Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How to Find Your Way to Happiness and Prosperity?

Life depends on the little things that are like layer cake. The more diverse layers, the more rich, vibrant and tasty life will be. At the end of your life, it will be more important how happy you were than how much time you spent at work chasing money, things, or other stupid things.“Live as if this day is your last, and one day it will be so. And you will be fully equipped.” George Carlin

We think little of ourselves and act like driven horses. We are in a hurry all our lives, and then we are surprised how quickly we got old, that we did not have time to do many important things. How not to miss the most significant and important things in life in order to be happy?

How to find your way to well-being and happiness?

1. Enjoy life more. Stop being a gloomy pessimist. Start smiling more often, laugh heartily and be optimistic about the future. This behavior will release endorphins, make you happy, open up many opportunities and chances. Everyone opens the door to smiling and cheerful optimists, but avoids angry, sad and depressed people.

2. Live in the moment. Many people live only with hope for the future. They're all postponing their lives. First, as they enter the university, then to work, and then “unexpectedly” pension comes. Enjoy life and every moment of it. Immerse yourself in sensations, joy, happiness and life. Get to know all the colors of life, and do not put off joy, travel, communication, fun and sex for old age.

3. Go in for sports. The best decision in life is to make sports a good habit. Sport will make you happier and stronger. Jogging, cycling, gym, pool. You can choose what you like best. Sports will help you look beautiful and sexy, as well as keep you healthy for many years. Looking and feeling 10-20 years younger than your peers? To be athletic and sexy? It's a great feeling.

4. Maintain relationships. Communicate more with family, friends and associates. Communication with other people is the cornerstone of a happy life. Friendly and close communication will help to get a complete picture of life.

5. Develop, grow and look for new ways. Keep learning, educate yourself and don't let yourself stop. Develop strengths and eliminate weaknesses. Do not allow yourself to stay for life in an unloved job or be content with little. Develop, grow, set goals, make plans and look for new ways that will bring you to your dreams.

6. Try and try new things. Get out of your comfort zone more often and try new things. What have you always wanted to do or what are you passionate about? Accept all the diversity of life, devote time to yourself, give good things to people and sincerely thank life for positive changes.

7. Love and take risks. Don't be afraid to fall in love, confess your love and give in to your feelings. Don't be afraid to take action and take risks when you want to get your way. Life is a series of ups and downs, but if you don't try, you will give up without a fight. Love, take risks and live to the fullest.

Life is very short. Find your way to happiness and well-being…