How to enjoy sex

With some girls, sex is enchanting and amazing, while others are called logs in bed. How to get the most pleasure from sex and a stronger orgasm? A man's pleasure in sex depends on...

The male orgasm is sometimes considered simple, obligatory, and uniform. But male pleasure in sex is different in strength and quality. Those women who do not understand this are punished with the insulting nickname "log" in sex.

A man's pleasure in sex depends on many factors, where the most important is the woman's ability and desire to please. What lies behind sex, which gives more pleasure and a stronger orgasm for a man?

How can women not be known as logs, and how can men get a full-fledged orgasm?

How to enjoy sex

Playing with "balls" during oral sex. A girl giving a blowjob can play with a man's testicles. This will bring increased pleasure to the man, which will make the blowjob unforgettable and the orgasm strong. The blowjob will be faster, which will also please the girls.

Change of dominance. Get more pleasure from sex gives the girl's ability to transform. Men like it when girls take on the role of initiator and leader in sex. The dominance of the girl in sex will make the orgasm stronger.

Dirty talk from women's lips. Greater pleasure from sex will give the ability of a girl to turn a man on with talk and dirty words. “Fuck me”, “put me down harder”, “ready to suck”, “I'm your slut”. Dirty talk before and during sex will increase your orgasm.

Twerking in sex. How to enjoy sex? Dance on a member. Why is twerk dancing so popular? Men like it when girls actively use their buttocks and hips in the dance. If twerk dance moves are brought into bed, then the girl becomes a sex bomb. Twerking on a dick is fire.

Activity in a doggy style sex position. With a doggy style, a girl can take more initiative and get on the dick the most, moving her butt towards her. The more actively she does this, the more pleasant the man is.

Prostate massage. A girl should massage and stimulate a man's prostate with her finger. This will make the sex ending amazing. Sometimes you should try a strapon, this is also an unforgettable pleasure.

Oral sex without restrictions. Does a girl swallow during oral sex? Fine. Allows you to cum on her face like in porn? Better. This is real pleasure in sex and love, not your sighs under the moon.

Overactive sex. Loud, intense and aggressive sex. It is real sex, and not a sluggish "making love."Such sex that the neighbors go out for a smoke or call the police. Men prefer aggressive-active sex and women should not forget about it.

To get more pleasure from sex, and not to work on the "log" - the dream of every man. If you don’t know how to hint a girl for better sex, send her to read an article.