How to have fun?

Do you get bored on weekends, in the evenings or on vacation? What to do in your free time, how to get rid of boredom and how to have fun? A list of entertainment that will help you have a great time, unwind from the routine and have fun.

Boredom has created more problems and depression than life's troubles and troubles. We are mentally tired of doing nothing, sadness attacks the soul, and the sparkle disappears in the eyes. We are starting to slowly burn out from the inside.

Psychologists believe that fun, entertainment and fooling around have a positive effect on our psychological state. Having a good rest, we are more productive at work, more successful in business and happier in life. Bored and don't know what to do with your free time? Here is a list of entertainment for you, and sometimes even useful things.

How to have fun? List of interesting entertainments

1. Take a walk in the street, taking a walk alone or in company.

2. Start a YouTube channel or make funny videos for TikTok.

3. Read fiction or educational books that you enjoy.

4. Find a company and play team games: basketball, volleyball, football.

5. Get involved in sports. Go to the gym or work out at home.

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6. Skate, skateboard, rollerblade, ski, snowboard.

7. Go to a concert, festival or other similar place.

8. Start writing a book, compose poetry or blog on the Internet.

9. Skydive, try a bungee ride, hang glider or try some other extreme sport.

10. Go to your dacha or village. Barbecue, sauna, moonshine and girls.

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11. Listen to music or dance to it.

12. Go to a museum, theater, opera or exhibition.

13. Drink alcohol alone or get drunk with friends.

14. Do something new that you have never tried before.

15. Go on a spontaneous journey.

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16. How to have fun? Walk and party all night, or maybe all weekend.

17. Try paintball, laser tag or a quasar.

18. Find interesting activities to go to.

19. Go to the garage. You can figure out what to do there.

20. Get out into nature, to the fire, to barbecues, to a picnic.

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21. Educate yourself to make your career prospects brighter.

22. Go to visit someone: friends, acquaintances and unfamiliar people.

23. Try drawing, appliqué, scrapbooking and other creative activities.

24. Go out with friends to a cafe, bar, club or a casual walk around the city.

25. Go on a date. If you're single, get to know each other. If there is a half - invite on a date.

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26. Go to a sporting event to cheer for your favorite team.

27. Go shopping for shopping.

28. Take care of your genealogy, record the memories of your ancestors and make a family tree.

29. Watch educational films on topics that interest you.


30. Go for a run. Start preparing for a marathon, race or triathlon in the company of like-minded people.

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31. Be alone and calmly reflect on life.

32. Make a list of wishes, plans, goals or dreams.

33. Join the Medieval Reconstruction Club.

34. Take care of your appearance, take care of yourself and put in order.

35. Call old friends and get together.

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36. Learn a useful new skill or skill.

37. Have an evening of board games in a playful company along with cocktails.

38. Go to a master class on something you've never tried.

39. Spend time exploring new countries, new cultures, and the like.

40. Get in a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, and then go anywhere.

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41. Swim naked at night or during the day in the company of someone.

42. Buy a metal detector and go on a treasure hunt.

43. How to have fun? Host a spontaneous bachelor or bachelorette party.

44. Try kayaking in cool company.

45. Go to the pool, water park, sauna or take a bath.

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46. Go bowling, pool or tennis with your friends. Which one of you is the champion?

47. Take off to another city or any interesting place for the weekend.

48. Start learning English or another foreign language.

49. Solve a crossword puzzle, solve a puzzle or play Sudoku.

50. Go fishing or hunting. These are classic distinctions for men and even women.

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51. Learn to play the guitar, harmonica or balalaika.

52. Update your resume and find a new job.

53. Go to the cinema or watch a movie at home.

54. Find some hobby where you need to do something with your hands: woodworking, embroidery, burning, modeling.

55. Arrange a photo session or take pictures yourself.

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56. Play computer games or console games with your friends.

57. Admire the stars, sunset or sunrise.

58. Find a group of like-minded people with whom you have common interests.

59. Start collecting things.

60. Make love. If there is no soul mate, then find someone for a relationship or entertainment.

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61. Start listening to educational or entertainment podcasts.

62. Study psychology to better understand people and also to contact them.

63. Do a good deed. Join a charitable and volunteer fund.

64. Visit relatives and relatives. Don't forget about them.

65. Try diving, surfing, yachting and other water activities.

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66. Learn to dance on your own or join a dance club.

67. Get into any transport and get off at a random stop.

68. Go to a strange place and meet strangers.

69. See the sights of the city, climbing to the most remote places.

70. Throw a party at home. And invite your friends and girlfriends to it.

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71. Play or surprise someone.

72. Participate in geocaching or orienteering.

73. Find your favorite quote, verse or song.

74. Remember your childhood or look at old photographs.

75. Go on an adventure.

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76. Complete any online course you are interested in.

77. Get off the Frisbee, play badminton, blow bubbles.

78. Go to an evening of poetry or creativity. Get involved in the culture.

79. Update your social media avatars or profile on a dating site.

80. Learn survival skills and become a survivalist.

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81. Sell unwanted items to get some money.

82. Play quizzes like “What? Where? When? ”, By joining one of the teams of players.

83. Try a new recipe or a new cocktail.

84. Think about who you want to be and where you want to be in 5-10 years.

85. Go to the zoo, planetarium, oceanarium and other similar places.

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86. Learn an interesting and useful computer program.

87. Create a new music playlist. Unlock new musicians or new styles.

88. Get yourself a pet and play with it.

89. Go to an antique shop, a second-hand bookshop, or a flea market.

90. How to have fun like an adult? Wink at a stranger on the street and then introduce yourself.

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91. Completely change your style.

92. Chat on the phone or text.

93. Come up with your own business, thinking through everything to the smallest detail.

94. Gather mushrooms, berries, herbarium, stones or anything else.

95. Climb up to where there is a beautiful view from above.

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96. Learn hotkeys on the computer and master touch typing on the keyboard.

97. Learn to do tricks or tricks by watching lessons on the Internet.

98. Get a massage or a spa. Arrange a massage or spa at home in the company of your soul mate.

99. Track aircraft on, ships on Explore maps at

100. Visit the shooting gallery and shoot your weapon. Try clay shooting.

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101. Get to know your neighbors, colleagues and other acquaintances better.

102. Give yourself time to rest. Sleep, lie on the couch, be lazy.

103. Put the house in order.

104. Try martial arts or go to a fight club.

105. Learn gardening. Grow plants, trees, bushes, flowers.

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106. Get yourself a tattoo.

107. Sign up for a theater studio or try yourself in a movie extras.

108. Write a letter or parting word to your future self.

109. Take part in the city quest.

110. Go where your eyes look.

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111. Taste the national cuisine that you have not tried before.

112. Make, learn to throw or collect knives.

113. Quit drinking and other bad habits once and for all.


114. Start studying programming or other promising specialties.

115. Go on a real hike.

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116. Tell fortunes on cards or otherwise.

117. Do yoga or meditate.

118. Dream and fantasize about the future.

119. Give in to a temptation or desire that gnaws at you.

120. Have fun to the fullest, walk, party, have fun and do crazy things.

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How to have fun without being bored? Come up with something of your own that you like best. Try at home more often, get bored less often and more willingly agree to invitations. Life is too short not to have fun and relax.