How to find happiness?

What could be worse than being sad, quiet and alone? Time to overcome troubles and find happiness in life. How to find happiness?

Are you always sad and full of discontent? Are you always the person “behind the scenes” or without a partner? Are you quiet and lonely, not cheerful and cheerful? Well, don't worry, this article is here to help you overcome those feelings that are keeping you from reaching your potential for happiness. Keep reading for tips on how to find happiness in your life again.

Step 1. Be strong and optimistic

Don't let sadness or negative circumstances seep into or destroy your life. Whenever you are sad, keep your head held high. You must tell yourself that life is full of hopes, trials and unexpected pleasant twists.

Look for the good side in everything. Often in life something happens that we interpret as a bad incident. However, when we look at the situation, there are also good aspects to it. It is also called a beacon of hope. For example:

Your partner left you. Where is the ray of hope? There are so many different people you can meet. You have the opportunity to meet someone who will open your soul and heart, this is a very powerful thing.

You lost your job. Maybe you didn't like your job that much. Ray of hope? Now is your chance to find a better, more meaningful, higher paying position.

You didn't do something, but you thought you could do it. Life is funny, isn't it? Ray of hope? Failure at what you do will be just as good a lesson for you, and maybe even better than success the first time.

Step 2. Be busy

You know what they say about lazy people? Research consistently shows that busy people are happier than idle people. Not only is too much free time a little depressing, it can also be unproductive. Think of all the things you could do, like joining clubs, going to different places, listening to lectures, and then think about how little time you spend on those activities.

Step 3. Give yourself a reason to smile

Scientists have found that smiling can actually make you happier. Yes, a simple smile. Try it. Take one of the following reasons for smiling and smile:

A stranger passing by smiled.

Someone else did something nice for a stranger.

Something unexpected happened that made you think about how vast and unpredictable this world is.

You saw something beautiful in the world.

Step 4. Listen to your intuition

People who trust their instincts can be happier than those who work hard at making decisions. Here's why: if you listen to your intuition, you're unlikely to wonder what other options might have been; if you're working on making a decision, you'll wonder if you made the mistake of choosing one over the other.

Step 5. Be generous and compassionate

You may be smart thinking that winning the lottery can make you happy, but you're wrong. Money only increases happiness up to a certain level where your basic needs are. After that, money doesn't make you happier than other people. Empathy is what will make you happy.

Step 6. Learn to forgive others

By forgiving others, you let the past be the past. If you can forgive other people, even those who don't deserve it or those who aren't ready to forgive you, research shows you'll be a happier person.

Forgiving others can make you a happier person by lowering your blood pressure, lowering your overall stress levels, and slowing your heart rate.

Step 7. Whatever you do or whoever you are, exercise

Research has found a pretty strong link between exercise and general happiness. Exercise can increase the levels of endorphins in the body, reducing overall stress levels and leaving you feeling pleasantly tired.

Step 8. Do what makes you happy

Don't do what you think will make you happy or what makes other people happy. Do what makes you happy. Let go of preconceived notions about what you should be doing and go for what you know you can achieve.

Step 9. Listen to inspirational phrases

Whether it's reading books or looking for quotes on the Internet, or attending interesting lectures, the world is full of inspirational messages if you know where to look. Here are some inspirational quotes that can motivate you to go out into the world and find what makes you happy:

“Challenge is what makes life interesting, and overcoming it makes it meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marin

“The best revenge is a huge success.” – Frank Sinatra

“No one has ever created a plan to be poor, fat, lazy or stupid. This is what happens when you don't have a plan.” – Larry Winget

“It's never too late to be who you could be.” – George Eliot

Step 10. Join clubs or organizations that show your personality and reflect your interests

Whether it's bowling, knitting, speaking, experimenting, cooking, flying, sports or gaming, joining a community of like-minded people will make a huge difference.

When you first get there, introduce yourself. Try not to be shy. Maintain eye contact, try to stay relaxed. Remind yourself that other people can be just as nervous as you.

Step 11. Ask other people for help

Don't be afraid to ask your friends for help. When you ask, be grateful. As mentioned earlier, people enjoy helping others because they feel useful and more accomplished. You know what? Helpful and experienced people tend to be happy and easier to get along with. This means that it will be easier for you to communicate with them, and next to them you can just be yourself.

Ask for help with homework.

Ask for directions if you get lost.

Ask for help with a project.

Ask for advice about a problem you are dealing with.

Step 12. Don't be afraid to open your feelings to other people

Keeping it all to yourself can be difficult: you may feel overwhelmed, as if you have no one to open up to. For these reasons, it's better to trust people and tell people you trust about what's on your mind. Talking about problems, with a friend or a professional, can help you achieve catharsis, that is, the purification of emotions.

Step 13. Keep Other People's Secrets

If someone trusts you enough to tell you their secrets, be kind enough to keep them. That means no gossip, no casual slips, and no double whammy. Imagine what would happen if you told someone your secret, and he accidentally "lets slip" about it to other people? You would be hurt and feel betrayed. You don't have to make the other person feel that way. Happiness lies in being intimate with your friends and giving them every reason to trust you.

Step 14. Keep your promises

Follow this advice: if you promised to do something, stick to your words. Words are only words unless they are backed up by true action. Understand that your friends rely on you, keeping your promises will help convince them once again that you are a man of your word.

What does happiness have to do with keeping promises? Keeping promises teaches people about trust. You teach your friends to trust you. If you keep promising things you don't keep, your friends will stop believing you. If your friends stop believing in you, you will find that you are not that close to them.

Step 15. Rely on your friends in times of need

When you're feeling down and need someone to cheer you up, call your friends. Find an effective, fun way to take your mind off what's bothering you. Your friends believe in you. They are your friends because they want to see you happy and because they enjoy spending time with you. We hope they would do as much for you as you do for them. Count on them when you need them.

Step 16. Rely on your family in times of need

Your family loves you unconditionally, even if they don't say it directly. Your family, first of all, cares about your safety and your well-being. Secondly, they want you to be successful and live a fulfilling life. Even a simple conversation with your family about your problems can ease your soul.

Try not to worry that your family will judge you. After all, they just want you to be able to find happiness on your own. If you're afraid to tell your parents something, find another family member or friend to pray to open up to.

You don't have to have "problems" to talk or spend time with your family. If you can talk to your family about normal, everyday things, it can bring you a lot of happiness. Talking to your family about everyday things can be a huge step in helping you strengthen your relationship.

Step 17. Talk frankly with people

One study found that people who occasionally talk frankly with other people experience more happiness than people who talk about small, trifling things. So the next time you find yourself gossiping about the weather or what Rihanna wore to the Grammys, resist the temptation to talk about trivia and aim for something big and bold. You will not regret it!