How to find a beautiful girl?

How to find a beautiful girl? A banal question that arises in the minds of absolutely all representatives of the strong half of humanity at a certain stage of their life.

It is surprising that meeting a young lady with a similar request - how to find a handsome guy, can be much less common. And it's true. Girls are interested in a different criterion by which they will look for gentlemen. A girl is more likely to be puzzled by how to find a rich guy than a handsome one, agree.

The question arises - why do girls and guys look at life so differently, and look for different things in each other? Why a girl will fall in love with a rich man rather than a poor man, we considered earlier in the articles posted on our website.

Today we will consider why men are looking for beautiful girls, what drives them in this choice, and where you can find beautiful representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

If a woman, choosing a wealthy man, strives for well-being and financial stability for herself and her children, whom she is ready to give birth to from this man, then a man, choosing a beautiful woman, thereby raises his status.

Now consider how this happens.

Why does a man need a beautiful girl?

On a subconscious level, a man considers a woman as the main trophy that he will demonstrate to society.

It is important for a man to have a beautiful female companion, thereby his strength, significance and status grows in the eyes of other males.

A man is by nature a hunter, conqueror and winner. In nature, the strongest males (for example, in a pack of wolves), capable of obtaining the best trophies (food), are accepted by other members of the pack with respect and reverence. Such a male acquires the status of a leader and the opportunity to breed with the female that he chooses.

We are certainly not animals. But the intuitive feeling of a man that the presence of a beautiful female (as the best trophy) is able to raise his level to the level and status of the leader, pushes him to look for such a female.

More successful and strong-willed men, of course, also do not mind marrying a beautiful woman, but they are much less confused by this than men with low self-esteem.

What girl is considered beautiful in modern society? After all, the standards of beauty in the present century are very different from the standards of the last century or the Renaissance.

More recently, artificial breasts, buttocks and lips were considered the standard of female beauty. Girls enlarged their lips, not knowing the measure, thereby disfiguring themselves. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, erasing individuality (in the literal sense) from their faces, rushed in droves to cosmetologists, to make themselves “beautiful”.

Over the past few years, the "similarity" of girls to each other has ceased to be considered something expensive, and is now considered as bad form.

Doctors - cosmetologists of eminent beauty clinics, professionals in their field, respecting themselves and appreciating their reputation, never follow the whim of clients who want to spoil their appearance.

At present, “dear” women do not try to change themselves, but emphasize their advantages and hide their shortcomings. But this is rather a girlish topic, we will consider it another time. And now let's talk about which girl is considered beautiful, and which is not. And is there anything more important than external beauty.

If we conduct a survey among men, what kind of girl will seem beautiful in their opinion, the statistics will show us very different answers.

Among the external parameters of beauty, there can be diametrically opposite characteristics - someone likes thin girls, builds of teenage girls, with small girlish breasts, and someone is a connoisseur of magnificent forms - steep hips and appetizing breasts. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, blond, ladies with chestnut hair color - equally like the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Summing up the above, we can say that different girls like it. Then the question arises - what is a beautiful girl? The answer on the surface is that a beautiful girl is a girl who is recognized as beautiful by most men.

There is not a single woman on the planet who is recognized as beautiful by one hundred percent of the men surveyed.

Have you ever met an insanely beautiful girl, and having met her, and entered into a conversation, did you find her not so dazzling as she seemed to you at first glance? Or the opposite case. Have you met a girl with an ordinary appearance, started talking to her and realized that she is insanely beautiful? You must have experienced this more than once.

Do you know what the secret is? In addition to external beauty, spectacularity, grooming and the ability to properly present yourself are also important!

All this works in a complex, and is served as a “package”, so to speak.

By itself, the external beauty of a girl, not supported by the ability to present herself correctly, with a beautiful voice, sexual movements, graceful gait and a spectacular wave of eyelashes, means nothing, and quickly dissipates like dust, leaving no trace in the heart of a man.

Well-groomed and spectacular ladies cut into the memory of a man faster than a beautiful dummy, whose name he will not remember later.

Thanks to these qualities, girls who do not reach the standards of beauty in terms of external parameters have no less, and often much more boyfriends than their beautiful competitors.

A spectacular and well-groomed lady, talking to a man in a languid sexy voice, throwing a shameless look into his sparkling eyes, will drive him crazy for a couple of times, and without possessing the notorious "90-60-90".

There is another female feature that gives her additional points and bonuses in the eyes of a man.

It's a dance... Surprisingly, falling in love with a sexy dancing girl can happen very quickly. A man often falls in love with the smooth and beautiful movements of the body even before he had time to see in detail the facial features of the one that drove him crazy with the dance. Acquainted subsequently with the girl he liked, the man already finds her quite beautiful. This often happens in cafes, nightclubs, at parties of mutual friends.

From this we draw conclusions: the concepts of physical beauty are very vague, non-specific, and depend on many related parameters - showiness, body movements, voice, ability to maintain a conversation. Of course, her opinion is also important... This is a separate topic for discussion. You can fall in love with just a glance if you know how to do it right. But more about that, as you understand, another time...

So, we realized that there are no narrow concepts of beauty itself, as such.

Accordingly, to the question of where to find a beautiful girl, I can safely say - everywhere!

Beautiful girls everywhere and everywhere! Spectacular and self-sufficient - also almost everywhere. But it will be much more successful if you meet a beautiful, spectacular and, moreover, who knows how to present herself at the same time! But it's much more difficult.

In fact, the question of where to meet a beautiful girl is usually raised by men whose heart is still free. External beauty is a concept, as you can see, not a concrete one, and besides, it passes quickly. Someone wise said - “Do not drink water from the face”, and if you are looking for a wife, future life partner, comrade-in-arms and ally, then external beauty is not the parameter by which you should choose a person for life together.

If the woman you love matches your parameters of beauty, it's very good. If not, you yourself will not notice how you will soon stop caring about it. The loving eyes of a loved one, on the contrary, are the most beautiful and most beloved eyes in the world. The soul mate of a loved one is nearby - the most important and most valuable parameters necessary for life, which you will appreciate only when time erases the remnants of its former beauty from the face and body of a loved one, revealing the wonderful qualities of his pure soul...