How to date a girl: how to behave with women

Sometimes young people have a question how to get acquainted with a girl, especially if there is no experience, or the experience was unsuccessful. How to start a relationship with a girl, stand out among all her suitors, where to invite, how to properly care for and what to do with her mood swings? How to meet a girl, and also what to do if she suddenly does not let you in and how to learn to develop relationships?

How to start dating a girl?

It is very difficult to give a clear answer to this question, because there are too many options, too different girls, and too few of these options work with everyone.

To begin with, in order not to push the girl away before talking to her, look at her and think about how she is generally disposed to communicate.

If it is not clear to you by her appearance and behavior whether she wants to meet you, and you do not know what to do to start dating a girl, then at least try to say something like this:

  1. Can you give me some time?
  2. Can I distract you for a moment?
  3. Sorry, could you help me?

If you already had a bad dating experience, then most likely you got a girl, were too arrogant, or immediately tried to shorten the distance, which should never be done. Perhaps you were vulgar, rude, or demanded something from her. Guys also look terrible when trying to get to know each other, they start discussing any other girls and generalizing everyone.

It's best to start by saying something neutral. For example, ask to tell the way somewhere, or ask what time it is. It will be nice if you tell her directly that you like her. Just don't do it brazenly, don't pretend to be a king who has chosen a slave for himself.

It is believed that for the first few minutes of your acquaintance, you can say a few compliments, which should still be appropriate. You can comment on her beauty or knowledge, maybe say in passing about what a great sense of humor she has (of course, if she was joking), in general, come up with something based on the situation. You can also talk about neutral things like weather, news, or education.

Just do not get carried away with what you will say, because there is a possibility that she will be silent, or somehow behave aloofly. Pay attention, if she reacts with sarcasm, mocks you or gets angry, then leave your attempt at least for today. Maybe she's just not in the mood.

How to communicate with a girl after meeting?

There are no clear rules by which you can successfully and guaranteed to communicate with a girl so that she develops sympathy for you and maintains a high level all the time. All girls have different character traits, and they are also attracted to different guys and different behavior. Someone likes modest, someone decisive.

In addition, if you pretend to be someone you are not, then your chances are even less. Just be yourself, and then there is an option that the girl who will like you, and not your uncharacteristic behavior, will pay attention to you.

When you have already met, do not try to seem better than you are, because over time your true face will be revealed, and she will be disappointed, and you will also be disappointed, because you are tired of not being yourself.

For example, if you do not like rolls, then just do not eat this dish than choke on them, and then feel bad. And yes, if she likes Carlos Castaneda very much, then there is no need to torture her psyche and try to read the work of this author, because it may be too difficult for an unprepared reader. In any case, if you pretend that you love what she loves, then in the end she will find out that you were faking, and both of you will be disappointed.

It is believed that the relationship will develop better if at the first stages of acquaintance and communication in the first six months you learn from each other as much truth as possible. This will help you save time.

How to date a girl so that she feels loved?


There is a general rule that all relationship psychologists advise: listen to a woman. Therefore, use this rule if you want your relationship to develop and become stronger.

You'd better behave in a way that makes your loved one feel unique. To do this, you need to be interested in her, but not to do what you are interested in, but really feel and do it. If she is interested in you, then you should be happy about it and be grateful to her.

At the same time, you do not have to study everything that interests her, but it would be nice if you at least look on the Internet for what exactly she is so fascinated with and ask her why. This will show her that you are interested in her.

When it comes to signs and gestures of attention, then with the help of active listening and that same interest, you can find out what she likes, what she is crazy about, and arrange various surprises for her, which will help strengthen your relationship.

And keep in mind that you can’t fit all the girls into one size fits all, because someone likes to go to expensive restaurants, and someone is more interested in sitting under a tree with a light picnic or rollerblading in the park.

By the way, regarding flowers, know that not everyone likes bouquets, and also every girl prefers some favorite flower, and you should definitely find out what is your lady's favorite flower. This is necessary so as not to give her something that she does not like. Or maybe your loved one is delighted with flowers in pots. Therefore, be sure to listen to what she says and rely only on it. Because all recommendations of a general nature will not take into account the individual characteristics of the temper of your chosen one.

You need to make sure that the time you spend with each other is valuable to her (and to you, of course). And unforgettable. This is because a person appreciates most when another arranges something pleasant for him. You can’t suddenly send a girl pictures with your body parts, otherwise she may not only be offended, but also doubt your adequacy. If there was no request from her side, then this is not a gift, but rudeness, and you should think carefully before arranging such surprises. Otherwise, you will have to think about how to meet a new girl, because you will most likely lose this one.

How to stand out among a girl's fans?

Some young people think that if you try to jump over your head to stand out among other fans, then the girl will pay more attention to you and will definitely be with you.

In fact, this is not the case and it is best to choose the tactics of calm confidence, rather than being nervous and trying to stand out among the crowd. In any case, you can stand out among other suitors if you are not part of the crowd.

Just step back and behave yourself. You should show attention to the girl, but at the same time, if you see that someone else is more interested in her than you, then leave her alone and go about your business. There is no need to deliberately stand out from others.

Where to take the girl?

It all depends on her taste and your ingenuity. There are some places that are customary to go to in love, but you can also dream up and come up with something of your own, original and cool, which will surprise the girl and make her become attached to you more strongly.

1. Cinema.

This is a standard option where you can watch a girl while watching a movie, her emotional reactions to the movie, hold hands in the dark and dream about something else. The cinema is such a standard and common option that you can’t even recommend it, as this is the first thing that comes to mind.

2. Restaurant or cozy cafe.

This is one of the most common options, as is the cinema. In a restaurant, you can find out the gastronomic preferences of a girl, introduce her to your tastes, watch how she eats, how she drinks, and behaves in a tipsy state.

If you want to get to know each other better, then try to drink wine with her, ask her about something personal, let her talk, and you listen. By the way, the ability to listen is one of the most important qualities of a man. Especially if he wants to win the girl he likes.

If you know how to listen, you will know almost everything that is important to her, what her life consists of and so on. In a restaurant, try to show your best side and pay the bill, and don’t be a disgrace, don’t be a miser. Then you might have a chance to continue your acquaintance.

3. Walk outside.

This is a budget entertainment option for couples in love. If you have not yet received a salary, or you have a lot of debt, or you are just very economical and do not think that you need to take your woman somewhere that you can constantly walk with her. Of course, this does not apply to occasional walks just for a good mood.

But if you prefer to walk all the time, then the girl will be surprised at some point, and may think that you are just saving on her. If the weather is fine outside and you offer her to walk only at such a time, then your walks, on the contrary, will be something romantic and pleasant that the girl will remember and evoke pleasant associations with you.

How to treat a girl in a restaurant or cafe?

As an option, treat the girl with fast carbohydrates. They cheer up and saturate for a while. In general, sweet, despite the fact that it harms the figure, but causes a lot of pleasant emotions, and they will be associated with you.

And what difference does it make, if you really love a person, you will not be embarrassed that he is overweight. And in general, if you find yourself soon some interesting activity that spends energy, you can bring your body into shape and sweets will not hurt.

But if, of course, the girl does not like sweets, then try to treat her with exactly what she likes. Maybe she's a fan of rolls? Then find the best delivery in town and order your favorite sets for her. If she likes pizza, then do the same. In general, delighting your loved one with delicious food is a win-win option for forming positive associations with you.

How to take care of a girl?

All your courtship should consist primarily in caring for your beloved. If you are caring, you will automatically court your girlfriend. If she gets sick, you will bring her medicines and fruits, you will take her to restaurants and cafes, listen to her and talk to her. Courtship lies in the fact that you spare no effort and time, as well as money for your beloved woman, otherwise how can you meet a girl if you do not care for her.

What to give your girlfriend?

Girls love gifts. In fact, this is true, everyone loves them, it's just that everyone has their own tastes and if you know about them, then the heart of your girlfriend will belong to you.

As they say, give girls flowers. It is not even necessary to spend money on voluminous expensive bouquets, because it is not clear what to do with them later. It is better to give one or three large and beautiful flowers, and take the girl to a restaurant with the rest of the money.

It will be much more pleasant this way. But all these tips are quite universal and perhaps your girlfriend loves brooms of lush roses. Then there's nothing you can do, you'll have to give it.

If you want to please and strengthen relationships, and not make them worse, then ask what a girl likes, pay attention to her Instagram, VKontakte page, and so on, they will tell you how to understand what a girl likes, and what is not.

It is very important to understand what exactly she does not like, because otherwise there will be little chance for a relationship to develop. Yes, and think about how to meet a girl, and not understand what she loves. It is not normal. Give exactly what can make her happy.

How to find an approach to the heart and body of a loved one?

It is enough to know what she likes and what she does not like. For some men, it takes a lifetime. But there is one hack. You must listen carefully to what she says.

That way you can understand, because she will really tell all about herself. And the most rewarding thing is to listen very, very carefully.

If a girl does not want a relationship with you, then you will not succeed. But if she has already agreed to meet with you, then everything is obvious.

You have to watch her reactions, how she behaves. An excellent indicator would be if she comes up to you herself, touches you constantly and kisses you. Girls always try to show feelings if they have them.

If a girl really wants you, then you will definitely understand this, if you are not an idiot. If this did not happen, then it remains to wish you good luck in finding a new girl.

To be able to read signs of attention from a lady is a science for which a whole article is not enough.

How to develop a relationship with a girl?

Relationships are a rather complicated thing that takes a lot of strength and energy from a couple, but there is an opportunity to save them and even develop them. Let's see how to date a girl and not ruin your love.

1. Do something nice every day. Her, myself, myself because of her. As you wish. Just understand that you can do it, you have chosen each other and your goal is to do better. And it’s better not to put pressure on claims, to be independent, not to hang a mother’s role on the girl and, in general, help, and not be a burden, from which there are only problems.

2. Don't follow the pattern. You are you. You need to be able to show your individuality, because otherwise you will be the same as those guys who read advice on the Internet on “how to date a girl and drive her crazy with your sparkling humor and ability to surprise in bed.” Yes, by the way, you should be able to do this too.

3. Don't stalker your girlfriend. It is at a distance, when both of you form thoughts about each other and pleasant memories are stored, when you yearn for each other, that the relationship becomes stronger. Just do not need to leave for a long time, because this only acts negatively. Know how to dose your presence in the life of your beloved, and then she is more likely to appreciate you and will miss you in your absence.

4. Look for common ground and do it. The common thing is not that you both like mashed potatoes with cutlets. Millions more people on this planet like it. Find something special that unites you and do it together. Otherwise, it is not clear how to meet a girl if you don’t even have one common interest. Relationships in the end will simply fall apart for an elementary and logical reason - the lack of a foundation.

5. Don't be silent. This means learn to open your mouth and discuss problems, talk about what does not suit you. No, not in the form of brazen claims or whining. State clearly and to the point what you don't like. Offer to speak. Choose solutions together. Why without this relationship will not develop? It's simple: discontent will accumulate and eventually a volcanic eruption will occur. Do you need it? No.

6. Learn to listen to a woman. This has been said over and over, but it's really important. It's just archival. If you listen to her, then you have 90% of the trump cards in your hands. You can't lose with this hand. The woman will be yours. Of course, if you learn to listen so as not to forget and respond in time to her words.

7. Don't try to change the girl. It also should not climb into the factory settings. This will not change, so we must work with what we have. I do not like? Goodbye. Either go yourself, or let her go. But if the base suits you, work with the rest. And believe me, with due attention and diligence, everything will work out for you.

8. Be a man. No, it doesn't mean that you're an alpha when you're a modest and smart guy. However, if you are like that, then you are more likely to like the fair sex. Roughnecks and jocks do not always occupy the top positions. A sense of tact, generosity, the ability to carry on a conversation and lack of arrogance - the perfect set for a real man.

9. Don't subscribe to things you don't like. If you don't want to live together - don't live, you don't like the idea of ​​having a baby after a year of relationship - just say so. In general, time is important and mutual agreement on important changes in life is important. Why? The fact is that if one of you agrees to something under pressure from the other, out of a sense of pity or out of fear of losing, then this will end fatally. Accusations and reproaches are all that awaits you in the future in this situation.

10. Think about how to meet a girl so that she wants to marry you. Of course, if you're aiming for it. Yes, you will have a candy-bouquet, more than one period will change before you want more. But take your time and enjoy each of them. And behave with dignity so that she does not regret her decision to be with you.

11. Be positive. No, not always smiling and cheerful if cats scratch at heart. It's just that your permanent state should be good, stably normal, even elevated. Otherwise, you will easily slip into depression, whining, and then become burdensome.

12. Humor and compliments. Yes, this is hackneyed advice, yes, it can be boring. But it's important to remember. Women love with their ears, they say it for a reason. And in fact, a woman can choose you from the crowd of others for the reason that you compliment and know how to make you laugh.

13. Don't be afraid to be weak. This doesn't mean crying on a woman's shoulder over a bad day at work. Although, crying on your shoulder for a serious reason is sometimes acceptable. Showing weakness from time to time is not a shame. The most important thing is that it does not lower your self-esteem, and you do not humiliate yourself. That is, it is important to understand and see that fine line between weakness and humiliation.

14. Try to be in charge. No, do not dominate the girl, do not humiliate her. You must try to take responsibility for your couple, solve complex organizational issues, take relationships to new stages, take care of the "weak" - a woman and children, and understand that there will be a period when you will become bored, or the former flame will go out for you it will be necessary to throw brushwood into this fire so that it does not go out. Yes, it's complicated. But if you are strong, resolute and firm in your intentions, a woman will appreciate it and everything will turn out fine.

Relationships require attention, time and effort. The stage of courtship, acquaintance and meetings is actually very important for the future. A lot depends on you. But while realizing the importance, try to get high from everything that is happening now, because this is one of the most enjoyable periods.