How to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet: social networks and dating sites

Dating on the Internet has now become so widespread that almost no one gets to know each other on the street, considering this to be the last century.

However, it is normal for modern society to keep up with the times and look for a person with the help of modern technology. If you want to meet a girl on the Internet, you need to think through everything in advance. To start, look for popular dating sites, or try to do it using a social network.

Special attention should be paid to how to compose a questionnaire and make your profile stand out and interesting in order to attract the attention of the fair sex.

It will be better if you do everything in accordance with the rules of dating in social networks and the rules of correspondence. Then you will have much more chances to find your only chance.

Do you know what distinguishes successful people who are easy to get to know and easily get their way?

They have a sufficient supply of spontaneity and do not climb into their pocket for a word. They don't even have the question of how to meet a girl on the Internet. To learn this, it is not enough just to make a good profile on a dating site. After all, you have to communicate with a girl, and women quickly identify insecure men and they are not particularly attracted to them. However, just as they are not attracted by self-confident and arrogant "males", who take it impudently.

By the way, first you have to decide what kind of relationship you want and, depending on this, build your line of behavior. If you want a serious relationship, you need to behave in a special way, but if you want to achieve only easy and non-binding flirting, sex, then the tactics of behavior will be different.

Let's see how to get out of this situation, how to choose a girl from a photo when you still don't know anything about her, what photos to add to your profile, what to write to a girl at first, and what topics are forbidden. If everything goes well, we'll think about how to ask the beauty on a date.

How to get acquainted through dating sites?

According to statistics, and not only, a huge number of people at least once in their entire lives turned to sites on the Internet for help in finding a partner. And by the way, most of them, especially women, want a serious relationship, and not just some kind of hobbies for the night, week or month.

Of course, not everyone finds a life partner there. Someone just texts, someone is lucky, and they meet their friends, whom they then see in real life. And in fact, if you are constantly at work, and you have practically no free time, then there is no other way out than to look for a friend or a woman using the Internet, especially a dating site.

Of course, it is worth talking about some points and problems that may arise with this type of acquaintance.

Firstly, there is no guarantee that your photos will not become public, and therefore you need to make sure that you post only those photos that you will not be ashamed of in front of anyone. Focus on it.

Also, maybe you will start communicating with a beautiful nymph, and there, on the other side of the screen, there will be a baboon. Although you can’t say that, but there is a possibility that you will be deceived and you will only waste your time communicating with your fantasy.

Also, they can make fun of you, mock you, there are cases when girls try to check their boyfriends, slip them a beautiful picture, a seductive girl who also communicates pleasantly, but in reality they just want to catch you cheating.

Everything depends on you. You can also spend a lot of time texting a girl who will then dump you. But in general, this is life, anything can happen in it.

How to meet a girl on the Internet and keep a relationship for life? No way. Maybe you'll get lucky, maybe you won't. Even couples who have lived together for 10 and 20 years can break up. Therefore, you do not need to indulge yourself with illusions about the fact that you can control everything in your life.

Of course, in addition to all the risks, there is a possibility that you will be lucky and you will actually find a girl on a dating site with whom you are connected by something more than just communication, and you will be happy. Tune in to it.

In order to protect yourself as much as possible and not waste time in vain, then try to communicate correctly and be attentive, because this is important not only for you and your precious time, but also for others people. Now we are talking about scammers or other fakes who can simply promote themselves for money or waste your time.

1. Let's start with the fact that under no circumstances should you brag about your salary. And of course, publish information about your real last name, first name and patronymic, where you live, but you also need to be absolutely stupid to give any information regarding your bank cards. Despite such a simple and seemingly unspoken rule, a lot of people fall for the bait of scammers and then remain without money or run into some kind of trouble. Forewarned is forearmed.

2. In all cases, if something is bothering you or you do not like communication, or you see that the girl is trying to get some information from you that does not relate to your conversation at all, turn the fishing rods and block her.

3. I would not want to scare, but you need to know that some girls are not girls at all and it happens that instead of a written beauty, a man with serious psychological problems sits on the other side. Therefore, even if you liked everything, and you are sure that you want to meet a lady, first choose a place where there will be a sufficiently large number of people.

4. Under no circumstances should you make any appointments in your apartment or go to her address. Yes, maybe she will refuse to meet in a public place, which will be very, very strange, but without going to an unfamiliar address and not inviting a stranger to her, you may avoid serious consequences and be safe.

Another rule that concerns how to meet a girl on the Internet should also work automatically - this is if someone sent you a link to some suspicious resource, then you should not click on it, and also try to contact the site support service so that they take some action to block the account.


Consider the most popular dating sites

There are quite a lot of them on the Internet, but the most popular of them are Tinder and Mamba, people also more or less like the site Badoo.

Let's take a closer look at their atmosphere and functions.

1. Tinder. Everyone knows this site, you can install it on your phone. In general, it looks like a list of photos with profiles that you can swipe to the right or left. Also, if there is a match, that is, the girl also likes you, then you can start a correspondence. It seems there are additional functions for a nominal fee.

2. What can I say about the Mamba website? It is very popular because it is free. But, like many other sites, there are features that you can pay for if you need them. Navigation is quite easy, and you can easily find people for your queries. When you fill out the questionnaire there, indicate your goals of communication, why is this necessary? Simply because in this way you will mark those who are not on the way with you.

3. The Badoo site is quite old and there are a lot of people there. Judging by the feedback from users, they like search, they like that you can see how far a person is from you on Tinder, and there is also a service called a meeting, which is also quite pleasant.

There are still quite a few dating sites besides these, but it would be better to highlight the most popular ones so that you do not waste your time on something that will not help you.

How to meet in a social network?

Social networks can be called our home, almost every person is registered in one social network or another and cannot live without it. We communicate and fall in love there, watch funny pictures, videos, and we can even get to know someone. Do not think that this is unrealistic, because millions of people have been dating on social networks for a long time and even successfully. It is worth highlighting a couple of major social networks at the moment. These are VKontakte and Facebook.

The most popular social network in Russia, it has been such for a long time, it has been around for many years. Vkontakte, one might say, has long become a cozy home for many people, where you rest your soul.

People go to their page like home, arrange everything for themselves, customize the page, and that is why you can learn quite a lot about a person just by scrolling through his profile.

As for Facebook, this network is popular not only in Russia, but throughout the world, although Facebook is still more widespread in the world, while VKontakte occupies the leading place in Russia.

The principle of operation of these social networks is approximately the same, so we will think about how to make a profile and compose your profile so that the girl pays attention to you.

How to make a profile and complete a questionnaire?

To make yourself a profile that will not be boring, and also will not cause any suspicion of your inadequacy, design it as if you were given a notebook from childhood with a questionnaire and fill it out from the heart. At the same time, please try not to be rude, not to be familiar, answer questions from the heart, but do not type too much text, because hardly anyone will read long posts.

For example, if there is a question about favorite films, write a few titles and do not write all 1200 favorite films. After all, the questionnaire was created in order for people to approximately determine how similar interests you and the interlocutor have, in order, for example, to start a conversation and feel sympathy. Try to give out information about yourself in a dosed way and do not forget that little information about yourself is also not good. Therefore, when thinking about how to meet a girl on the Internet, choose what is called the golden mean.

Since a girl always looks at the page of a guy who wants to meet her, make the page with that in mind. Let there be no ugly expressions, show-offs, and grammatical errors. Indicate your city so that the girl understands where you are and do not forget about your age, which can also be important for her.

If before on your page there was something inappropriate, vulgar or strange expressions that would be unpleasant for a girl to read, then delete it and leave only normal and interesting.

Also make sure that your page is not abandoned and is constantly evolving. But at the same time, less repost and more write something yourself. Just don't be boring. When you write, try to explain to her how you learned about her, do not pretend that you are a psychic and found out about her from a higher mind. It's stupid. If you found it yourself, say that you yourself. If not, tell me which friend. Or maybe she left an interesting comment somewhere that hooked you. Write simply and honestly, it is much more pleasant and the girl will most likely agree to chat with you.

Many girls absolutely can't stomach the presence of grammatical errors, so try not to make them.

Some advise to show that you are not a nerd and a sought-after “man”, and therefore you need to publish all sorts of videos and photos where you are surrounded by girls. But this is not the best idea, because the girl may be jealous of you later, especially if there is a reason and your photos from the video backfire on you, even if you were not connected with these girls.

Which photos would you like to add?

Why are photographs important? The thing is, if you don't post a picture of yourself, it will be suspicious. If only because no one wants to communicate with antonyms, and also, why waste time on a person if, for example, he is not your type.

Therefore, you still need to put a photo, as well as write information about yourself. How to choose a profile photo and generally photos for social networks, consider below:

It is imperative that you be alone in the photo. This is, first of all, respect for the interlocutor, getting rid of bewilderment in an attempt to understand where you are in the photo, and if there are several people in the photo, this can be strange. For example, it may seem that you are not confident in yourself and are afraid to present yourself. This indicates a rather low self-esteem, so consider this point before putting your favorite group of friends on your profile photo.

No need to choose a photo as a passport. “Like a passport” is something formal, almost without emotion, and also this photo is unlikely to arouse interest in a girl. After all, in photographs for documents there is no manifestation of your individuality. And how to meet a girl on the Internet if you are bored.

For a VKontakte avatar, you do not need to take a picture of yourself in the mirror, because this is also disrespectful to the interlocutor. Try not to put photos of famous people or your friends instead of yourself. It will also be strange if in the photo you are standing near an expensive car or counting a wad of money, then it looks not only strange, but also funny, because this is not very normal. And by the way, this is also a sign of low self-esteem.

Also, do not put pictures from movies, cartoons, and so on on the avatar. It is also undesirable to put a photo in which you look very bad, untidy, or stand in front of a trash can. It may seem funny to you, but for a girl this option will not be very adequate.

It would be better if you put a photo on your profile picture where your face and you are very clearly visible. A person looks advantageous against the backdrop of nature, or just a clean wall. In any case, the background should be natural and not conspicuous.

How to choose a girl?

There are many ways to choose a girl you like. Either search with friends and acquaintances, or turn to the standard search by setting the basic parameters.

It is probably easier to search through a search, because then you will definitely be sure that you have not recaptured a friend from a friend, and so on. You can also choose the age that you are interested in and the place where the girl lives. It will be nice if you check the box that says that the girl is also looking for a relationship. It seems to be called active search.

On the other hand, if you look for friends in friends, then there is some chance that the girl will answer you faster and, in principle, will be more interested in you, because you are someone you know, so they will not be afraid.

What to write at the beginning and what to talk about?

How to meet a girl on the Internet and what to write at the beginning is a hackneyed and difficult topic, because it is incredibly important to make a good first impression about yourself. It is quite difficult to do this, especially in the conditions of satiety of the tastes of modern women. Well, let's say you found a girl who looks exactly like the woman of your dreams.

Experienced guys advise you to like it first, and then wait a while.

You can write, in principle, anything, but it’s better not to focus on hackneyed phrases, as they will only cause a facepalm in a girl.

Try not to gush with ideas and not be too excited, it is better to choose a tactic of some restraint and at the same time benevolence. You have plenty of time, don't play all your cards, be a little mysterious to get the girl interested. Don't worry if you think you're boring. After all, being boring and banal and restrained are two different things.

All phrases like: "Hello / How are you / What are you doing." Doesn't work particularly well in the initial stages of dating, and it's best if you can lure with the first phrase and even surprise the girl. Decide what exactly to come up with on your own, but you can focus on what you find from the information on her page. For example, it might be a good idea to discuss a movie that she has added to her list of favorites.

It is also good if you are polite and tell a little about yourself right away. Just do it naturally, easily, let her not get bored of your text. Dilute it with light humor, but don't be a buffoon.

A lot of interesting stories start with people discussing the movie and the books that got them hooked.

Remember that compliments are not always disarming. If the girl is beautiful, then perhaps she is already used to a lot of compliments and she will be “no way” at best from your sighs. No, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to her looks. Otherwise, she may be offended. To begin with, it is enough just to note her beauty, but, as it were, between times. By the way, maybe it will even hook her a little.

It will be interesting and beneficial if you find out where a girl likes to communicate with people, I mean some kind of forum. Register there and show yourself from the winning side. Then there is a chance that she will be interested in your person.

The essence of a good acquaintance is that you must hook the girl with you, if not by appearance, then by the way you communicate. And the second is much more important than appearance, but how to meet a girl on the Internet if you don’t know how to communicate.

How to call on a date?

If you have already begun to communicate, then it will be much easier to ask for a date than to start an acquaintance. After all, you already have something in common, you more or less both represent what a person is and can already somehow interact. Therefore, to call for a date, nothing special is needed, say it simply and easily. It’s better if you immediately have an option where you can go together, because if she says “yes”, then you start mumbling something, then it’s not as interesting as if you immediately said “let’s go to a cafe / let’s go to the cinema and so on. Again, when choosing a place for a date, take into account her tastes and interests, which you could learn about from your communication earlier.

Don't worry if you don't succeed or don't know how to meet a girl on the Internet. It's not the end of the world, and you still have a lot of time ahead to correct your cons and emphasize your pros, perhaps you just need to correct your profile and then luck will smile at you the next time you try.

Girls can be very unpredictable, and therefore try to take this fact into account and do not lower your self-esteem due to rejections. Perhaps at the beginning it will be unusual, but over time you will definitely find someone who will be interested in you and you will develop a strong and healthy relationship, of course, if each of you respects your partner and behaves correctly.