How to describe a girl? List of compliments

Do you want to please a girl and fall in love with you? Women love with their ears. Say nice words and touching compliments to her in a romantic literary style. How to beautifully describe a girl with words in order to please her, sink into her heart and conquer with eloquence?

Throughout the ages, women have fallen in love with men who could speak beautiful and touching words to them. Men wrote romantic letters, sang soulful serenades, composed songs about feelings, composed romance novels. Men beautifully described girls in eloquent words and verses, winning their hearts.

Women love with their ears, and therefore they fall for people who have a hanging tongue. No wonder the girls loved men who knew how to speak beautifully: poets, writers, singers, actors. Do you want to please a girl? It's all about eloquence.

When you want to give a girl a gentle compliment or write delicious words, you start looking for inspiration. How to describe a girl in beautiful words? How to describe the character of a girl? How to describe beauty, eyes, lips, figure, hair, body and the whole appearance of a girl? How to describe the look and what you feel when communicating with her? What beautiful adjectives and compliments to come up with?

It is usually difficult to express compliments in one or three words, but it is quite possible. Here's a cheat sheet or list of compliments that will help you outline a girl so that she likes it. The main thing is to speak from the heart and soul, then the girl will believe and melt.

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How to describe a girl?

1. Your smile is beautiful like a bright sun.

2. I'm afraid that in the Middle Ages you would have been burned because of unearthly beauty.

3. You are so hot that I felt hot looking at you.

4. Have you ever boxed? You can knock anyone out with just your eyes.

5. Wow. I have darkened in the eyes of your splendor and beauty.

6. What strikes me most is your combination of inner and outer beauty.

7. Your figure is so perfect, like a Greek statue of the goddess of beauty.

8. It is difficult to describe you in earthly words when you are more like an angel of unearthly beauty.

9. You have a very charming, soothing and gentle voice.

10. You are as juicy as peach, strawberry and raspberry.

11. Stars and the universe seem to play in your eyes.

12. Where are your wings and halo? You can't fool me, angel.

13. Temperament and passion are traits of your nature.

14. Do you look like that on purpose to make me speechless?

15. I haven't met such people. You are bold, lively and real.

16. You look like coffee. It's also addictive and invigorating.

17. You have such sweet and sugary lips that you just want to try.

18. You are very sweet, like candy.

19. The depth of your soul is like an endless and beautiful ocean.

20. You look like a graceful but dangerous lioness.

21. With your smile you can reconcile warring countries.

22. You are a dazzling and breathtaking girl.

23. Your appearance gives me the most indecent thoughts.

24. You look like the most unusual and rare flower I have ever seen in my life.

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25. You have such beautiful hair, like a princess from a fairy tale.

26. It is illegal to look so divinely lovely.

27. Your kisses taste of happiness.

28. You look like a cute and gentle kitten.

29. You are smart and cute at the same time.

30. You have a great sense of humor.

31. You are unforgettable, unpredictable and irresistible.

32. It's hard for me to describe your look. It's so charming and gentle at the same time.

33. Your face is angelic and innocent, and your body is so sinful and vicious.

34. You don't need makeup. She can't decorate you.

35. You have a magical and wonderful character.

36. I love positive, cheerful and perky people. You are the best.


37. Your charm is impossible to resist.

38. It is immediately obvious that you go in for sports and keep yourself in shape.

39. Femininity is your middle name.

40. Your smile is intoxicating without alcohol.

41. I'm still sober, then I already like you to the point of insanity.

42. Your pretty face is made only for smiling and laughing.

43. How to describe a girl like you? You are a cool, funny, groovy and mischievous girl.

44. How often do men turn their necks looking at you.

45. Your hair is so soft and delicate, it's amazing.

46. Your words are so seductive and intoxicating that I am disarmed.

47. You are so cute that you can not be angry or offended.

48. I love your smell. He is so feminine and kind.

49. Your ass is like an elastic nut. So it asks for sin.

50. How do you manage to look better and better every day.

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51. You look like a dream or a fairy tale. You have everything that one can only look for.

52. I like your style of clothing. You definitely have a sense of taste and style.

53. You are too pretty for this world.

54. You are a very interesting and wonderful conversationalist.

55. I'm afraid that any compliment will not be enough to notice your dignity.

56. In a beauty contest, you would be a model.

57. Your eyes. This is the best thing I've seen in my life.

58. How to describe the best girl? You are a gorgeous and luxurious baby.

59. The goddess of beauty Aphrodite is just your pathetic copy.

60. You are a flammable little thing with a radiant smile.

61. Unforgettable, wondrous, unexplored and incomparable beauty is you.

62. You have fluffy and wonderful eyelashes.

63. I like your name. It's so cute, just like you.

64. Magazine girls are not as good as you.

65. With a girl like you, you can go anywhere.

66. How can I describe you? Bright, flawless and incomparable baby.

67. You must be arrested for stealing my peace and my heart.

68. I think that there are no people who do not love you.

69. Your shoulders are so defenseless and beautiful. You want to hug.

70. Your skin is so soft and smooth, like it's made of velvet.

71. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw you.

72. You look so touching and pretty that my heart flutters.

73. One can drown in your eyes. I will be happy to do so.

74. How do you manage to flirt so that you have already fallen in love five times in five minutes?

75. You are like a holiday that occurs as soon as you appear.

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76. If you were put in prison for beauty, you would have several life sentences.

77. How do you know everything? You are so smart that I am amazed.

78. For the first time I see such a perky, optimistic and friendly character.

79. In past centuries, duels would have happened every week because of you.

80. When you show up, my heart starts beating faster and faster.

81. Panda is not as cute as you.

82. There is something elusive and unearthly about you.

83. You look so good it's almost indecent.

84. How can I describe the girl I like best? Darling!

85. I think that you look like a ray of sunshine among the clouds.

86. If beauty saves the world, it will be your doing.

87. Your modesty and beauty of soul are magnificent.

88. You are a very flexible, plastic and mobile girl.

89. Poets, artists and writers should lay masterpieces about you.

90. I like your purposefulness and determination.

91. An equally magnificent heart beats under your magnificent chest.

92. Sometimes I envy myself that I have you.

93. You are a burning, intoxicating and exciting girl.

94. Your tummy is delicious and cute.

95. You are so small and cute that you want to hug.

96. You have a very kind, sensitive and beautiful soul.

97. Where did you get so many talents and virtues? You are a real treasure.

98. You're just space, baby.

99. There are so many tasty and inviting things in your neckline.

100. I like your eyebrows. They are so expressive and feminine.

101. Your voice is like the sound of sirens. I'm ready to drown in it.

102. You have a great figure. You could easily be a model.

103. I promise to take care and protect you all my life.

104. The Russian language is charming and rich, but it's still hard to describe your beauty.

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105. You kiss so much that I get goosebumps all over my body.

106. There are no ideal people in the world. But you do exist.

107. In ancient times there were Amazons. You look like one of them.

108. A comprehensively developed personality is all about you.

109. Your body is made for admiration.

110. You are a fatal beauty who falls in love once and for all.

111. Your legs are so amazing and exciting.

112. I am ready to kill a dragon to win a princess like you.

113. Even when you are angry, you are charming and sweet.

114. 100% you will be a great mother.

115. How do you manage to combine all the best qualities in yourself?

116. You are an awesome beauty and a touching girl.

117. I have never met such a kind and gentle girl.

118. It's interesting to do anything with you.

119. Your parents should be proud of you. They got you.

120. You have an aristocratic face profile.

121. Your figure is very slender and thin, like that of a gazelle.

122. You look like a million dollars.

123. The curves of your body excite my heart and mind.

124. You are a very hot and sexy girl.

125. I love you. Marry me.

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Use this list of words to describe a girl in a way that she likes. Say chic compliments and romantic words. Girls fall in love with those men who know how to give a beautiful compliment at the right time.