Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to force yourself to exercise?

This is not a lecture about how important it is to keep yourself in good shape and switch to proper nutrition. What you can’t eat before going to bed, but you need to monitor your health - everyone knows. But transitioning to a new lifestyle on a permanent basis can be difficult.

A few simple and effective ways to accustom yourself to new "instincts". The technique consists in repeating aphorisms: many of them can be used as a morning mantra for the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Taking care of yourself is part of your job

Many of us do not know how to take care of ourselves. We hardly exercise, often eat unhealthy food and sleep little. But self-care is also an important part of our work. To become a successful person, the body needs enough energy. Without a healthy lifestyle, your ability to work decreases. Theoretically, this is understandable. But in practice, we are too busy with something else. If this is you, then it's time to take some stickers, write "Caring for myself is part of my job" on them and hang them around the house. Tell yourself this all the time. When you get used to this thought, you will treat it as a priority task. Make regular “meetings with yourself”, create a “Self Care Plan” and stick to it.

2. Don't turn temporary setbacks into failures

Do you go to a fitness club regularly, eat right, sleep at least seven hours, but suddenly break down? Are you going on vacation or someone close to you gets sick - and this knocks you out of your usual rhythm of life? It is possible to remain in apathy for weeks instead of starting anew. Remind yourself, “I don’t turn temporary setbacks into failures.” The secret to continued self-care is not to give up, even if you have already gone astray. This formula will help you skip dessert and get back into shape after skipping workouts. “What you didn’t do on a particular day doesn’t negate how you took care of yourself for years and decades. Yes, yesterday you disrupted sports. Well, so what? Come back to him today."

3. Step over the stereotypes

You need to be able to act even with a 50/50 chance. To a large extent, uncertainty is still a stereotype of public perception. You have to learn to get over it.

4. If you compare, then do it right

Many people cannot start exercising outside the home because they are afraid of looks. We begin to compare ourselves with other people, complain that we do not achieve results like others.

We measure ourselves on some invisible scale of achievement and usually remain dissatisfied with the result, regardless of our age and status. Looking around, we notice that there is always someone who has achieved more: more money, more fame, etc.

But if you compare, then make sure you do it right. Don't measure yourself on a scale that doesn't interest you. Focus on your own criteria for success.

5. Relax, you have not managed to become perfect already

We must stop striving for unattainable perfection and learn to perceive ourselves as we are, with all weaknesses and flaws. The more we strive for perfection, the more painfully we experience the failures that are inevitable along the way. You need to "be aware of yourself with love." Stop being a perfectionist, it will bring you closer to perfection to a much greater extent.

Short phrases-slogans work because they cut down the "automatic system". They help us understand what we want at this very moment. In terms of brain science, this is how you transfer control of behavior from the amygdala to the prefrontal cortex, where actions are realized. This allows you to do not “as always”, but “as you should”. This will help you control your own destiny. Try it.