How to deprive the girl of virginity?

Many guys dream of finding themselves a girl who keeps her innocence for a loved one. It is believed that such representatives of the fair sex are distinguished by high moral principles and are guaranteed not to cheat in marriage.

If you are dating a girl who has never been intimate with a man, then you are probably already planning to be in the same bed with her. This is a natural desire. And even if you do not intend to marry her, you cannot be condemned for this.

But - try to make this girl remember her first time as something beautiful, and not try to forget about sex with you as a nightmare. Sexologists claim that it depends on the first intimacy whether a woman will open up sexually or remain clamped and notorious for life.

For everything to go perfectly, you must know how to properly deflower a girl. There is nothing difficult in this. But still, the matter must be approached responsibly. Still, this is an important event not only for you, but also for your girlfriend.

How can you tell if a girl is innocent?

First you have to find out if your girlfriend is really sexually pure. Otherwise, later, if suddenly there is no blood or pain, you will be at a loss. Yes, and you can put her in an awkward position with her astonished appearance.

There are two ways to determine if a girl is virgin. In the first case, you don’t even have to climb into her panties. This is especially important if your girlfriend is very shy and does not allow herself to be caressed.

Method one

Watch her behavior carefully. Be tactful, but periodically persuade her to talk about intimate topics. Watch how she reacts to your words about sex and intimacy between a man and a woman:

  • An innocent girl hesitates when asked what she likes in bed. She looks away, blushes, and tries to move the conversation to another topic.
  • If you get a self-confident girlfriend, she may lie that she has already had sex. Then ask her to share the details. Most likely, she will say a lot of nonsense, and it will become clear that her knowledge of intimacy is gleaned from the stories of her friends and articles from the Internet.
  • When discussing frank topics, a virgin makes a surprised look and eagerly absorbs new information. You can see from her face that this is all new to her.

It is worth noting that there are girls who, in principle, are embarrassed when talking about sex. Your girlfriend may have a lot of sexual experience, but still act like a bashful mimosa.

Method two

This method can be used if you are already approaching the moment of intimacy. Almost all girls have a thin film inside their vagina (the hymen). When a man penetrates a girl with his penis, this film breaks, and the young lady becomes a woman.

It is unlikely that you will be able to see the hymen with the naked eye, even if you closely examine the pussy of your girlfriend. But you can feel it. More precisely - by the reaction of the girl to understand that there is a film there.

This method is not suitable for guys who want to keep their partner's virginity before marriage. When it becomes clear that the girl is innocent, there will be no turning back - you will have to deprive her of her virginity. Otherwise, the situation will turn out to be more than stupid.

As soon as the head of the penis presses on the hymen, the girl will feel discomfort. Perhaps she will try to push you away, groan or even cry. After intercourse, there may be a few drops of blood on the bedding. Sometimes there is very little of it, sometimes a lot, but it also happens that there is no blood at all.

Preparing for the deprivation of innocence

First of all, you need to prepare the girl for the upcoming intimacy. You should not bring her to your home under the pretext of watching a movie, and then, with lust in your eyes, pounce on the deceived girl. She must understand that today there will be a night of love, and in the morning she will wake up as a real woman.

Create a romantic setting. So you definitely won’t lose, because all girls love tenderness and beauty. It is desirable that there is no one else in the apartment where you will indulge in passion, otherwise you will have to restrain yourself and try not to make sounds.

To properly deflower a girl, take some time to create an intimate atmosphere in the room. Do not invite a friend to a hotel room. It's too vulgar. If it is not possible to call the girl home, it is better to rent a separate apartment for a day.

  • Pick some beautiful music in advance that will help you both relax and get in the mood for a romantic mood. These should be gentle and melodic songs. Classics won't do, and neither will hard rock. Let it be one of her favorite tunes.
  • Making love in complete darkness is not interesting. But bright light is also not suitable, since an inexperienced girl in sex will obviously be embarrassed. Create subdued lighting in the room. If there is no floor lamp or lamps, use candles. It's great if you buy scented candles with a pleasant smell.
  • The bed on which the deprivation of innocence will take place must be perfectly clean. Pay special attention to this moment. Do not be too lazy to lay new or well-washed linen on the bed. Pay attention also to the pattern on the sheets. It is advisable to choose something light and pleasing to the eye.
  • Prepare drinks in advance. It is best to treat the girl with weak alcohol. He will help her to relax and overcome shyness. It can be good wine or champagne. But you should not drink strong liquor, otherwise, if you sort it out, you will not be able to finish. Or the member will not rise at all.
  • Great if you set the table. No big dinner. And light snacks will come in handy. Skip the option of giving her a beer and chips. It's trite and not romantic at all. The wine goes well with cheese, fruit and seafood dishes. And with champagne it is better to serve sandwiches with red caviar or biscuit cakes.
  • Be sure to take a shower before sex. We can do it together. But be prepared that the girl will refuse to go to the bath with you if you have never seen her naked before. However, suggest that she take a shower so that she does not worry about her cleanliness.

Don't drag your girlfriend into bed right away. First, tell her more compliments so that she melts and stops being afraid. And there will be fear, because all girls are sure that deprivation of virginity is painful. You have to make her forget about the possible pain and focus on getting pleasure.

An important point is to take care of the method of protection. The easiest option is to use condoms. But there are other methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy - for example, spermicidal cream. Do not make the mistake of many men who believe that if a girl is deprived of her virginity, she cannot become pregnant. If protection is not used, conception may occur.

Where to start?

First bring her to a high degree of arousal. If you're not a virgin yourself, you already know how it's done. Gentle kisses, light strokes, stimulation of erogenous zones - all this will excite both her and you.

The most sensitive areas of the female body are the nipples and the clitoris. Kiss her nipples, rub them, squeeze them - they will become hard, and her pussy will be moistened. Then go down below. Feel the clitoris with your fingers and press on it with the pads of your fingers. Rhythmic pressing will enhance the release of lubricant.

If a girl is embarrassed and uncomfortable, undress her gradually. And don't get rid of your clothes yourself at the very beginning of the foreplay. Kiss first dressed, then, as the excitement increases, slowly undress.

You can give your friend an erotic massage. Start with harmless strokes of the neck, shoulders and back. Then move on to more intimate parts of the body - the lower abdomen and inner thighs. Then caress her pussy.

To make the girl as pleasant as possible, use a special lubricant. And make sure your fingers are not cold. If she doesn't mind, do some cunnilingus. Caress the clitoris, lick it, insert the tongue into the vagina.

The loss of innocence is the actions of a man

You can properly deflower a girl if you can avoid the discomfort that can occur during the defloration process. It is important to choose a comfortable position for sex. Think not about yourself, but about the feelings of a friend. When everything happens, she will be grateful to you.

Sexologists recommend that experiments be abandoned when depriving oneself of innocence. Leave intricate positions for later, and the first time is best to stick to the classics - use the missionary position. Put a small pillow under your friend's ass, this will make it easier for the penis to enter.

  • Insert the penis into the vagina only after natural lubrication has appeared. Until this moment, you should caress the girl, whisper gentle words to her and stimulate the erogenous points on her body. When the pussy becomes wet, you can proceed to the most important thing - the elimination of the hymen.
  • You must act gently, but sharply enough. If you enter the penis into the vagina too slowly, then deprivation of innocence may not occur. The hymen will only stretch, but remain in place.
  • First, insert the head of the penis into the vagina - a couple of centimeters. Make a few progressive movements, trying not to touch the hymen. Then immerse the penis in the vagina to the end. You need to do this in one swift jerk.
  • It is very possible that the girl will still feel pain. If this happens, there is no need to fuss, and even more so, it is not worth jerking the penis out of her pussy with a convulsive movement. Freeze for a few seconds so that she gets used to the feeling of inner fullness.
  • Then proceed to slow but rhythmic frictions. Don't forget to kiss and caress your girlfriend. You must actively engage her erogenous zones so that the pleasure blocks the slight discomfort from the rupture of the hymen.
  • It is likely that you will be able to give her a lot of pleasant sensations. Stimulate the clitoris, this little organ is highly sensitive and sensitive to touch, making the girl moan with pleasure.

Usually girls don't reach orgasm when deprived of innocence. But if your girlfriend loves to masturbate, then you might be able to make her cum. Clitoris and nipples - their active stimulation simultaneously with unhurried frictions can lead to a bright orgasm.

What terrible thing can happen?

The most “terrible” thing that can happen at the moment of deflowering is that the muscles of the vagina will contract sharply, and the penis will be clamped from all sides. This is a manifestation of vaginismus. But you should not be afraid. There is nothing fatal in this situation. You won't be disabled either.

A sharp contraction of the vaginal muscles can occur due to too slow insertion of the penis, as well as due to excessive tension of the girl herself. If this suddenly happens, do not panic and do not twitch. No matter how hard her internal muscles contract, they are not able to keep the penis inside the body if you want to remove it from there.

Gently move the pelvis back, gently releasing the penis from the firm grip. Do not scare your friend by showing confusion and fear. Explain to her that this sometimes happens, and there is nothing wrong with that.

In some cases, with a serious pathology of the cervix, the penis can actually become so tight that it will be very difficult to remove it. Most often, couples in such situations seek medical help. But there is a way to deal with the problem yourself. It is necessary to insert a finger into the girl's anus for the entire length and with a sharp movement remove it. From this, the muscles of the vagina will relax, and your penis will be free.

Typical male mistakes

Not every man, offering an innocent girlfriend to sleep, generally thinks about how to properly deflower a girl. But if you want your crush to have exceptionally pleasant memories of the first night, then you must avoid the typical mistakes of many men:

  • Do not neglect contraceptives. Yes, and protection from sexually transmitted diseases also does not hurt. If you have not been checked by a doctor, then there is a chance that one of you is a carrier of a sexually transmitted infection. Don't be comforted by the fact that the girl is innocent. She could have had sexual intercourse with men before you in an unconventional form - anal or oral.
  • Don't get drunk. A drunken man is absolutely not a sexual sight. It is unlikely that you will be able to become in her eyes a hero-lover if your tongue is tangled, and the penis with which you will deprive her of her virginity remains in a semi-sluggish state.
  • Don't get her drunk either. Under the influence of alcohol, a girl can afford a lot, which she may later regret very much. She must control the situation without losing touch with reality. Yes, and you yourself will certainly be unpleasant to have sex not with a burning desire for a girl, but with a body that barely moves.
  • In the process of friction, do not remove the member from the vagina completely, otherwise each new penetration will give pain to your girlfriend. Move at the same pace. You can build it up, but only very slowly and with the permission of the girl.
  • Do not change your posture either, because then you will have to insert the penis into the vagina again. However, if initially you chose an uncomfortable position in which the girl is uncomfortable, you should change the position of the bodies. Ideally, you should be on top so she can completely relax.
  • Don't play the hero of a porn movie. Everything should be natural and, if possible, sensual. No slaps on the buttocks and vulgar exclamations: “Well, do you want more, bitch?!” Your girlfriend should feel desired and loved, and see in you a caring and attentive man.

After sex, hug her and tell her she's gorgeous. Keep stroking the girl and kissing. Remember that your actions at this moment will affect her entire future sex life.

How does a girl change after losing her virginity?

The next morning after a hot night, you wake up in bed with a renewed girlfriend. Now she is already a woman who has learned in practice what real intimacy between lovers is. Gradually, her internal and physical state will begin to undergo changes:

  • The figure will acquire a smoother outline due to the activation of female sex hormones. The ass will become round and savory, and the chest will swell slightly. From an angular girl, she will turn into a sexy woman.
  • The risk of bacteria and germs entering the vagina will increase. The fact is that the hymen serves as a barrier to the penetration of infection into the body. So after the deprivation of innocence, the girl should visit the gynecologist at least twice a year.
  • Burning during urination is sometimes felt after defloration. There may also be vaginal discharge. If discomfort persists for more than three days, the girl should consult a doctor. But usually the symptoms go away on their own within two days.
  • It is not uncommon for girls to change their menstrual cycle after losing their virginity. This is quite normal and should not be a concern.
  • Immunity is strengthened, as new bacteria enter the body during sexual intercourse with a man. The more often you have sex, the healthier your girlfriend will be.

When a man wonders how to properly deflower a girl, he must first ask himself if he is ready to take on such responsibility. If the feelings of your girlfriend are important to you, try to do everything flawlessly, that is, gently and carefully, so that the first immersion in the world of sex becomes the best moment in her life for her.