weather

4.1 Go swimming. If the summer is hot in your area, this will both entertain you and help you cool off. Take family or friends to the local beach or pool. Swim races, play games, jump in the water, dive for shells, or get together and try out a game of water polo.

4.2 Refresh yourself with other water activities. Even if you have nowhere to go to swim, this does not cancel out other fun water games. Put on a swimsuit or light clothing that you don't mind getting wet and invite your friends to join you.

Turn on your garden sprayers and play catch, hide and seek or Ali Baba in the water spray.

Have a water fight. Make sprinklers, buy cheap water guns, or use a garden hose. It can be a one time game or just the first battle of the great water war.

4.3 Prepare cold drinks and desserts. A cold drink or a scoop of ice cream is so wonderful in the heat. Making them yourself is an even better way to relieve boredom.

Try to make homemade ice cream - either quick, with salt and ice, or real cream, no worse than store-bought, using a freezer or ice cream maker.

Make sorbet, popsicles, or popsicles from banana halves.


Brew compote, make fresh juices, stock ice for drinks.

4.4 Rest at home. Decide which room is cooler and has more shade, draw the curtains, or even build a sheet house to shelter from the sun. Turn on the fan, grab an interesting book, and wait until the hottest part of the day is over.

You can also sew, play solitaire or play cards, watch movies, listen to music.

4.5 Play outside in the evening. When dusk begins to descend and the temperature drops, gather in a company in the yard or park and play hide and seek, “bouncers”, catch-ups or “Cossack robbers”. If the evening is too hot to run around, set up a table in the garden and play cards or board games.

Choose a board game that won't blow away in the wind. The easiest way to find classic chess, checkers or any magnetic road game

If you want to play cards and it's windy outside, you can press them down with a stone.

5. Style and decor

4.1 Tidy up or change the decor in your room. Some love it, some don't, but even if you're not a passionate decorator, it's better than sitting around doing nothing. You can just sort through old things and find old things and books that evoke memories. A more serious project is to repaint the walls in the room or hang posters and paintings on them.

4.2 Tidy up the wardrobe. Sort out your clothes and put aside items that you no longer like or are too small. Invite people you know, invite them to also bring clothes and accessories that they don't wear. Trade items or have a sale to earn money for expenses.


Choose your favorite ideas from this article, add your own and make a list of ideas for the summer. Try to complete all the points before the end of the summer. In hot weather, drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen before leaving the house. If you have siblings, find out what they're up to or invite them to join you.

Walk your dog every day. Arrange a sleepover with friends. Go on vacation! Set up a campground in the garden with your friends. Get out your old toys - Barbie dolls, radio-controlled cars, constructors. If you have a dog, bathe it. If you want to earn some money, take care of washing cars with your friends. After that, you can arrange a water battle! Play with your pet and teach him new tricks. Play on the lawn in the yard. Have a disco with your friends. Walk with friends. Apply makeup in a new way and experiment with new looks. Go shopping. Do different hairstyles. Swim only in designated areas under the supervision of lifeguards or experienced adult swimmers.