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How to fall asleep very quickly?

People who manage to fall asleep the moment their head touches the pillow shared the secret to their sound sleep. How to fall asleep quickly in 5 minutes? Advice from people who don't suffer from insomnia.

One day I slept 100%. At work, a colleague noticed that I looked good and had more energy than ever. This made me think that it is time to solve the problem with poor sleep somehow. But I'm not the only one. According to statistics, about 65% of people have chronic sleep deprivation.

The optimal number of hours of sleep is 7-9 hours, but not less. If you constantly do not get enough sleep or suffer from insomnia, then your body is at risk. Poor sleep reduces productivity, makes you less energetic, empathizes faster, impairs your intelligence, spoils your mood, and drains you emotionally.

There is an expression "in the arms of Morpheus". Where did it come from? Everything is simple. According to Greek mythology, the god Morpheus is responsible for the formation of dreams. And how are you doing with sound sleep and a quick plunge into the arms of Morpheus?

It doesn't matter if you're a lark or an owl. We've put together a list of great sleep tips for you to remember or write down. These methods are used by people who have already solved their sleep problem. How to quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep? How to feel sleepy, cheerful, energetic and happy? Experienced advice.

How to fall asleep very quickly? 5 minutes before sleep

1. Always go to bed and get up at the same time. The body automatically falls asleep and wakes up.

2. I start reading a boring book and after a couple of pages I fall asleep.

3. I take a contrast shower before bed, which helps to relax and fall asleep faster.

4. I try not to think about anything when I lie down. I fall asleep so quickly.

5. I don't watch the news, I don't surf the Internet, and I don't stare at my phone an hour before bed.

6. I wash my face, brush my teeth and go to the toilet. This routine helps you get ready for sleep.

7. Bought a more special heavy blanket. It helps to quickly go to see dreams.

8. Go in for sports or go for a run in the evening. Physical fatigue helps you fall asleep easily.

9. I put on pajamas or a nightgown before going to bed. Clothing helps you relax and sleep better.

10. It is important to find a comfortable position for the body and hands that suits you.

11. I turn on the film that I have already watched many times and turn away. Sleep comes very quickly.

12. I drink a warm drink: tea with honey, milk, cocoa. It's relaxing.

13. I put my phone away so that nothing distracts from the process of sleep.

14. Walk before going to bed with the dog and breathe fresh air.

15. I use a sleep mask. It teaches you to fall asleep quickly and easily.

16. How to fall asleep very quickly? No coffee or strong tea before bed.

17. I just lie down and pretend to be asleep. 5 minutes is enough.

18. Keep my feet warm or wear warm socks. It helps me to sleep.

19. A big water bed, total darkness and a cold room is my recipe.

20. Before going to bed, I try to switch the lighting to warmer and yellow tones.

21. Bought a very good bed, mattress and bedding for better sleep.

22. I do calming and monotonous things before going to bed. This is knitting, drawing, etc.

23. Play soothing music or a podcast. I sleep great.

24. I ventilate the room so that it is cold in the room and there is fresh air.

25. Breathing exercises. I slowly inhale for 4 seconds, hold my breath for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. Then repeat.

26. Aromatherapy. Enjoy soothing aromas and fall asleep.

27. I use ear plugs to get rid of extraneous and disturbing sounds at night.

28. The lack of a TV and electronic devices in the bedroom is the key to good sleep.

29. Meditation. I lie down on my back, breathe more slowly and gradually relax all the muscles.

30. I turn on a small night light. It gives a feeling of calm and confidence.

31. Healthy lifestyle and no food an hour before bedtime.

32. Gym plus sauna. It got rid of my insomnia.

33. When I go to bed, I think about something monotonous or count sheep.

34. My secret to REM sleep is fatigue. I always get very tired during the day.

35. Big hugs before going to bed, quiet conversation or something more.

36. A calm life, a clear conscience and a measured schedule. This relieves insomnia.


37. I don't think about things that worry and worry me. I turn off my brain and fall asleep.

38. I go to bed only when I am going to sleep. It triggered the sleep reflex.

39. Exercise, take a shower and go to bed. You will sleep like a baby.

40. I like to dream about the sea, mountains and travel. It lulls my brain.

How to fall asleep quickly in 5 minutes? Follow the advice from the article and sleep soundly. Once you improve your sleep, life is guaranteed to be better, more beautiful and happier. Goodnight!