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How to fight evil?

There is enough injustice in the world, and often scoundrels or whole groups of scoundrels do harm to others. Evil is not a philosophy, but the real deeds, words and actions of scoundrels, which you encounter daily. How to fight evil and resist villains who cannot even be called human beings?

As children, we always believed that good triumphed over evil until we grew up. Here we learned that the world is unfair, and evil often wins and rejoices. There are a lot of bastards around who clearly deserve the hottest frying pan in hell, but what to do with them in this life and how to resist?

Why is it important to fight evil? Remember the expression of the great scientist Albert Einstein: "The world is dangerous, not because some people do evil, but because some see it and do nothing." Such people, with their apathy, laziness and cowardice, allow all evil in the world to be committed.

Evil in everyday life

Every day you encounter evil at all levels of the social ladder and life. This is a toxic boss who bullies his subordinates. It is crime that commits crimes. This is a scoundrel who achieves his vile ways. This is an official extorting bribes from people. This is a representative of the authorities who violates the law, hiding behind a position. This is a dictator who seized power in the country. This is a scoundrel who uses and betrays others. These are not people at all, but scum who do evil in order to achieve their goal in any way.

Scoundrels often seem decent from the outside, until you get to know them better or see them from the results of their activities. The concept of evil sometimes seems abstract, but the harm from scoundrels is very palpable. As a result of evil from the outside, you can get into big trouble, lose your job, lose money, undermine your health, end up behind bars, lose something valuable, or end up in the dock.

Let's deal with the concept of evil. What is evil? Evil is the negative behavior of some individuals who are guided by selfish, mercantile and negative goals. Evil is the opposite of good and everything good in life. Evil is a general description of everything bad that one or a whole group of scoundrels does.

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How can you fight evil?

We face evil every day in different manifestations, but how to resist it? What to do when faced with evil face to face? You need to confront him, and not pass indifferently past.

So we are afraid to say or do something when evil is being done before our eyes. But were your ancestors and grandfathers cowardly when, for example, they fought in World War II against the Nazis? They went and died for the people, and you are afraid to defend the truth. To make a remark to teenagers, to shame a person who is not inferior in transport, to besiege a rude person in a public place, to protect from hooligans, to sue criminals, to fight back a scoundrel, to put scoundrels in jail, to force the authorities to comply with the law, to throw snickering officials out of their chairs.

Initiative and courage are important when all good people oppose evil together. After all, there are far fewer scoundrels in the world than adequate people. There are only 3-5% of villains, they are just very noticeable with their negative actions.

The ancient thinker and Chinese philosopher Confucius, discussing the fight against bad people, spoke as follows: "Evil must be paid with justice, and good with good." There is no need to turn the other cheek to the scoundrel, the bastard will beat until he gets bored. How to fight evil? If you were hit on the left cheek, boldly turn your right cheek, and then make a deceptive dive and land a powerful left hook to the jaw. Evil cannot be defeated in other ways.

Do not be afraid to act against the scoundrels, scoundrels and scoundrels by their methods. After all, it is impossible to defeat scum honestly and according to the rules. Use forbidden techniques to effectively resist evil. Good must be with fists.

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What if I'm on the side of evil?

First you need to make sure that you yourself are not on the side of evil. Often, some individuals create lawlessness and evil themselves, hiding behind “noble” words and motives, as well as masks of virtues. But why then is it so restless at heart? Listen to your own voice of conscience. He is harsh but fair. It is important not to be scum yourself.

What kind of example do you want to set for your children and loved ones if you yourself do nasty things? It's time to stop, and not to bring into this world only rubbish, which sooner or later your loved ones will face, because no one has canceled karma. It's time to atone for all the evil you've done to other people. And for this you need to become the main fighter against evil.

The triumph of evil is the result of the inaction of a good man. If you give in every time, then the next time evil will come for you, and there will be no one to intercede. It's time to make this world a little better, and for this it is worth stopping to look indifferently at all the evil that is happening around us.