How to fall out of love with a girl in a month?

When it comes to love at first sight, men only need to look at a woman for 8.2 seconds. How long does it take to fall in love?

According to statistics, the initiators of separations in 80% of cases are women, which means that the remaining 20% ​​are our share.

You were born and decided firmly to be happy. The chances of spending a lifetime with your first love are much lower than surviving a plane crash over a deserted jungle, so relax first. After parting, the main thing is to survive with minimal spiritual losses and not slide towards suicides, self-mutilation, alcoholism, drugs and other rubbish.

The number of suicides committed precisely because of unrequited love under the age of 16 is 42.2% for girls and 36.6% for boys. After 25 years, probably with more brains, after all, the university has already graduated, the number of suicides due to love drops sharply.

Remember: life is beautiful and the loss of a loved one is not the end of the world, but you will understand this not immediately, but then, one fine day, hugging a new girlfriend.

Everyone who left you will be remembered as a defeat, and before those whom you left at the turn of life, you will feel a sense of slight guilt. It will be felt not only by you, but also by her, and this will not go anywhere, it will only smooth out. The feeling that your part has been cut off, it is not there - it is not there and will occasionally be missed. And you will carry all your love stories through your life.

Passing by a woman who had her pigtails pulled at school, all your relationships will flash through your mind like a short film - from her first smile to her tears and scattered flowers on the pavement. It will be a common sadness, but through a smile of once common madness.

In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jim Carrey, lovers Joel and Clementine use a memory machine to forget each other. Once and all. Friends do not mention her name when talking to you, there are no photographs and other things, and in memory there is a big black hole.

From the outside it may seem like a real salvation, but is it? Notches on the soul are scars, looking at which we learn to live, build relationships with people and not repeat the same mistakes, stepping on the same rake.

How to stop loving a girl?

The best companions in separation are time, friends, lack of free time and other girls.

Action plan for extinguishing love torments:

1. To understand that everything is already behind her, having performed the rite of farewell ceremony.

2. Hide / throw away / burn everything that reminds of this one, well, whatever her name was, well, it doesn’t matter.

3. Do not see each other, do not call up, minimize contact with the object.

4. Finally call your friends and spend more time with them.

5. Take a vacation and go to the festival "Burning Man" in Nevada, and then burn in the company of new acquaintances a symbol of past love - a wooden man.

6. Pursue a career.

7. Get back into the "hunter" form: start running, go to the gym or swimming pool more often.

8. Start a hobby and get carried away with what you have long dreamed of, but could not implement.

9. Buy yourself a small gift for joy: a medallion, a new racket, a sports bike.

10. Get a "living friend": a dog or a kitten.

11. Finally, pinch a pretty girl standing with you every day in the subway.

How long does it take to fall out of love?

Men fall in love on average in 2-4 days, and women in 10-12 days. When it comes to love at first sight, according to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, men only need to look at a woman for 8.2 seconds.

And how long will it take to fall out of love? Everyone is different, most have enough time from a month to a year. How much you need is up to you. Time often does not depend on the power of love, but on a person’s ability to stop feeling sorry for himself and start a new life.

Live, as the American writer Ray Bradbury once said:

“If we listened to our reason, we would never have love relationships. We would never be friends. We would never go for it, because we would be cynical: “Something is wrong” or: “She will leave me” or: “I already got burned once, and therefore...” This is nonsense. So you can miss your whole life. Every time you have to jump off a cliff and grow wings on the way down.”