How to extend sex all night

How to impress a girl with your stamina, energy and long sexual play? A few simple rules on how to prolong an erection and fully satisfy a girl.

Want to surprise your girlfriend in bed and have sex all night. But you do not know how to do it and you are a little worried about it. There are several simple ways to prolong an erection. Take advantage of them and give yourself confidence.

1. Method of "squeezing". This technique is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. To do this, it is enough to squeeze your organ below the head with your fingers - forefinger and thumb. Squeeze a member before the ejaculation. You can squeeze as many times as you want and thus prolong the erection.

2. Train your muscles. To do this, imagine how you squeeze everything inside when you want to go to the toilet "in a small way." It is at this moment that the muscles that control ejaculation act. Repeat this exercise up to 15 times, several times a day. It is the containment that makes the orgasm brighter.

3. Breathing exercises. Learn to breathe properly during sex. Breathe deeply until you feel your diaphragm move. When you realize that orgasm is approaching, increase the strength of each exhalation. This will tighten the muscles inside and increase the orgasm.

4. Just ice. Another method that can be applied before a responsible date. Take ice, wrap it in a rag. It should cool your scrotum before you have sex.