How to cure male impotence

Someone who has problems with potency does not want to hear anything about it, but maybe in vain? Any problems should be solved, not run from them. How to cure male impotence?

Most men suffering from impotence do not want to talk about it. But such a sensitive and painful problem for many representatives of the stronger sex still needs to be addressed. And that's what modern science has to offer.

Drugs that increase blood flow. The most famous among them is Viagra, which should be taken 35-40 minutes before sexual intercourse. It provides effect within 3-4 hours. Such drugs against male impotence promote blood flow to the penis. Another drug in the class of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, Cialis, has an effect that lasts for 30-48 hours, which makes sexual intercourse more spontaneous. However, these drugs cause headaches and hot flashes by increasing blood flow to the brain and skin. In rare cases, they affect the nerve receptors in the eyes, which can cause a change in vision: everything will be seen in blue.

Vacuum pumps. The penis is placed in a special plastic cylinder, from which air is quickly sucked out to create a vacuum. This causes a powerful flow of blood to the penis, providing an erection. After reaching it, the man puts a special ring around the base of the penis, which does not allow blood to flow back. The ring is removed after the completion of sexual intercourse. A non-invasive method that provides excellent results. But many men do not like it because of the complexity. The romance of a date can be killed by vacuum slop almost instantly.

Sound waves. Intense exposure to sound waves, similar in principle to ultrasound, ensures the re-growth of blood vessels and improves blood flow. Sessions are held twice a week for three weeks, and then after a break for another three weeks. New technology, the effectiveness of which is still being investigated. So far, it has been proven that the positive effect after it lasts about two years.

Small balls. These devices in the form of balls or flexible rods are implanted into the penis under general anesthesia (most often they are made of silicone). A small pump for inflating balls is placed in the scrotum. It is enough to activate it so that the penis quickly reaches the state of erection. Like any other surgical operation, it has its own side effects, as well as the need to go through a rehabilitation period. But this is a fast and effective device that preserves the effect of spontaneity in sex.

Psychotherapy. An undeservedly forgotten treatment for male impotence. Very often, erectile disorders have precisely psychological causes, and not at all physiological ones. It does not require any drugs and operations, so start with a trip to a good psychotherapist.

Source: MedikForum