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How to find a chick

Work, business, money, hobbies and hobbies are good, but they will not warm you at night and will not whisper pleasant words in your ear. Sooner or later, a man begins to look for a girl who would keep him company. How to find a chick for fun or something more?

You are now having the best years of your life and you are bored? Will not work. It is difficult for a man to do without the fair sex, despite all the troubles that it brings. A man is drawn physically and psychologically to girls to have fun with them, chat, share something and make love. This is a completely normal male desire, without which it is difficult to imagine a full life.

Sooner or later you decide to find yourself a heifer. But where to find it, how to choose and how to hook it up? Everything is much simpler than we used to think. If you still need to choose a life partner and wife for a long time, then an ordinary heifer for body and soul can be found anywhere. And you may like her, that you want to stay with her for life.

Who is this chick?

A heifer is not necessarily one that is promiscuous. And the girl is not the one who wears closed clothes, has strict moral principles and does not jump into bed until after the wedding. A heifer is a young girl who is suitable to brighten up the gray men's everyday life.

Why do men call girls heifers? A chick is a beautiful, defiant and hot girl who attracts men's eyes. Often, not quite decent girls are considered a heifer, giving this name a negative connotation. But to be honest, most men call girls that way not wanting to offend them. It's like girls often call guys "boys" or "guys".

A heifer is a girl that arouses interest, attraction and desire. Are all girls chicks? All girls absolutely. But before she becomes a permanent girlfriend or something more. And before that, any girl is an ordinary chick.

Although initially the name "heifer" came to us from the village. In Russia, the girl they wanted to marry was called a heifer. The groom's parents always started a conversation from afar, comparing the young with different animals. So the girl was called a heifer and asked if they wanted to give her away. A heifer is a young individual of a number of artiodactyl species that has not yet given birth and has recently been born. Hence the name of the girls heifers.

How to choose a heifer?

It is worth remembering that girls also choose a man according to some criteria. If some girls are specifically looking for a permanent boyfriend and husband, then many are just looking for a normal man, and then we'll see. How to find a chick for fun? The best age for a heifer who is ready to go all out is usually between 20 and 30 years old. What is lower and higher there are other criteria, and therefore it is rarely possible to just have fun.

When meeting online or in real life, you don’t need to tell a girl that you want only intimacy and entertainment from her. In the modern world, everyone is well aware that any contact between the sexes implies something more than sharing tea or watching the stars. In general, you should not focus on sex when communicating, so as not to look too preoccupied and strange. Chastity is not relevant among heifers now, and therefore you will have sex as soon as you get a little closer.

A heifer can be of any appearance, here each person has his own preferences. Immediately weed out those who are looking for a daddy or a husband. With those who are immediately set to the role of a kept woman or are preparing to start a family, you have nothing to do. Just look for chicks who are ready to go on dates, hang out, go out and have fun.

How to find a chick on the Internet?

There are two ways to find a chick to rock with. The first is the Internet, social networks and dating applications. The second is the search for a girlfriend in real life and the places where you live.

The easiest option is the Internet and dating apps. By downloading Tinder or another dating app, you can easily find the girl who wants to go on a date. The main thing is to approach this thoroughly in order to get a high-quality result at the end.

  • Choose good photos that show you at your best.
  • Fill out the questionnaire so that the girls like this information.
  • Be active and hit many chicks at once so that it doesn't take long.
  • Don't say hello, how are you, but show more originality.
  • Show a sense of humor to interest the heifer.
  • Do not delay online communication, but invite a girl on a date.

Using dating apps, you can go on dates with heifers at least every day. The main thing is not to write anything about sex, because it is already clear what will happen with a good date. Girls expect adequacy, good times and fun from you. Don't disappoint them.

How to find a chick in the real world?

There are a lot of girls in the real world, but the whole difficulty lies in the fact that more criteria intervene here. On the Internet, all the girls are looking for a man, but in the real world, many are already taken. Many girls are afraid to get acquainted in real life, and especially in places that are least intended for this.

You can roll up to any heifer in any place, but you should not frighten her when doing so. Approach the girl not from the back and do not jump out from behind the corner. Usually you have 30 seconds for everything to interest her. Your role is simply to pick up the phone so that you can make a date later. But such tackles are usually delayed in time. If you want to go for a walk with a chick right now, then you need to get acquainted where they are already ready for communication.


Heifers easily make contact in the park, cafe, bar, club and at various events. It is there that they are already ready to communicate, get acquainted, have fun and hang out.

How to pick up a chick for sex?

Usually girls are interested in those men who are worth something. This is not about a bank account, but in the very quality of a man. If you are well dressed, have an athletic figure, have a sense of humor and know how to keep up a conversation, then you will have no difficulty with heifers.

How to find a chick offline? Remember that model beauties who throw themselves into the bed of a man exist in the world of money. Choose heifers easier so as not to spend a lot of time and effort on something that does not make sense in a short distance. Average heifers in bed can set the heat, because they are not spoiled by male attention, and therefore sometimes fry almost to Valhalla. Look for cheerful, carefree, laughing, loose and walking girls. Chicks with tattoos, provocatively naked, a little drunk and funny - this is a great choice.

Many chicks are in the "slutty" period, when they broke up with the last guy and have not yet found a new one, which means they are having fun. They may not bother and easily jump into the bunk. If you meet them in a club, cafe or anywhere they hang out, then everything is fine. The girl is set up for entertainment, adventure and sex, and not the search for a betrothed.

Behave like a bad guy if you want something more than friendship from a woman. Be interested in the chick, admire her beauty, have fun and give her joy. The chick should feel that you want to not just be friends and exchange messages with her, but something more. Therefore, do not be afraid to "lay an eye on her" and "mark the territory."

The best way to breed a heifer for closeness is to have an interesting and carefree pastime. Let the girl know that you will have fun together and well. Flirt with a chick, flirt, use a little vulgarity, touch. Do not be afraid to hug a girl, tickle, kiss. Act like you've known each other for a long time and are already dating.

If you paw a girl and whisper compliments in her ear, then you are doing everything right. Girls are also not iron and also want male attention. Many girls begin to swim when you kiss her neck, squeeze her thighs or pinch her in a corner.

A good friend in the temptation of a heifer is alcohol. Therefore, in a bar, cafe, club, party or at a party, it will be good to have a drink together. When alcohol is in your blood, it will be easier for you to find a common language and a common bed. Call the girl to your home to continue having fun there. If a girl breaks down, but in principle does not mind, then be persistent.

Sometimes girls take longer to break down, then ask her out for a “cup of sex” on your next date. Many girls stick to the principle of three dates until they agree to get to know you better. Roast it later.

With a heifer, the main thing is to be alone in a secluded place, and then everything will go according to the usual pattern. Kiss, hug, caress, undress. Remove responsibility for everything from the girl, and therefore take the initiative so that she simply floats along the development of the situation and ends up in bed without any effort on her part.

How to find a chick for sex? Find her, get her interested, and take her home. It often doesn't work the first time, but it's like riding a bike. It takes experience and time to practice, but this hobby is very enjoyable. There is no chastity in the modern world, and there are a lot of heifers. Do not listen to moralists and whiners. Have fun and enjoy life.