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How to create, travel and build a business without money?

The most common question I get asked is where can I get the money to travel and live my life? It's time to think, act and live differently than now. How to live in a fairy tale?

Real stories of real people who travel without money, open up new opportunities during a crisis, even with a dollar mortgage, and also pay for services through networking.

The story of a guy named Roma

A few years ago a guy named Roma Khromov decided to drop everything and go traveling. He thought that the journey would last a year, but it dragged on for several years. “The most common question I get asked is 'Where can I get money to travel?' There are tons of options, and I keep discovering new ones. A few years ago, along with a one-way ticket, I took a gadget that took panoramic photos. And photographed people in all the beautiful places, for two or three dollars. So I earned money to eat, sleep and a ticket to the next place.

For him, all these travels are fun and a way of life. He has traveled to dozens of countries. During this time, he acted in films as an extra, worked as a guide, did rooftop tours, and led travel seminars.

To the question “What would you say to those who are afraid to start traveling?”, he replied: “I took a one-way ticket. The stakes are high, but I will never go back... Life is too short to wait for the right moment. I risk to live than to be afraid and exist! If you do not feel emotions in this life, do not manage your freedom, do not do what you like... You are already dead! Time to be alive! Start traveling!"

Even if you don't have money to travel, you can always:

Volunteer to travel to another country.

Organize an eco-tour. Leave to work on an exchange. Become a travel journalist. Or a geo-photographer. Lots of options!

For example, I just saw an announcement that a house in the jungle in Sri Lanka is looking for a hardworking traveler who will maintain the work and atmosphere of the guesthouse. The kit includes “free accommodation 5 minutes from the Indian Ocean, and this is surfing, diving, beaching and turtle fishing; the opportunity to immerse yourself in Sri Lankan life. The perfect place to work remotely."

Doors of opportunity

In fact, all these stories for me are that all people are divided into two types: those who are looking for opportunities, and those who are looking for excuses.

After I published the first post about money “37 out of 100”, a girl named Anya wrote to me, who during the crisis was left alone with a mortgage loan of 60,000 dollars. But she survived and even lives happily for herself:

“Hello, Larisa! My name is Anna. I just read your article on FB "37 100". You are absolutely right, I subscribe to every word. A year ago, my financial stability collapsed in an instant. I was among the "lucky ones" - currency mortgages. I allowed myself to cry, scream, roll on the floor, swear, throw things, but... only 3 days. And that's it! After 3 days, I have to take a sheet of paper, a calculator and go... debit - credit - balance.

The main task is to stay alive and not lose your mind. It was this difficult time that changed the vector of my movement. Ideas began to appear in my head, projects that I am currently working on, and, at this stage, I just get pleasure and energy from this. During this time I learned a lot and understood a lot. No, I'm not saying that starving, counting every penny, and being afraid of losing your job, no matter how exhausting, is cool. Only, whatever one may say, it turns out that "a decisive step forward is the result of a good kick from behind."

Anya wrote that, fortunately, she had and has a stable job, but, thanks to the crisis, she opened a new direction in her life: “I paid, Larisa, paid regularly, no matter what. Now my debt is 25,000 dollars. And it's cool! You will laugh now, but when I ran out of all my skin care products, I started washing my face with oatmeal and oil. Do peels with lemon and salt. And then, I mastered the facial gymnastics course, and even became a facial gymnastics trainer! Can you imagine? I'm waiting for the certificate! In general, every day I have so many things to do besides work that I have absolutely no time to monitor the dollar.”

The summary is this: of course, sometimes every akhtung happens and it's sad, and unpleasant, and blah blah blah. But we always have a choice how to react to this akhtung. Either cry and blame someone, or look at the problems from the other side.

Barter, connections and other ways to get what you need

All the same laws work in business. Why Nobody Told Me This at 20 is filled with dozens of case studies on how to turn problems into opportunities. Here is one such example:

“David Rothkopf's first company (now the CEO of Garten Rothkopf) organized conferences for the CEOs of the largest companies. From the very beginning, the main problem was how to collect all these constantly busy and unavailable people in one room. David and his partners needed some kind of bait. It seemed to them that the well-known diplomat Henry Kissinger would do an excellent job with this role. But how do you encourage him to participate? David got through to Kissinger's office and asked if he could be invited as a speaker to the conference. There were no problems with this, except for a fee of $ 50,000, the provision of a private jet with two pilots and a chauffeured limousine.

David and his team had no money at all, so any amount might have seemed excessive to them… However, he said: “Yes, of course, we will do everything.” David suggested that if he managed to drag Kissinger to the conference, then everything else would go like clockwork... and it happened! Once Kissinger agreed to take part in the conference, they were able to invite both Alexander Haig, Secretary of State under President Reagan, and Edmund Muskie, Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter, and many other famous people. It is clear that such a list of speakers attracted the attention of many CEOs, and David's company was able to attract sponsors and pay all the fees to the speakers.

The fact that David did not know Henry Kissinger and had no money did not stop him at all. He thrived on the creative use of what he had: the energy, the willingness to work hard, and the desire to realize his dreams."

In general, there are a lot of ways to get what you need without money! Here are a couple more options.

1. One of my friends really wanted to get one event, but she had no free money at all. At the same time, she knew how to do manicures and pedicures wonderfully. So she wrote to the organizers that she was ready to do a manicure and pedicure for the whole team for a ticket to this event. And they agreed!

2. You also need to remember that connections are also money. My friend, an event organizer, decided to rent one pompous hall, but the budget for the hall was not enough. He spoke to the director and asked who it would be useful for him to meet. The director named several names of people whom my friend, a networking genius, knew quite well. So he paid for the rent of the hall with an acquaintance.

And finally, a word from an entrepreneur I know: “Any fool can create a cool product when you have a huge budget (although not everyone can do it here). But to do something grandiose when resources are limited is a real art! I always perceive the absence of money as a quest to be completed, looking for new opportunities even where they seem to be absent.

This is the end of the trilogy about money. All new vision!