How to find a hobby to your liking: rest your soul and body

All your friends are amazing how creative and enthusiastic people are, and you still spend your evenings and weekends watching TV or sticking to YouTube? Don't you think it's time to change something in your dull life? How about an interesting hobby?

The original pastime is available not only to majors who do not have a headache in the form of study and endless work. Now you can pick up an interesting activity for your pocket, having only a couple of hundred rubles in it. Do you want to learn how to find a hobby you love, but don't know where to start? Then read carefully, I will help you with the solution of this problem.

Remember childhood dreams

Very often I meet people who longing in the eyes and voice spoke of an unfinished music school or abandoned courses in culinary arts. Someone didn’t have enough time, another was frankly lazy, and the third was banned altogether by their parents (the latter is especially common in our authoritarian mentality).

You also probably have a childhood hobby that made your eyes light up. So what's stopping you from doing it right now? I don't mean some fantastic dreams. Here are some simple and most common options that are easiest to translate into reality:

1. Playing a musical instrument

We discard the organ right away, but you can try everything else. Most often, the guitar is taken into account. It is easy to buy it on the cheap somewhere in the open spaces of Avito or Yula. Yes, and the guitar courses themselves are relatively inexpensive, since the instrument is very common, and the masters are a dime a dozen.

If the apartment has free space and good sound insulation, you can take a chance and get a drum kit or a synthesizer. The second is less bulky, but also loud. But do not rush at full speed to run to the music store. I recommend that you start by looking for tutorials. As a rule, there is already a tool on which you can practice. And then suddenly you want to play on something else, and the money has already been spent.

Andriyko Podilnyk, Unsplash

2. Art school

Also a favorite childhood aspiration, she went through it herself. Now there are so many high-quality video tutorials that you don’t even need to attend a special art class. You can master any technique to which the soul and hand lie more. Start with something easier, like a pencil drawing. After all, high-quality pastels, paints and canvases will cost a pretty penny. But a real artist is able to create a masterpiece even on toilet paper.

Dig into social networks. Some pros organize personal workshops on an individual basis or for a small group of interested people. In such classes, you can relieve stress and unleash your creative potential. Most often, this is not a very expensive pleasure (unless, of course, you become a student to Nikas Safronov).

Do you want everything to be grown-up? In that case, go to a real art school. And yes, you will not be there one adult among the kids. Many respectable uncles and aunts during a period of personal crisis suddenly realize that they have missed some very important moment in life. Here with them you will go to torment the canvases. You look, you will also start selling your art. Have you seen the paintings of modern abstract artists and others like them? What are you worse?

Pouriya Kafaei, Unsplash

3. Dance courses

Always dreamed of being the coolest at the disco, but was afraid that your friends would laugh? You should have seen them all grown up waltzing wildly at their weddings. Enough already to succumb to prejudice. How about hot latin or something more modern like a break? Just imagine yourself paired with a sexy beauty who will need to be touched almost wherever the dance technique allows. This is not a chess club for you (by the way, it’s also a good hobby, especially if you are married).

4. Martial arts

But this is really for real men (I said, who went to karate as a child). You certainly won't be ashamed of such a hobby. At the same time, you will tighten the figure. Remember how it all began with attending school circles. Don't know how to find a hobby to your liking? Combat youth will tell you how to spend time with benefit.

In order not to be tempted to drop everything abruptly, arrange with friends or your girlfriend for joint classes. First, a collective hobby always brings people together. Secondly, this will motivate you to engage even more actively. Thirdly, why not take on the formation of a beautiful body with the whole crowd? If your girlfriend is not an ardent pacifist, then she will keep company in any kipish.

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5. Board games

And this topic is generally addictive. Just remember how you used to get together with friends and spend hours playing monopoly. Now the choice of board games is simply mind-blowing. And you don’t have to look for hobby comrades. Such companies have groups on social networks and regularly gather in small cozy cafes to take a break from routine everyday life for their favorite hobby. Join.

How can such games be useful? Well, for starters, logical thinking develops. It is not so easy to calculate the next move and quickly make the right decision, on which the entire further direction of the plot depends. Attention and concentration, by the way, will also thank you for such a useful hobby. And what about perseverance, the development of imagination and deduction? Yes, any desktop is more useful than additional advanced training courses. So do not think that we are talking about a childhood hobby.

I've only given you five of the most popular examples of hobbies from your school days that immediately come to mind. But in reality there are many more. Astronomy, which is abandoned due to poor performance in basic subjects, geology, theater circles. The list is almost endless. The main thing is to strain your brains and remember what you were fond of when you were still young and full of hope for a brighter future (no, I'm not crying, it's just that the harsh reality hit my eye).

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Get inspired by famous people

When thinking about a supposed hobby, fantasy automatically turns off, and a “blue screen” pops up in my head of death"? Ask for help from media people who are not averse to sharing personal experiences. Here are some interesting and non-trivial examples:

1. Notorious Mark Zuckerberg and his love of foreign languages ​​

It just seems that this person has a lot of free time. But just imagine what exactly he keeps under personal control and what global decisions he has to make on a daily basis. It's not for you to sit in the office blowing bubbles with your nose.

In the last year, Mark decided to learn foreign languages. By the way, a very useful hobby. The millionaire admits that learning the Chinese dialect allowed him to improve his concentration and brought true humility to his soul. Would you dare to try to bring school knowledge to a new level? Or do you really think high IQ is only for rich people?

2. Let's talk about another well-known comrade - Bill Gates

He openly declares that he has a passion for tennis. However, the creator of the Microsoft brand considers reading interesting books to be his real passion. You can’t argue here, a hobby is really useful and accessible to everyone.

Of course, there is also a passion for collecting rare works worth about forty of your kidneys somewhere nearby. But the rich must have their quirks, right? And instead of being jealous, you better remember what work you read the last time. "Kolobok" I suppose? That's the same. Think about it, maybe it was reading interesting literature that brought Gates his untold wealth.

Jeffery Erhunse, Unsplash

3. How do you like it, Elon Musk?

The electric car creator Tesla, who has gained unprecedented popularity, is an avid collector of... everything related to the agent James Bond. Do you have a favorite character from a movie, a book, or even a comic book? So why not devote your free time to collecting an exclusive collection that will be dedicated exclusively to him? If Elon Musk does not shun such things, then you have something to be ashamed of.

4. Unusual pets of Claudia Schiffer

Who doesn't know the beauty Claudia Schiffer. In addition to her bright appearance and breathtaking legs, this lady is also famous for her very eccentric hobby. Top model breeds huge hairy spiders. Of course, I do not urge you to fill your apartment with Madagascar cockroaches or take an alligator from a local terrarium for overexposure. However, the idea itself is very good - to make it a hobby to take care of our smaller brothers.

If you still live without the clatter of fluffy paws at home, maybe you should get some cute animal? If cats and dogs require a lot of attention and free time, then, for example, a charming chinchilla will become more than a self-sufficient pet.

This animal lives perfectly on its own, without needing to be squeezed and constantly being near a person. It is enough just to pour the fluffy into a bowl of food, fill the drinking bowl and bathe him at least once a week in special sand. By the way, chinchillas do not smell and do not cause allergic reactions.

From the original, I can recommend various other lizards. These are generally not prone to nimble actions, they eat on schedule and a little, they love to bask near the lamp in the terrarium. Plus, you can always intrigue a new girl with your amazing hobby.

Somia DCosta, Unsplash

has a rather banal hobby. The actress loves to knit. If someone tells you that such a hobby is exclusively for women, then just forget about these narrow-minded people. I myself met entire thematic circles, at the meetings of which stern bearded men selflessly knit or crochet warm sweaters with deer.

Well, it's convenient. You will make your soulmate a wonderful scarf with hearts in honor of March 8th. Economical, right? And let him just try not to melt away from such romance. Go find another such caring guy.

I hope that now you understand that a hobby does not depend on a person having huge amounts of money. It is important that it gives pleasure and allows you to at least relax a little against the backdrop of endless life stresses.

Visit the shop for creativity

Do not know how to find a hobby you like and get lost among the huge selection of modern hobbies? Then legs in hand and ran to the salon, which sells assorted beads, planks, glitters, ribbons and other disgrace. As you already understood, I mean a store for creativity and hobbies. Here, for sure, a lot of clues will immediately appear that will suggest some interesting hobby. Also, all the materials are already at hand. Here are some of the hobbies you might think of:

  • assembling wooden models (from a simple four-piece airplane to a huge historical ship);
  • diamond mosaic;
  • painting pictures by numbers (paints are already in the set, you don't have to pick everything by eye);
  • the design of miniature models in bottles (a very original and painstaking task that develops fine motor skills of the hands).

And I have not yet told about scrapbooking, embroidery with beads and ribbons, felting from wool. In short, there are a lot of options. And all of them do not have both gender and age. You can easily choose any hobby to your liking and wallet.

Andrew Neel, Unsplash

Learn a profitable hobby

Now that's more interesting. Yes, your favorite thing may well become the start of your own small business. As they say, in this case, you don’t even have to work, and the money will drip into your pocket, simply because you enjoy it. Still trying to figure out how to find a hobby to your liking and pocket? Pay attention to the following items in demand:

  • preparing sweets for the solemn event;
  • maintaining a personal blog (if the Internet portal is very popular, you will be paid for advertising on it);
  • learning how to play various games through a YouTube channel (an analogy of earning money on a previous hobby, a great option for those who like to gamble in their free time);
  • drawing portraits, cartoons, sketches and comics (the first three methods imply the presence of customers, and the latter operates on the principle of a popular site or block with paid advertising and donations for a good artist);
  • writing and subsequent sale of poems, interesting stories, informational articles (this is what I have been doing, in fact, for the last 8 years).

How do you like this option of enrichment with the help of an interesting hobby? sounds tempting, right? Just do what you love and get paid for it. Why not try?

Samsung Memory, Unsplash

Ask your friends

the immediate environment has. It is quite possible that somewhere nearby lives a future fellow cactus breeder or even a whole company of cool role players, which you immediately want to join.

Do not rush to join a new team just to surround yourself with people. First of all, think about your comfort. Do you really like this hobby or is it a banal self-deception? Without interest and pleasure, such a hobby will not bring joy and benefit. Sooner or later, new comrades will understand that you are not from their circle and cannot be as passionate as they are. In this case, the weak link will be asked to leave the team.

Search the Internet

Social networks are a real storehouse of a wide variety of thematic hobbies. If you don't know how to find a hobby you like, then it's time to use your computer for more than just watching funny memes and cat videos.

Try to enter the pastime options you are interested in into the search. Focus on the keyword "hobby". This way you will surely be able to quickly find various communities dedicated to certain hobbies. Look at photos and videos, talk to the locals. It is possible that in one of them you will find a hobby to your liking.

Do not forget to look for some courses or clubs in your city. Almighty Google or Yandex to help you. Sometimes a person does not even think that he might be interested in some kind of origami in a wet technique or growing bonsai on a windowsill. But when you see something similar on the Internet, you can literally come to puppy delight and immediately run to sign up for training. So take note of this way to acquire an unusual hobby.

Erwans Socks, Unsplash

Connect passion with health

from a few extra pounds to the next summer. If you do not know how to find a hobby to your liking, just finally take care of your own health. Here is a list of hobbies that will help to expose the relief and tighten the muscles:

  • yoga (relieves stress, helps to relax and introspection, has a positive effect on the nervous system and the general condition of the body);
  • pole exercises and strip plastic (you will be the hottest and most desirable boy at any party with bad girls, I answer);
  • kinesiotherapy (a new direction in stretching and strengthening muscles, you can even correct scoliosis and ugly gait);
  • art therapy (intellectual drawing, coloring of special mandalas, helping to put feelings and thoughts in order);
  • roller skating and figure skating (grab your madam by the hand and run, as it is very romantic and generally good for the muscles, unless, of course, you don’t bang your head against the earth too often).
Alexander Jawfox, Unsplash

Do you think that tough and mature men should not have any hobbies? You're wrong. Everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle from time to time. I have a friend who during the day holds the position of general director of a network of jewelry stores, and in the evenings studies strip plastic in special courses. You have no idea how many fans he has. By the way, the figure is also gorgeous.

So think about what exactly could brighten up your life. There is no wrong answer here, as any choice made will turn out to be the right one. Good luck!