How to get rid of internet addiction?

What is stopping you from achieving your dreams? Internet addiction. Do you spend all your free time and energy on the Internet? Do you watch endless videos, hang out on social networks, read various nonsense and listen to narrow-minded bloggers? You have an Internet addiction that does not allow you to fulfill your potential in life, achieve more and become happy.

In ancient times, the bulk of the people did not receive education and knowledge, which as a result could not claim a good life. There was an information hunger for 95% of people. But the aristocracy taught languages, sciences and gained knowledge. Knowledge was a value that was available only to the elite. They let you control the rest of the world.

But now everything has changed. Knowledge became more accessible, but it drowned in an endless stream of empty information. Information hunger has turned into information surplus. We stare at TV, spend hours on YouTube, surf social media, watch goofy streams, visit adult websites, sit on TV shows, listen to shady bloggers, and surf the internet endlessly. This is how 95% of people spend their time. Poor and unfortunate people.

Between the computer and TV, we stare at the phone. We absorb an endless stream of information, passing it through ourselves 24/7. In most cases, the information is entertaining, harmful or of little use.

The most interesting thing is that it is a waste of time. We do nothing with this information, but only create a mess in our heads. Tons of information help to stick on the Internet, but do not help to do something useful, important and necessary. An excess of information has put us on a needle, from which it is almost impossible to get off.

What do we let through? Pictures with cats, stupid bloggers, naked girls, garbage articles and other nonsense. Very useful information? Even reading useful articles is pointless if it is not organized. Stop rushing from side to side and trying to chase a hundred hares.

We sit at work, which causes only irritation. We don't have a normal relationship. We don't live the way we want. We are engaged in petty affairs and are mired in everyday life. Every day is like the previous one and wasted. But we keep dreaming big.

Internet addiction is a bad habit by which we are lazy and do nothing. We are just creating a view. Scientists call this procrastination.

Procrastination is the constant putting off important and urgent things for later. We deceive ourselves as if we are doing important things, but this is not so. We are just absorbing useless information. We are constantly busy and there is no time, but we are doing something completely wrong.

The excess of media information has led to the fact that we are always busy and consume a lot of knowledge. But they only scatter our attention, distract from important matters and do not allow us to make efforts in the right vectors.

How to get rid of from internet addiction?

Everything is clear, but what to do? Too much information bothers you. Limit your consumption of TV, social networks, TV shows to a minimum. Stop aimlessly surfing the Internet.

Why do you need to know a bunch of different shit that you forget a minute after watching? There is no point in sitting in a media washroom if you do not hone your skills and do not get the information you need. Cut off the flow of unnecessary information by 70%.

Find your goals and inner boss

You have absolutely no vector for movement when goals are abandoned and dreams are betrayed. As a child, you were forced by your parents, then by your teachers, and then by your boss. Now you have zero intrinsic motivation outside of work. Nobody is driving you anywhere. You do not have an inner boss and perseverance.

Make the inner boss stronger. Motivate yourself to listen to him and do the right thing. Reward yourself for doing the right thing. Stick to discipline and a clear schedule. Set goals and make plans. Enough to go with the flow. You know what usually floats. Don't be it.

Use the information today

Ask yourself two questions after each article, video, meeting, lesson or conference:

  1. “What useful information did I get?”
  2. “How can I apply this in my life today?”

Carefully choose the information you consume. If it is harmful or useless, then cross it out of your life. Consume information that is useful to you right now, and not in general in life. Put the information into practice today.

What is stopping you from achieving your dreams? Internet addiction.