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How to get drunk fast: how to get drunk and swell in the trash

Don't you have a strong feeling that somewhere they are drinking, having fun and drinking without you? You also need to get drunk, and you need to do this as efficiently as possible. A lot of people want to stay drunk for a long time at a booze, but then why transfer alcohol and money if you were going to get drunk and have fun for real? Ways and cocktail recipes that allow you to quickly get drunk and have a good time.

Be aware that alcohol can seriously harm your health. This article is intended for entertainment purposes and is not intended to promote or recommend the use of alcohol. All drinks and methods described in the article are prepared and drunk by professionals. Do not under any circumstances try to repeat this.

You decided to get drunk and have a good time

Venedikt Erofeev in the poem "Moscow - Petushki".

Hello, alcohol lover! Are you lying on the couch and thinking that someone is drinking somewhere? You are not mistaken, because according to statistics, approximately 2-5% of people, from the total population in the world, are currently in a state of intoxication. On weekends and holidays, this percentage is higher, which is also not surprising. Do you want to join them too?

Sometimes you want to drink, but you don't always have extra money in your pocket, or you want to do it quickly, bypassing the extra time and money. Sometimes even with friends it is difficult to raise money for booze, but there is a strong desire to have a great time under the green kite. We have a couple of ideas for you when tea and coffee obviously do not warm the soul, but you want to drink.

We have already warned you about the dangers of alcoholic beverages, and now we will tell you about how you can quickly get drunk. We will not ask the reasons for your desire, because everything happens in life, for which she herself did not prepare for us. Go! How to get drunk fast?

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Choose high-alcohol drinks

Different drinks contain different amounts of alcohol. The more degrees in alcohol, the faster you get drunk and drunk. You should pay attention to the label and choose the alcohol where the maximum number of degrees. Even beer is a strength of 15% and above degrees, but it is better to choose something more serious. Get a double drink at the bar or buy something stronger at the store.

For stable intoxication, it is right to choose drinks that are familiar to you, which you have tried more than once. This will allow you to get drunk quickly, but not to sort out too much. Usually it is vodka, as the standard of booze and the usual drink for most people. For those who like to save money, you can buy moonshine, but only home-made or from trusted sellers. Remember that health is always more important than the booze itself.

Drink carbonated drinks

It has always been recommended not to drink mineral water and carbonated drinks that go to the head. When mixed with such drinks, alcohol is quickly absorbed, which contributes to rapid intoxication. Drink alcohol with mineral water, cola and other sweet drinks that quickly absorb into the stomach. Fast drunkenness is guaranteed.

Stir alcoholic drinks

The more you mix the drinks, the faster you get drunk. You can additionally drink carbonated alcoholic drinks or mixtures: champagne, sparkling wines, cocktails, tonic, beer with vodka. The more alcoholic drinks, the more unpredictable, but the option you need.

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What to mix yourself to get drunk quickly?

Alcoholic cocktail "Ruff". This drink is remembered by many by the fact that then they do not remember anything. Ruff usually mixes vodka and beer one to one, 100-150 gr each. After the container is turned upside down and beaten to mix the beer. Then they drink the resulting mixture, quite stunning and unpredictable. Intoxication sets in pretty quickly, after a couple of Ruff cocktails. Sometimes this cocktail, modern youth, calls "Chpok".

How to get a girl drunk effectively and inexpensively?

Alcoholic cocktail "Northern Lights". Drinking with a girl or want to get her drunk a little to have fun? Vodka and champagne are mixed 50/50 and then drunk. The champagne gives bubbles and the alcohol gives a degree, which makes the cocktail very powerful and intoxicating. Often girls love this cocktail, which allows you to quickly get drunk with a cute girlfriend to move to a new horizontal level of relationships by jumping into bed. An alcoholic cocktail removes complexes and underwear. You can drink on brotherhood, which can be the beginning of something more. The main thing here is not to go overboard so that everything goes perfectly.

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Don't snack on alcohol

Snack always steals a degree, and to get less drunk, you need to have a big snack. But it seems that we have a different task: "How to quickly get drunk and get drunk in the trash." Do not eat meat products, fish, chicken, fatty, soups, cheeses, because this will reduce intoxication. You can only have a little snack or just sniff, because drinking a lot on an empty stomach is unhealthy. Do not eat alcohol, and intoxication will come quickly.

Drink with drinking buddies

In the company of friends you get drunk faster when you drive each other and do not try to limit your consumption. There is always an alcoholic frenzy in the company, when the closeness and drive of booze intoxicates even more. So you can get drunk with a small amount of alcohol, especially the room is hot. But remember about health!

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Warm up the alcohol

To get drunk faster, you can drink hotter alcohol. Do you remember how good cold vodka is, but nasty warm vodka? But warm alcohol is more intoxicating, although it goes down the throat worse. Warm up the drink in your hand by holding the glass or shot glass longer. You can even heat alcohol on a fire or stove to make it more lethal and intoxicating.

But it should be remembered that heated cheap wine can cause food poisoning by releasing chemical mixtures. Heat up good alcohol or just drink it warm.

Drink alcohol not immediately

How to swell in the trash? Stop throwing a glass after a glass down your throat, as if you were on a regular booze. Drink in small sips, stretching the consumption of alcohol longer. Allow alcohol to get under the tongue and soak through the walls of the mouth, and only then swallow. It's less pleasant, but more intoxicating. Drink alcohol through a straw that will quickly turn your head. All this will contribute to a stronger and faster hopping.

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Move less when drinking

Don't leave the table, move less and don't go out all the time to breathe fresh air. This allows alcohol to be absorbed faster, but less to leave the body due to the vital activity of the body.

Smoke after drinking

After drinking, smoke a cigarette, because nicotine enhances the effect of alcohol on the body. Sometimes one puff of nicotine blows the roof, but remember that alcohol and cigarettes are unhealthy.

Relax while drinking alcohol

When we are under stress or worry a lot, alcohol does not take us well. As a result, we drink, but get little drunk. To avoid this, you should relax and feel comfortable. In a cozy bar, with friends or at home, we wrap ourselves in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere to promote rapid intoxication.

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Drinking games to get drunk

Play drinking games to get drunk without noticing. You can play Russian roulette, where one of the glasses contains vodka and the others water. There are also special "alco-chess" or "alco-chess". There are many competitions and games with alcohol, there would be only a desire to have fun. (See Drink Contests: A list of fun and interesting drinking games ).

You can play an alcoholic version of the Truth or Dare game called Truth or Drink. In the game, you have to tell some truth about yourself, or just drink and avoid provocative questions. (See Truth or Dare Questions ). In addition, the games “Fanta”, “I never”, “One of two”, “Crocodile”, “Who is most likely?”, “This or that?” Are suitable.

Be drunk drunk

If you are tired and exhausted during the day, then even a small amount of alcohol will take you to the land of alcoholic wonders. Even a small amount of alcohol hits the head pretty hard, which is what you wanted.

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Use temperature differences

You can go outside for a couple of minutes, and then go into a warm room and have a drink alcohol. You will quickly be pulled away due to the temperature stress of the body, under the influence of alcohol.

How to quickly get drunk?

Do you want to get drunk and swell in the trash? Here's a couple of tips from enlightened people who got drunk even with a small amount of alcohol. But all these are tips from professionals that are not recommended for ordinary people to repeat.

  • Crumble bread into a plate and pour a bottle of vodka, and then eat with teaspoons. It takes away quickly even the whole company, which is very familiar to students.
  • Dilute vodka with mineral water or cola, and then drink in small glasses. Takes out quickly.
  • Put a bottle of vodka on the radiator to warm up a little. Then drink warm vodka with teaspoons, which takes away quickly.
  • Aunt Klava's Kiss cocktail. Any red wine is mixed with vodka in any proportion. Recipe from the book "Moscow - Petushki" by Venedikt Erofeev.
  • Cocktail "Kiss without love". A mixture of moonshine with port wine, which is also Erofeev's recipe.
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No money and tight on finances, but want a drink and some fun? Are you planning to get drunk with your friends as quickly and easily as possible? Use these methods to help you get drunk quickly, without spending extra time and effort. But in the morning you are waiting for a hangover and a hangover.

But at any drinking party, always remember that health is more important! Drinking is bad!