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How to disappear and start a new life?

Life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to. Unloved job, unsuccessful relationships and a lot of problems. Sometimes it happens that it is better to drop everything and disappear. Quit your job, your home, your family, and your entire failed past life to start a new one somewhere else. This happens more often than we tend to think. Somewhere on the sea to be happy, surf and meet beautiful girls in bikinis. How to disappear from life and start a new happy life?

In Japanese, there is such a thing as "juhatsu" (from the Japanese "jouhatsu"). This word is translated as inexplicable disappearance or volatility. Such a phenomenon, when a person deliberately drops everything and disappears without a trace, is quite common in the world. This happens not only in Japan, but also in the USA, Europe and Russia.

Why is this happening? Many people are not satisfied with their present life. They become sick of the thought that they will have to spend the rest of their lives dragging out this existing reality. People may be dissatisfied with work, social status, lifestyle, family, relationships, and future prospects. Unsuccessful marriage, unpromising work, accumulated debts, criminal stories. As a result, people cut this Gordian knot with one movement. They disappear in such a way that they are later said about them: “As if they have sunk into the water.” People do this at absolutely any age: young people, adults, pensioners.

Sometimes people are forced to hide for various negative reasons that forced them to hide against their will. These are problems with crime or the law. Here you need to bury yourself and wait out the storm, and sometimes start a new life under a different name. Often people get plastic surgery to be unrecognizable, or to become more attractive in a new life.

A person leaves everything to appear somewhere else where no one knows him. There he begins a new life, in accordance with his desires. It's like being born again, leaving past failures and blunders behind. Another attempt to start over.

How to disappear from life and start a new one?

There can be many reasons for making a decision, but each of them is individual and their own. Sometimes you can't solve problems that you're stuck in. You can try to break free and twitch, but there is simply no chance. A kind of endless cycle, like the movie "Groundhog Day", when each new day is similar to the previous one. Everything is boring, rotten and hopeless. But there is a way out of this trap.

In such a situation, it would be better to simply disappear in an unknown direction. If you are unhappy, then why continue this tragic life and destiny? Time to admit to yourself that life has failed, but there is a new attempt. It's time to play a new role, albeit in a different place and zero itself. It's so exciting and interesting.

How to disappear and start a new life? The most important and necessary thing in a new life is cash. Everything else will only burden you or betray you. Sell ​​your car, apartment and other valuables. Money is universal. It can be put into a bank account if there are no problems with the law or other similar things.

Quit your job, delete all social media profiles, change SIM cards. You do not need acquaintances and contacts with people from the past in a new life. Otherwise, you may be tempted to write or give a sign. Delete all contacts except parents and close relatives. Money, documents and all are important. There is no place for sentimentality and rubbish of a past life on a new sheet.

If there is no danger of persecution, then you can prepare for the disappearance in advance. Go to the place where you are going to settle in a happy future. You can find out all the details via the Internet, since now there is enough information.

Where to disappear and where to start a new life? Choose yourself. If you have spent your whole life in the outback, then you can try the capital or any big city. Take a closer look at other countries where it is easy to immigrate, but you always wanted to live there. Choose a place near the sea to admire the beautiful view from the window, warm your bones on the beach, try surfing and meet pretty girls in bikinis.

Often people want to disappear from life without a trace for those with whom they have been close for a long time: girls, guys, women, men. A failed love life is torn apart to try to be happy in another place and with another person. Fall in love again with a pretty girl you meet on the street. She may be completely different and much younger. Start new relationships and a family, so that everything is from scratch, like life itself. And then enjoy love and happiness for the rest of your life. Isn't this the perfect plan?

Often people think that they will be happy if they move to another place. But then it turns out that wherever you go, you take yourself with you. But this mistake can be avoided. Don't take your past with you. Be the new you. In your new life, you can try to be anyone. You can play a different role or be the one you've always dreamed of. Be yourself and enjoy your new life. Find a new job or get a new specialty. Work remotely in any field, from IT to creative professions.

All your life dreamed of painting, singing songs or being creative? Go to cities or countries where there are all conditions for this. Dreamed of diving, surfing or conquering mountains? Choose places with seas and mountains. A new life full of creativity, hobbies and hobbies will be wonderful.

Japanese zuhatsu is the path for those who are tired of the past life but want to try everything from the beginning. Life is given once, but you can cheat fate by starting life anew. Time and life have worn you down a little, but this is not a reason to be sad. You are still quite young and alive, and this is the main thing.

You can throw everything bad into the past life to start a happy, rich, interesting new life anywhere on the planet. Disappear and start a new life if this one fails…