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How to get out of a crisis in life

Many have found themselves in a situation where they found themselves in a crisis, depression was piling up, despair was squeezing in its arms, and the prospects and future were very vague. How to get out of the crisis in life?

Received some education, started working somewhere and stuck for years. You are still young, but not as much as you would like. The work does not please, personal life is average and there are no prospects for the future. They don’t hire good big companies, there are no cool connections, you can’t get a job as a top manager. Acquaintances buy cars, apartments, occupy leadership positions, get married, have children. And you're all wrong. There are no prospects, no future, and depression drags you into the abyss of alcohol, panic and despair.

This is the story of many people. Someone simply indulges in dreams, others become an inveterate drunkard, others fight all their lives against an invisible ceiling. What to do and how to change life for the better if you find yourself in a deep crisis?

How do people get out of a life crisis?

Only those who want it themselves become losers, alcoholics and homeless people.

Let's start with the fact that there are no universal councils. No one will tell you to go there, do this and do that. But you can change everything if you start to act.

One of my acquaintances was from a poor and not at all prosperous family. She had a humanitarian education, but a great faith in herself. She failed job interviews dozens of times. But she did not hang her nose and continued to be persistent. She continued to study, studied at home around the clock, additionally went to courses and took on various part-time jobs. Only a year and a half later, she was able to get the job of her dreams. She got what she wanted.

My classmate after studying returned to the periphery home. He got married, got an average position and lived without grieve. But a few years later he divorced, and at work they began to pay very little. Depression, alcohol and crisis in life. But one tourist trip to St. Petersburg changed everything. A classmate packed up and moved to St. Petersburg with one bag. There he found himself a new job and a new wife. But for this, in the new city, he had to work very hard for three years.

Another comrade sat on the neck of his parents until the girl left him. This served as a good motivation for change. The guy sat down for programming and a year later he was able to get his first job. Ten years later, that loser and he now are completely different people.

How to get out of the crisis in life?

How to get out of the impasse and difficult crisis in life? You need to understand that the crisis begins in the head and ends there. If you are in a complete ass, but it's time to start acting.

1. If you do not know what you want, then nothing will be achieved. Set yourself specific goals. 2. Never feel sorry for yourself. Stop being a victim. 3. Don't shift the blame to your parents, friends, government, blat and others. 4. Your life depends only on you. There will be no miracle, and no one will save. Only myself. 5. Awaken your fear. Do you want to be at the same point at 50 as you are now? 6. Study, educate yourself, get new knowledge to the maximum.

7. Fight and knock on all doors. Try, try and try again. 8. If you find yourself in a hole, you need, first of all, to stop digging. 9. Remove from life everything that bothers you: bad habits, weaknesses, toxic people. 10. Age is a number. You have time for all your dreams. 11. Nobody owes you anything. No one. 12. Don't wait for the right opportunity, but create it. The best day for change is today. 13. Work on your mistakes and learn from them. 14. It makes no sense to wait for the weather from the sea, and water does not flow under a lying stone. 15. Don't compare yourself to others, but set and achieve your own goals. 16. Make time for rest, good sleep, healthy eating and sports. 17. Kick yourself every day for motivation and development. 18. Look for like-minded people and those who think alike. 19. Stop doing things that do not bring the desired result. 20. No prospects in your hometown? Leave for another city, capital or another country. 21. Always make short-term and long-term plans tied to time. 22. Believe in yourself and become more confident. Stop spreading snot. 23. Get started. You will succeed.