How to fight well

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to use your fists, you need to know how to properly hit, receive blows and overcome pain.

It seems so simple in action movies like Rocky. You've been hit in the face fifty times like that, and you easily get up and backhand your opponent, don't you? Not at all. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to use your fists, then you need to know how to properly punch, take hits and overcome pain. If you want to learn how to stand up for yourself, then this article is for you.

1. Striking

1.1 Assume the correct posture. Stand facing the enemy, turn slightly sideways. If you are right-handed, turn your left hip towards your opponent. Don't turn all the way, just stick your non-dominant leg and hip forward. This will help you not become an easy target and will give strength to your punches.

Catch a steady center of gravity. Keep your weight on your leg (right if you're right handed). If you stand straight in front of the enemy, you will be easily knocked down. Keep the weight on your feet, standing perpendicular to it.

Raise your hands to your head, one at eye level, the lead one at chin level. Clench both hands into fists to quickly throw and deflect blows.

1.2 Clench your fist properly. The thumb should be on top, not inside the fingers, as if you are holding a bug in your hand and do not want it to escape. Do not squeeze your hand too hard, otherwise blood circulation will be disturbed, do this only when hitting, and not when defending.

People injure their fists because they hit with the wrong part of the hand. You should hit the target with the middle knuckles, which are located between the index and middle fingers.

1.3 Be careful with your elbows when hitting straight. Beginners often hit weakly and do not control themselves. Use a direct hit on the opponent, no need to do it "in a circle". After all, you don't play Street Fighter II. Power punch is your friend.

Good punches come from the lower body, although the main strength is in the arms. If you use more than just your hands, the punches will be stronger. Practice on the bag: let the punches come from the inside, also connect your leg at the moment of impact.

1.4 Hit soft spots. If you hit the enemy in the jaw or cheek, you can do much more harm to yourself. The nose is the most painful and vulnerable place for a blow, but a blow to the nose will make him very angry. A blow to the ribs will deprive him of air, and he will lose his balance. When the opponent bends in defense, he will open his face for the next blow.

Throat punches, groin kicks, and kicks below the knees are also effective if you're in a life-and-death fight. If you are fighting friends, don't use these dirty tricks, save them for a serious fight.

1.5 Hit fast, don't copy Rocky. Strikes must be accurate and sharp, hitting the enemy right on target. The winner is not always the one who hits with more frequency, but the one who hits with more force.

Make sure you can finish the hit. Imagine that you need to break through something behind your target.

1.6 Shout like crazy. Martial artists make quite a lot of noise during combat, because screams generate adrenaline, frighten the opponent and awaken a long-buried animal feeling. It's time for the Hulk to come out, so yell without holding back.

1.7 Use more than just your fists to win a fight. The role of headbutts is greatly underestimated. Contact of the opponent's nose with the hardest part of the body - your forehead will end the fight very quickly.

In the sport of boxing or wrestling, headbutting is prohibited, but if you are attacked, defend yourself without regard to the rules of the sport.

2. Defense

2.1 Know how to take hits. If you decide to fight, then be prepared for a portion of blows. If you move, it will make it harder for your opponent. Do not open if you see that he is ready to attack.

If you are hit in the face, tighten your neck muscles, cover your jaw and lean forward. Moving towards the impact will soften it, and if you lean back, you may fall. This is not an easy task, as you will have a natural tendency to back away from the oncoming fist. Just imagine that this is a soccer ball and you need to hit it - it will be easier. If the enemy hits you in the forehead, then it is worse for him.

Tighten your abdominal muscles to hit your abs. You don't want to have your liver cut off under your ribs.

2.2 Never back down. This is the most important element of protection. If you retreat, then by this, as it were, you invite the enemy to move forward, which will ultimately lead to your defeat. You should lean forward towards the blows, then this will weaken their strength and prevent you from losing your balance.

This will open up your body to punches, so be ready to fight back. Be careful.

2.3 Keep moving. Keep your hands close to your face so you can deflect blows, but don't forget to move as this will make it harder for your opponent. The more you move, the harder it will be for him to punch you in the face or neck.

Your legs should move as if you were on hot coals, and your head should be tilted and dodged as if the ceiling is about to collapse on you - this will help to avoid blows.

2.4 Keep fit. Usually fights last a few minutes, but during this time you need to hold out. If you are loose and weak, it will be difficult to become a winner.

Do aerobics. This will help you classes for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Do regular abs and push-ups. George Foreman won the World Heavyweight Championship without even stepping into the gym. He pumped the press, did push-ups and practiced punches. You don't have to be a bodybuilder to be in good shape.

3. Think with your head

3.1 Do not fight over trifles. A good samurai keeps his sword in a sheath. If you're in doubt about getting into trouble, don't do it. Try to solve problems peacefully, and use your fists only for self-defense.

Try to resolve the situation before the smell of fried. No need to threaten or be rude to the interlocutor, speak in a calm tone.

3.2 Anticipate the actions of the enemy. Most likely, he is very angry and he is right-handed. These remarks will help you win if you cover your right side while waiting for punches or if you land first in the throat or nose.

3.3 Calm down. If you fight with your fists, then your fear determines whether you will win or lose. Even if you've been injured, you won't feel it because of the adrenaline rush. You should not think that your nose may be broken, otherwise it will be harder for you yourself. Just fight.

3.4 Do not continue fighting on the ground. If you follow our advice, then you have probably already pleased the enemy with a portion of strong blows. In a fit of desperation, he can do anything. Beware of his girths, otherwise you risk being on the ground. Always keep your balance, especially if the opponent wants to knock you to the ground. If you are already on the ground, protect your face, hair and eyes from attack.


Keep your eyes on your opponent. Do not tilt your head down, otherwise you will not have time to notice where he directs his blows.

Watch your breath during the fight. So you can hold out longer, and this is another step towards victory!

Try not to lose your balance after a strong blow, as this will give him a chance to knock you out.

Do not fight with one hand, both hands and feet should be used.

Always be vigilant; one has only to fall - and this will give the enemy a chance to knock out all the spirit from you.

Always look at your opponent. If you know that you will have to fight as soon as you enter the room, be careful. Whatever you do - do not look away, otherwise the enemy will immediately strike.