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How to deal with assholes?

Often there are people who manipulate, interfere, threaten and ruin our lives. It can be acquaintances or random people. How to resist and deal with assholes?

Acquaintances, colleagues, former friends, relatives and random people can bring negativity into our lives. They can criticize, bully, manipulate and interfere at every turn. Communication with such people carries negative energy and takes away strength.

How to deal with assholes?

Leave the assholes in the past

Sometimes it's easier not to associate with people who are negative. Delete communication with them completely from your life or reduce it to a minimum. Why do you need friends or acquaintances who will forever destroy your self-esteem? Leave the assholes out of your life. Let them go through the forest.

Don't get into conflict with the asshole

Even if a negative person attacks, you can just ignore him as if he doesn't exist. Do not give feedback to the manipulator and do not get into a skirmish, let him cook in his own shit. Negative people don't change. Stay calm and smile and ignore the assholes like they're nothing. You can yawn or sneeze in response to the flow of negativity.

Speak to the asshole

You don't have to listen to accusations, criticisms and grumblings without an answer. Fight back asshole. Say what you think and criticize his vulnerabilities in response. Often an asshole shuts up when he is repaid in his own coin. Choose one of the offensive phrases to make the asshole back off. A few phrases to choose from that will help make fun of the interlocutor.

• “I had a better opinion of you”

• “Is that all you can say?”

• “I'm not interested in your complexes”

• “I see life hurt you a lot”

• “I don’t know what makes you stupid, but it works”

• “I'm not interested in the opinion of poor people”

• “Behind rudeness usually lies a lack of intelligence and pussy”

• “Your breath stinks, shut up”

• "Is it hard to live without brains?"

• “Lack of intelligence does not need to be compensated by rudeness”

• “What a miserable asshole you can see from afar”

Shut up the asshole physically

Often the conflict cannot be resolved by a verbal battle, and one punch to the jaw replaces a 15-minute skirmish. But it's better to hit a deuce at once.