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How to get a girl interested: tips for guys

It seems that getting to know a pretty lady is very easy. But if that were true, most men didn't get regular rejections. Are you also part of this unfortunate part of the stronger sex? Then you have to learn a few important rules that will definitely help melt the ice in a woman's heart.

I conducted a small independent survey among my acquaintances ladies, and also connected social networks. By asking just a few elementary questions, I was able to identify common points that girls always pay attention to when meeting a man. And if something is wrong, then, most likely, the candidate for a romantic relationship will quickly get a turn from the gate.

I will share the wisdom of women with you, my dear friend, so that in the future I will no longer make common mistakes. After all, just one wrong step to the side, and no Cupid will help. So, a few simple tips, following which you will finally answer the sacred question of how to interest a girl.

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Take care of your appearance

No matter how trite it may sound, but they still meet it by clothes. And you can't change the first impression. The girl will still keep in her head the very image with which the guy successfully screwed up. I will not now touch on the style, shape or rules for choosing clothes. This is something more important:

1. Be well-groomed.

A sloppy man will never be the ultimate dream of a girl whose self-esteem is at least a little beyond the level of the plinth. Dropped ketchup on a T-shirt, and went to get acquainted? Consider that the date automatically became the last. Didn't iron your shirt because "it'll do"? The plot will develop in a similar way.

If you understand that you simply do not have time to put yourself in order, it is better to come to the meeting later, but just be sure to warn the woman about it. Believe me, she will not wait long for you.

2. Pay attention to the skin of the face.

Juvenile acne at 30 and older is not a sign of youthful spirit. Most likely, the lady will decide that you are abusing junk food or simply have health problems. And who needs a sick partner? So boldly engage in battle with these small bastards. I advise you to immediately go to the pharmacy. It is there that effective products are sold to combat acne and acne. Cosmetics do not help much in this case.

Look out for anything that contains a high proportion of salicylic acid. But alcohol fragrances are best left on the shelf. If you have sensitive or dry skin, it will only get worse. And do not disdain the advice of a pharmacist. A pharmacy expert will always tell you the best way to use it.

If things are really bad, go to the beautician or get tested for hormones. It is likely that the problem lies much deeper than you think. But it is not worth delaying treatment. Severe acne leaves deep pits and scars on the skin, like after chickenpox. Such appearance of the girl is clearly not interested.

3. Shave or trim facial hair.

Slightly unshaven - that's all right. But the stiff bristles, which obviously no one ever cares for, will not become an object of adoration from the opposite sex. If you prefer to wear a mustache and a beard, then you definitely need to follow them: cut and give a certain shape in time, use special products that you can buy in barbershops. This approach already smacks of sexuality.

Fabio Alves, Unsplash

4. Get a nice haircut.

Moreover, it does not have to be ultra-modern. The main thing in this case is that the hairstyle suits you. Don't know how to get a girl interested? Start with a visit to a good hairdresser. And keep your mother or sister away from your hair if they have never taken stylist courses. On the Soviet bang a la pioneer-good, which is so loved by blood relatives born in the USSR on the female line, now you can’t glue anyone. But laughing is quite real.

5. Do not shun water procedures.

The hair on the head should always be clean. Even if it seems to you that no one will notice anything, do not hesitate, not a single flaw will hide from the girl. And such a hairstyle will not smell too pleasant. And I'm already silent about the obligatory shower and the use of deodorant. You don't want to give the lady a gag reflex with your sweaty armpits, do you?

So, that's sort of sorted out. Even if it seems to you that I have listed very obvious things, do not rush to smirk. Almost every second girl in my survey complained about the slovenliness of men who want to attract their attention. Moreover, many guys either did not notice such a jamb on their part, or thought that everything was in order. Like, a man should be powerful, hairy and smelly. Throw out such a whim from your head, otherwise you will see a naked female body only in a dream.

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Watch your figure

Another important factor that women without exception pay attention to. By the way, I don't mean jocks. Most of the girls admitted that they are not attracted to such men sexually. Painfully bulky and dangerous they look. And also, I’ll tell you a secret that for some reason women really believe in the myth that the jocks will certainly have a small size of the same one. Well, you understand. So wait a little while with steroids and synthol.

But a beer belly, from under which you can no longer see the economy, is also not an advantage. With such “wealth”, it is not necessary to claim the attention of a girl of model appearance, unless you have a multi-million dollar account hidden from the tax authorities somewhere in an offshore zone. Regular moderate exercise is very important for maintaining a healthy physique. Here are some examples for you, it's not that hard:

  • Walk more. It trains endurance, heart and perfectly burns fat accumulation. And you will be ready for long walks with a girl. Women are very fond of dating long distances.
  • Start running. Yes, it can be hard at first. However, cardio is the best champion of a beer belly.
  • Buy a bicycle. It will be a great alternative to running around the house. A long bike ride burns just as many calories, but is much easier. Just keep the rhythm and do not drink beer in the process.
  • Switch to a protein diet. Simply put, do the "drying" of the body. This is a very effective diet, in which only fat and excess fluid are removed from the body. But the muscles and relief become more noticeable. Eat lean meat, light milk, fish, vegetables. Start the morning with bran. Give up alcohol (difficult, but necessary), sweets and other carbohydrate-containing foods. In a couple of months, your body will thank you very much, and girls will finally begin to pay attention to a fit and attractive man.
  • Refuse the elevator. Go up and down only the stairs. This is a very effective workout for almost all muscle groups, which burns a lot of calories.
  • Start going to the gym. You should be there at least a couple of times a week. If you do not know which simulators to start with, contact the instructor for help. After that, you'll be fine on your own.

A good figure is not just the key to women's hearts and bras, but also the rule of a long healthy life. You yourself will notice how your mood, the condition of your skin and hair will begin to improve, your self-esteem will increase, shortness of breath will disappear and your joints will stop breaking.

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Think about walking

okay? Have you noticed how exactly you approach a lady? If not, it's very useless. Approximately 20% of the women I interviewed said that sometimes they have to refuse gentlemen just because they pace like a grasshopper or a clubfoot bear. So how do you go to bed with this?

Make it a rule to pay attention to the movement of your legs in the process of walking. Compare yourself to other men and find out what's wrong. The step should be even and clear. Such a gait does not remain without female attention, as it is associated with leadership qualities and strong characters of its owner. If you understand that you cannot do without outside help, visit a surgeon. It is possible that the problem is in the joints.

Choose a nice perfume

This is a whole huge section that I can talk about for hours, seriously. The smell for a woman is sometimes a decisive factor in the attractiveness of a man. Not all ladies love exclusively with their ears. Sometimes you have to connect the nose. So be patient and go to a good perfume shop. And I'll tell you what kind of fragrances women mostly like:

  • warm woody;
  • amber;
  • chypre;
  • musky;
  • Fresh, sporty (should not smell like bath or tile cleaners);
  • spicy;
  • with slight sweet notes.

Smells with hints of fruit, lavender, frankly floral and in the style of the USSR, leave on the shelf. Perfume should lie close to the skin, and not spread 2 meters around. So don't go overboard with them before a date. Young guys usually prefer fresh fragrances or with a slight addition of chypre. But all the rest is better for men to choose more impressive.

These are all general standards. But your perfume should still be defined, first of all, by relevance in relation to style. Ask one of the consultant girls to help you get a scent that the opposite sex will like. And do not forget to ask the opinion of your loved one.

Refrain from being too harsh. Ideally, perfume should be paired with deodorant. So try to find at least a minimum balance. And in no case do not think that powerful perfume will replace the spirit after a hard day's work. Such ambre will knock down even the strongest lady.

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Mind your posture

An attractive man always has a straight back, shoulders back and chin parallel to the floor. This position immediately adds to your height and status in the eyes of beautiful ladies. Do not slouch in any way. The lowered shoulders begin to hide the muscles of the chest. And most women believe that this part of the male figure is the most sexy and attractive.

Psychological perception also plays a role here. A man with good posture is seen as strong, independent and self-sufficient, with a steel core inside. Even if in fact you are touched by fluffy kittens and prefer to smell flowers, girls will associate with a brutal male, with whom even in a restaurant, even in bed, even down the aisle.

Become a good conversationalist

To dot all the “and” and figure out how to interest a girl, you must first develop your own speech. If it’s catastrophically difficult for you to connect a couple of words together, then what kind of dates can we even talk about? How are you going to charm the princess, knight? The dragons have been gone for a long time.

Here are some win-win rules for a good and interesting conversationalist, with whom you always want to meet at least once more:

  • Listen carefully and do not interrupt. Women can tell you a lot of useful information. You just need to be able to isolate it from the verbal stream and correctly assimilate it.
  • Watch your gestures. Waving your arms in front of a girl's face is simply indecent. What if you hit her inadvertently?
  • Speak in a calm and even tone. First, the dialogue should not be heard by others. Secondly, the muffled timbre of the voice will automatically make the woman come closer to you, so as not to miss a single detail of the story.
  • Get rid of parasitic words. They really poison speech and interfere with adequate perception of information. This is real torture.
  • Avoid swear words in dialogue. Few of the girls are thrilled by rude guys who have foul language crawling out between each phrase. It's just plain annoying.
  • Follow the logic of the story. Do not jump from one topic to another, so as not to confuse your interlocutor. Otherwise, she simply will not understand what you wanted to say.
  • Don't bring up intimate topics. If you are just getting to know each other, this is prohibited. Otherwise, the girl will do everything to quickly complete the meeting.
  • Do not talk about your health problems, if any. Imagine that you went to a cafe, a woman eats a salad, and you begin to describe in colors how an ingrown toenail was removed, and even without anesthesia. There is very little to enjoy from such a conversation.
  • Ask questions. This will show the lady that you are interested in her. But don't interrupt. Always serve your interlocutor to the end.
  • Do not forget about healthy humor without vulgarity and blackness. The girl should be in the subject of such jokes, so as not to be embarrassed and not offended. But light fun does not hurt to competently fill in the pauses that arise in the conversation.

Basically, that's all you need to know about good speech. I can also advise you not to use terms that you do not understand. And do not lean on stories about work. This can make a girl openly yawn.

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Don't Chase the Result

When the only goal is to win, any loss will automatically mark the person as a loser. You start to be afraid of girls, various complexes develop, women feel insecure, and there are even more refusals. Kind of a vicious circle. So never go ahead and do not worry if you could not charm one of the ladies. It's not a problem. Everyone's tastes are different.

Just enjoy the process of communication and acquaintance. Do you know an easy way to get a girl interested? Be natural and relaxed. Don't get hung up on getting the situation going as quickly as possible. Show your interlocutor that you are interested in her as a person.

Even if a girl has a breathtaking figure, the last thing she wants is to be the object of exclusively sexual desire. But just a guy with whom you can also have a heart-to-heart chat always arouses much more interest in such models.

Forget about pickup training

A tough macho should have been born. But all these lessons from the “guru of dating and divorce for sex” are most often absolute bullshit. And the girls immediately understand where everything is going. Even if up to this point you somehow managed to take a fancy to a woman, then after the first application of the “pick-up” technique, you will find yourself sent to a distant, but familiar address.

Such behavior is characteristic of mostly insecure people who are usually unremarkable to the opposite sex. All girls have great intuition, so insincerity can be smelled a mile away, like stale men's socks. So let's just be yourself, like I said before, okay? There is no need to imitate anyone. Most ladies are not looking for brutal alpha males. They like interesting, smart, caring and attentive guys. Nolan Perry, Unsplash. If in a conversation with a girl a comparison with the former slips, consider that you are already an empty place for her. No one wants to date a man with unhealed psychological trauma. It's like signing up for the role of a vest for tears and snot. What kind of self-confidence can we talk about when you still can’t forget or forgive the woman you broke up with?

If the girl herself starts a conversation on this topic, answer succinctly. Take foreigners as an example. If you ask them how they are doing, they will simply answer “good” without going into details. This is a banal symbol of politeness. No need to pour out your soul to the woman you are going to interest. Pity is a bad helper in the romantic realm.

So, I hope you learned something useful for yourself from these tips. Be yourself, value your personal time and space, do not forget about your favorite hobbies. Women like self-sufficient men who do not hang on them as a burden. Don't be afraid to start a conversation, most ladies only bite at the moment of orgasm. And good luck in your love life!