How to date multiple girls at the same time?

Justifications are for the insecure and the weak, and don't sneeze at them. How to meet several girls at the same time and not die while doing it? The reasons forcing men to meet with several girls at the same time.

Yvette, Lisette, Musette, Jeanette, Georgette. My whole life is warmed by you, as by the July sun. As long as you swear with me My song is not sung! Mironov A. - "I'm getting married, I'm getting married." Text author: Okudzhava B.

The question of whether it is necessary and worth playing with feelings with several girls is debatable. Most of the female population will say that it is immoral and disgusting that men are males and complete antisocial types. Perhaps this is so. Men also have a decent range of opinions and many do not see anything reprehensible in this. Personally, I'm not going to whitewash a man with the science of the polygamy of his male nature, excuses are needed for the insecure and weak, and they sneeze. This is a sober calculation: “I want and meet with two, three, five females... my business”, moreover, no one is in a legal relationship yet.

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Reasons why men date several girls at the same time.

Let's not take into account such options as the desire to feel like a real macho or craving to show off in front of friends. This is hardly worthy of a man. In total there are two main reasons:

• Many men behave Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (Italian: Giacomo Girolamo Casanova) or at least Don Juan (Spanish: Don Juan) - the legendary loving Spaniard, a libertine and a complete lawless person, with quite understandable purpose. One girl often cannot give everything that a man wants. Fair, dark, red-haired or Japanese, but there are few secret male desires and fantasies that have not yet been embodied. Until satiety and awareness of their desires come, the modern Casanova will not leave the path of love in search of adventure. Some men are incorrigible.

• Life is short, girls appear, replace each other and disappear on the horizon, differing in quality: appearance and characters, modifying our inner and outer world. Men are becoming smarter, more experienced and less vulnerable, in search of a better companion. The choice of girls is great, in order to get to know the next passion closer, time is needed and spending it on one is not always prudent. Sometimes the rate of convergence depends only on the fourth dimension. What to do? Parallel attack of several fortresses is more prudent. Tired of one war, there is always a chance to try yourself in another place, leaving the opportunity to return to previous relationships. There is a chance to determine who you like, compare partners, understand yourself and your desires, feel how your sex life is in full swing, and the spare “busty” airport has not bothered anyone yet.

Pangs of conscience or "Freedom for parrots!".

Perhaps married people live longer, let's not argue with nerds, but single people are more interesting!

On the one hand, men are responsible for those who have been tamed, but don't we blame the stronger sex too much? If a man leaves a girl, then he is the last scoundrel and a complete womanizer. If a girl leaves a guy out of business, then he himself is to blame, he was not good enough, courteous, caring, and you never know what.

Why bother dating multiple people, yes, you may be cheating on them, but there are good reasons for this. We want to be happy, even at the cost of women's tears. No need to be cynical and say that the female gender does not do this. Probably your girlfriend is also looking to the left, in search of a better female lot, and it’s stupid to get hung up. An eye for an eye and nothing personal. The end does not always justify the means, and this is a personal choice of everyone.

How to date several girls at the same time and not die?

We could serve in intelligence, We could play movies. We, like birds, sit on different branches And fall asleep in the subway. Leap Year - Metro.

The basic rules for successful communication with the opposite sex:

1. Choosing girls, you should strive for diversity. It makes no sense to collect and have clones in your possession. The main goal is to understand the versatility and diversity of female nature. Try different elements: fire, water, air or earth, girls from completely different worlds. In addition to feeling the whole flavor range of the weaker sex, you will protect yourself and minimize the possibility of crossing your so different mistresses.

2. It is necessary to have good "rear". In business, you will often need people who can confirm your words and on whom many incomprehensible cases can be attributed. The best choice would not be friends - men, as a category of dubious witnesses or a woman, especially pretty, but independent individuals or even better a married couple. It is good to have a couple of grandfathers, grandmothers, distant uncles and aunts in the arsenal, as a guarantor of reliable family well-being. In extreme cases, you can resort to the services of agencies that will provide a professional "excuse" or a witness.

3. You don't have to get used to calling your girlfriend by her first name. How many accidentally let slip in a dream or in reality is not exactly known, but the number is clearly considerable. Take into service: “Bunny, mouse, cat, sweetheart, sweetie” and so on indefinitely.

4. It's easier to keep a couple of girlfriends in a big city, especially if they live in different areas. The choice of visiting public places should be approached carefully. You must have favorite places with each of the passions, and they should not coincide. More pathos in insisting on a meeting place if you want to remain intact, and not repeat the fate of the Battleship Potemkin.

5. Telephones are modern traitors. Girlfriends should be on the phone list, preferably by full name and no familiar names. SMS are generally a separate story. It is better to turn off the phone during meetings with one of the girlfriends or put it on a silent call It's good to have a couple of SIM cards, just don't get confused yourself. Do not forget about the computer and control ICQ, correspondence and messages in social networks.

6. Irregular work schedule, trainings, courses, all kinds of activities make it possible to hide from the attacks of one of the passions. It is desirable that it would be impossible to check your "events" without the help of fortune-tellers and psychics. And it is difficult to convict us, modern men, with palmistry.

7. Hygiene is paramount. Remember: women, when they need it, are extremely attentive to the smallest detail. The female nose is sensitive to odors and the eyes are sharp like those of a kite. Don't fall victim to your own carelessness.

8. Try to avoid gifts from girls, especially if they are frequent visitors to your home. Questions from the next passion about a new ridiculous toy on your bed can be confusing. No compromising framed or computerized photographs. An attempt to change gifts, photographs, depending on the lover who has come, will most likely end in failure, with your absent-mindedness and “gaps” in memory. It’s better to give one to everyone yourself, and their preferences and tastes will have to be equalized. Five postcards "My one and only!" is the required minimum.

9. You need to lie skillfully and preferably as close to the truth as possible. If you have problems with memory, write it down in a notebook, but rather eat vitamins. Compromising paper can explode, cripple, or even nail down no worse than an F-1 grenade. Sometimes it's unpleasant to lie, but remember the resilient Dunno character, and it will become easier. You are the same character as he is, but you lie out of the best of intentions. He was also popular with creatures of the opposite sex and managed to fall in love with two babies. Think about who loved Znayka, the Silent One or Vintik? Nobody, draw your own conclusions.

Dating a few girls, but where is the ending?

He plays with people, And we suffer from love. And he laughs, and he laughs, Evil joker, mischievous Cupid. Maybe during the day, maybe at night, Again he will shoot an arrow for sure, And with whom, he knows for sure, I will be in love. "Song of the Golden Cupid".

The goal is achieved and the girls are unaware of all aspects of your new male life. Every evening is full of events and there is an opportunity to feel like a loving male or an oriental sheikh.


Are you happy? Perhaps, otherwise, what is hidden in this smile? Sometimes you feel like a Stirlitz in the circle of enemies and, while watching Seventeen Moments of Spring, you involuntarily make notes on your cuffs. Friends smile when they meet you, pat on the shoulder and call: "Don", reducing Don Juan to three letters. Already and comrades, out of habit with girlfriends, you are afraid to call by name, only nicknames. The wives of friends are wary of you and whisper behind your back, although it is understandable that they are afraid for their new "property". Your nerves and endurance have hardened, but sometimes you shudder from an unknown female voice in the crowd. At times you think about going to work in the theater or in the cinema, you are an excellent actor and do not take talent, but the life scene seems much more interesting. The book of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova "Memoirs", gathering dust in the bedside table, seems a little naive and gives away a sugary love story. You are not alone, but you almost do not believe in love and turn into a cynic. Conscience makes itself felt and sharpens a tired heart, some charming girls fall in love with you, hope, make plans and try to be the best... Although, to hell with sentimentality.

To meet with several girls or with one, everyone chooses for himself. One restless Cupid does not sleep, watches with a smile the life of a man from a height and knows that the next time the arrow will hit it in his heart. And there is already a strong half of humanity, just hold on and it cannot end differently for a man.