How to have a memorable date

Have you decided to ask a girl out on a date, but don't know how to surprise her? Modern girls are difficult to impress with something, but there are some interesting options.

Have you decided to invite your sweetheart on a date, but do not know how to surprise her? Great, in that case, you've come to the right place, and we'll give you some good advice.

First of all, you should understand what kind of person your passion is. Of course, there is nothing more difficult than understanding girl psychology, where everything is built on paradoxes and contradictions. But it seems so only at first glance, so do not grab your head.

If you want a date with you to remain in the memory of the one who won your heart for a long time, make it original. But don't overdo it. You should not, for example, arrange for your girlfriend to jump from a bridge, knowing that she is even afraid of the height of the curb. Try to find an original solution in simple things. Invite her to a restaurant, but not to an ordinary one, but, for example, to an exotic one. Almost every woman is crazy about the East. If you arrange dinner in an Indian restaurant surrounded by sculptures based on the Kama Sutra and order an Indian folk dancer to boot, your companion will be delighted. Colorful sauces and fragrant spices, insanely delicious food, impeccable friendly service, Indian generosity and hospitality. The scent of sandalwood and candlelight. The flowing music of the sitar and the mystical rhythm of the mridanga… The atmosphere alone can intoxicate. As an option: many beloved and not yet fully bored sushi in the corresponding Japanese establishments. The main thing is more exotic. And so that you manage to merge with the atmosphere to the end, give her a set of chopsticks and beautiful bowls for Japanese food. If your friend is trying Japanese food for the first time, it will be very romantic and touching if you teach her how to use chopsticks by carefully managing her fingers.

Another original approach to visiting cafes is theme parties. There are many reasons for holding such parties: from Halloween to Valentine's Day. During such a date, there will be an opportunity to express yourself creatively, to be truly original, and most importantly, to break away childishly carefree, because the solemnly pathos atmosphere is far from being digestible for everyone. Therefore, if you notice that your girlfriend is full of energy and youthful enthusiasm, put on a Dracula costume and carry her on the wings of a bat to the next sabbath.

And finally, an option for extroverts. Go to some small bar, preferably underground. And there, under the stone ceiling, drinking wine or beer from oak mugs, cheer for the football team together, breaking into the movement of football fans. Of course, such a date will be devoid of romance and intimate atmosphere, but it will certainly be original. Just make sure first that your companion is at least somewhat interested in ball sports.