How to develop intuition? 11 ways to develop hidden abilities

The sixth sense will help you make the right decision, make the right choice quickly, get out of trouble, anticipate the future development of the situation and come out victorious where others fail. How to develop intuition and hidden instincts of a person?

“Intuition is something that is ahead of exact knowledge. Our brains have, no doubt, very sensitive nerve cells, which allows us to feel the truth, even when it is not yet available to logical conclusions or other mental efforts. Nikola Tesla

Intuition is not a supernatural ability, but the effective work of the right hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere processes information in images when there are not enough factors to make a logical decision.

Intuition can be developed and awakened by training. This will allow you to make better decisions that will affect the quality of life. Good intuition helps in personal life and career. It will make you happier and more successful. How to train intuition? How to pump your hidden abilities for predictions and clairvoyance? Go!

How to develop intuition on your own? 11 ways to develop the gift of intuition

1. Guess events and train intuition

When the phone rings, try to guess who it is without looking at the mobile screen. Think about who you meet today on the street and at work. What events will take place during the day? How will someone dress? What is the stranger's name? Do it jokingly and don't get carried away if you can't always guess.

2. Use your intuition

Before making any decision, try to intuitively give the correct answer. What do you subconsciously consider the right decision? After all this, use the usual methods of solving. Use logic, knowledge, the Internet, books, advice and experience of other people. But first check your intuition.

3. Pay attention to signs

Random numbers and words. A state of deja vu and familiar images from the past. Strange signs, behavior, symbols, dreams, encounters and words. They may be guiding signs that want to tell you something.

4. Focus on the sensations

Listen to the inner voice and sensations. Sometimes some idea, solutions or an interesting thought arises inside. Something inside tells you a certain path. It's like the energy of the universe is pushing you to the right decision and putting in certain thoughts.

5. Develop empathy

Empathy is a conscious empathy with the emotions and mental state of another person. This will allow you to better understand how the person feels. Empathy will help you better “reveal” people and their characters. You will be able to anticipate their thoughts, emotions and future actions.

6. Take up meditation

Regularly give yourself a rest from the bustle of this world. Relax and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Throw out unnecessary thoughts and surrender to the will of sensations. What comes to your mind and how can you interpret it? Analyze all your incoming images.


7. Expand your life experience

Mom was right in many ways, but you only understand this when you grow up. Experience comes with lived years, with absorbed knowledge, hundreds of new situations and time. When you grow up, you begin to understand people better just by throwing one glance at them. It is the action of experience and intuition at the same time. How to pump your intuition? Increase the amount of knowledge and get enough life experience. Read more books, communicate with different people, travel, study interesting articles, watch identification programs and channels on the Internet. Expand your life experience.

8. Determine the moments of the arrival of intuition

Often we guess something, but we are very lucky in life. Try to remember this state of the white stripe. What did you feel physically when your intuition failed you? Often, intuition is preceded by tingling in the abdomen, goosebumps, and other physical factors.

9. Ask yourself questions

You can get an answer to topics of interest only when you ask questions. Ask yourself questions and think about what your intuition answers. Try to write down the answers in a notebook so as not to lose thoughts that are elusive and hovering in the air.

10. Pay attention to the little things

Everyone unconsciously notices thousands of small details, and then unconsciously compares them. This is an act of intuition. But for this you should be extremely attentive to everything and especially to the little things. Open your eyes and wide open your senses.

11. Act with intuition

Often the result depends on the speed of decision-making, and intuition will help to reduce time for reflection. Intuition cannot completely replace logic, but it complements it. The sixth sense helps to make a better decision and as quickly as possible. Always act with intuition.

Developing the gift of intuition would be a good idea. It is intuition that makes people more successful on all fronts. Unleash your hidden abilities and use your sixth sense to your advantage.